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  1. As an aside, many of the Star Wars Fan Films on YouTube are very well done! Check out a few of them if you get the chance.
  2. I thought The Last Jedi was so bad it didn't deserve a follow-up. I will not pay to see this last one. I might watch it "free" when it comes to Disney+ (which I'm not paying for, either). Agreed on the "PC" version of Star Wars. I was a long-time fan of the originals. I should say, the "original" trilogy, before Lucas went nuts and started editing and re-editing them. I wish I could still find a copy of the ORIGINAL trilogy, as it was shown in the theaters (the FIRST time). Mine were on VHS, and long-since worn out.
  3. These days you'd probably get "red-flagged" for that.
  4. Ronin38


    Yeah, it's a real PITA. I don't know if there's a way for the Admins to automagically block Chinese characters on this forum? I was on another forum a few years ago who were able to enable that filter.
  5. I hear a lot of politicians harping about "Red Flag" laws that "should" be enacted... Okay then, how'z about this... Do you sometimes get mad about things while driving? Maybe cursed at or flipped-off another driver? Do you have alcoholic beverages in your house? Well then, you're obviously going to be involved in a road-rage or drunk-driving incident at some unknown point in the future, so we're just going to impound your vehicle until "we" decide you're not really a menace to society. And by the way, you don't have a Constitutional Right to own a vehicle, so there won't be any lawyers or protestors on your side. Sounds like a "common sense" law for the greater good, don't it? Have fun with that. 😈
  6. Well said, Jerry. Not sure what to do about it, either. I live near Dayton, and I've been to the Oregon District a couple of times. I don't go there very often, though. I have a Black Belt, and nearly 30 years worth of martial arts and meditation training and found that is one of the best ways to teach people how to deal with stress, life and attaining goals. Unfortunately martial arts training has been lumped-in with hunting and shooting sports, and when the stores stupidly pulled all the gun magazines (reading materials), they also pulled the martial arts magazines from the shelves.
  7. I was looking for a good, small carry pistol for deep concealment and hot summertime carry. Picked up a Taurus Spectrum .380, just got it out to the range today. It shoots well for it's size, I like it! Recoil is easy to manage with this one due to the shape and very low centerline of the barrel over the hand. I did have some light primer strikes in the first 50 rounds with Blazer and PMC Bronze ammo, but with the Taurus just pull the trigger again and they fired the second time. (Second-Strike capable) Otherwise, function was flawless. Accuracy very good for me, too. I have hand tremors, and the long, smooth pull seems to help me keep it on-target. I ran 10 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ammo through it (5 in each mag.)- they ran GREAT! Very accurate with no problems at all! After I get more rounds through it for break-in, and to verify no more light-strikes, I think this will be a great carry gun for what I was looking for.
  8. Sounds like Baltimore is making a run at Shitcago for "Murder Capitol of the US." Another Liberal bastion flushing itself down the drain.
  9. And "Drunk Uncle Joe" is back in the running, again. It would be a dark day for the 2nd Amendment if he gets near the White House again. He doesn't know crap about firearms, even more so than some of the other liberal whackos.
  10. For the record, PA (like NY and a few others) is NOT a "Blue" state. It's a Red state that has to suffer through all the crap forced upon them by the Blue hordes in a few big cities in that state. I know many people from NY who would be ecstatic if they could just wall off everything east of I-295 so they could live a good life in the real world. Everyone I grew up with in PA, just east of Pittsburgh, is most definitely Republican.
  11. Now that they're "officially" legal in Ohio, I picked up a Mossberg 590 Shockwave in .410. Bought a few boxes of ammo, too, and even found a box of #4 shot! Now I just need a place to shoot it... Getting tough around here to do patterning and target shooting with a shotgun. Just a few clays-ranges around here. I can shoot slugs at the indoor ranges, at least.
  12. Some of the smarter guys will have to chime in, but I don't think the manufacturer has the customer lists, that would be the retailers. They're not required to keep lists of accessories, just the firearm serial numbers. There is no "list" that I know of. I still think this issue will wind up in the courts, and when the do deem this silliness as Unconstitutional, then you won't feel so good about cutting it up.