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  1. I got mine today but have not had a change to mount it.....if only I didn't have to work to buy new toys. Impressive machining. Screw is a 4mm allen head and had wrench with it. I'll get it mounted up tomorrow and take some pictures. Also got some rail segments for like ten bucks......
  2. Based on the photo above, it appears (to me anyway) that the handguard's screw is the OEM VEPR screw with sling swivel that comes with VEPR wood stock. [i'm not pointing that out as a 'good' thing or 'bad'; just an observation.] The forend handguard screw is one of the most frustrating aspects of the firearm, IMO. There simply are no aftermarket options for replacemnts, due to the factory's decision to go with that particular thread pitch and fineness. Just say'n.
  3. Here is the link to it.....little over 12oz http://www.shoretactical.com/product_info.php/manticore-arms-vepr-keymod-handguard-p-487
  4. Be an extremely indecisive person I did lots of research before I built me 300. I also had never fired a suppressor then and I was considering the 300, 6.8 and 6.5. Untimely I built the 300 first and it was due to its wide range of possibilities. Just this year I built a JP 6.5 rifle after comparing it to the 6.8. I'm happy with both rifles but once you suppress the 300 its so much fun...
  5. The rifle components have really come down in price also. I help my father assemble one a few weeks ago and we were under $400 in the end and its a shooter. I'd really like an SBR but my pistol will have to do for now.......
  6. For the cost savings the Vepr 12 is the way to go. I have one of each and never give the S12 much time anymore. I ordered V12 during the last sale From Atlantic.
  7. Understood! I've been getting subsonic reman loads for $550 a 1k. I have a good bit of brass so time to start with the loading like I do my own .308 sub loads.
  8. Where are you buying factory subsonic for .47? I'm paying about .55...... Thanks
  9. I think the many deer and pigs taken with the cartridge might disagree. Sorry I should have been more specific. We shoot mainly all subsonic rounds but the full house loads of a 300....sure you could use on small game.
  10. Suppressed its hard to beat! I just helped my bother build a 16" rifle for around $400 so not to shabby either......I like the round but only practical for target shooting.
  11. So the hand guards options for the Vepr rifle have been fairly limited but I just saw this.....thoughts?
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