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  1. Thanks for a good transaction!
  2. Thanks for a good transaction!
  3. Props for a great transaction. Thank you!
  4. Edited with Bayonet price. #4, I don't know if it is origina (factory or not) I bought it new from the store at this forum.
  5. Closet cleaning time again! All legality of items is the buyers responsability to know the laws of their areas. Prices are plus shipping. I prefer to use flat rate boxes because it is a lot easier to calculate and ship that way but I will work with buyers just let me know. Also let me know if you want insurance. Any questions please ask. OK here we go: 1. S12 gun fixers gas plug with manual. $10 SPF 2. #29 and 30 MEC bushings for shotshell reloading. $4 for both SPF 3. S12 factory choke set, 3 sizes. $75 SPF 4. S12 muzzle brake/flash hider, holes and slots. $35 SPF 5. Ru
  6. Never mind just saw the pinned post.......looked right past it before I posted. Sorry
  7. I think I remember from a while back someone stating it was ok to shoot 5.56 in the Saiga .223. Is this correct? Thanks, Doug
  8. Yeah I found some of the Federal shells and the were roll crimped. Thanks for the help, the reloads shot great. I neen to search and see if Mec makes a grabber thingy for the 3" cause the shells are sticking in the primer position. Thanks again. Doug
  9. The federal shells I had did not work at all. They didn't look like they had a regular star crimp?? The last rems looked pretty good though. 12 was much easier.
  10. Guess that is what I meant..... Something with bigger granules. Or something calling for more weight. I may have it worked out. I adjusted the wad pressure and the final crimp. I need to shoot some so I can get more hulls to try out. I ran out of empties. The last two looked pretty good.
  11. Thanks for the replies. The Rem wads are # SP 410 and clay buster is replacement for WAA410HS, SP410, 410SC and WAA41. Both are 1/2 oz optimum load. I'm guessing there isn't a wad for 11/16. I'll check my paperwork and see if I can adjust the wad depth and crimp depth. Will it affect pressure with having some "dead space" in the shell. I'm wishing I would have went with Alliants M320 (or 320M I can't remember). It had a 1200 fps with high 9000's psi. Doug
  12. I was wonder if ther was anyone reloading for this that could possibly share their info with me or help me along. I'm using Remington hulls and wads along with clay buster wads and Lil' Gun powder. All the data I've seen uses the same wads for both size of hull. It seems to me a larger wad would fix my problem. It seems there is not enough material in the hull. The rim and crimp look good but the crimp goes to deep, I could pour shot out of a couple of the loaded shells. I measured the powder, the shot weighed 0.65 something oz. 11/16 should be 0.687ish oz. I don't know if that would make
  13. Items #16-17 are sold. The edit button was not my original post anymore so I couldn't cross them off. ?? Thnaks, Doug
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