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  1. Two words... Bill Clinton. Still DC's "Golden Boy" party-animal, invited to all the big political gatherings. That's what getting Impeached counts for these days... 😎
  2. Back in the '60's or so my Dad did a similar build with a Springfield 1903A3. He had a heavy barrel put on, a nice Monte-Carlo-style stock, and added a good scope and mounts. He was hoping for a good rifle for whitetail deer, but he preferred stalking rather than sitting. This build came out a bit too heavy for hiking around with, so it became a bench-rest rifle for the range. I'm happy to report it's still pretty accurate today! It's your project. If you have the time and interest, I'd say go for it and make something just for you. 😎
  3. Ronin38

    Carry Belt

    Out of curiosity, do they make a shoulder holster for the Judge? Standard model, 3" bbl.
  4. Well, if you want to carry 6 people *comfortably* on trips, you're down to BIG SUV's or minivans... If you want a good commuter car with decent mileage and AWD for Colorado winters, get a Subaru. I get rid of vehicles when they have +100k miles on them, I don't buy them then!
  5. Have to wonder if this exact list has been filled recently? Cat tracks on the top of your new convertible, maybe? Lawn mower blades Ceiling fan kit Cat toys with long strings
  6. And the dog is okay, too!
  7. Best Wishes to you both, I know how hard that situation can be for both people involved.
  8. Sorry to hear about all that, I hope your Mother is doing okay now.
  9. Is she in to more traditional archery, or all the modern equipment? I've known people involved with each. She might like to check out Kyudo, the Japanese form of archery. Also look in to a thumb ring for the release. I also had a friend involved with Yabusame- Japanese mounted archery. That was pretty interesting stuff!
  10. I've enjoyed a few series productions, and some movies, but don't really watch Netflix all that much. I'll ignore their productions just like many others on Netflix I have not watched. No big deal. (I split the cost of it with my buddy, anyway. )
  11. "Vera II?" I'll be in my bunk...
  12. I bought their plain model for my Winchester Model 12, and it fits well. It is a different profile in the "pistol grip" part than the original, less curve to it, but it works fine for what I wanted. Good wood used for it.