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  1. I just found out about this today, although it's from last year: Termlimits.org
  2. I agree things are getting strange/out of control/messed up... The questions are What do we do to correct it, and How do we go about doing it so as not to cause further harm? It's pretty much part of Saul Alinsky's handbook to sow discord, make the other side mad enough to do something about it, then blame them for being the "terrorists" and clamp down hard. We need to prevent or circumvent that from happening. I don't know how "we the People" make it happen, but I feel we NEED to get bill rammed through Congress to enact Term Limits. I figure the Republicans want the old Democrats out, a
  3. In current production are the Rock Island VR-60 and the newer VR-80 and the MKA-1919 are the ones I know off the top of my head... Mossberg makes the 590 pump-action shotguns with magazines now, too.
  4. If you plan to thread the barrel for a muzzle brake or anything, I'd probably cut it to 18 1/2" just in case you need to trim a little off the end for finishing. Also to "remove all doubt" about it being legal, should it come to that.
  5. By the way, Farcebook is now flagging the video above as False Information and are removing it if someone posts it. And how did they determine it's false? Why, the WHO, quoting Chinese sources, of course! I only use FB to keep in touch with some relatives and a few select groups I'm in, but it's handy for that, at least.
  6. Something to think about- possible Origin of the Coronavirus. Interesting video, about an hour long, I haven't had time to finish watching the whole thing yet...
  7. I work retail at a supply store, also an "essential business." It's been pandelerium for the past week! Every single day of the last seven we have FAR exceeded sales from last year's Black Friday. My days haven't changed at all- go to work, go to the store. We did get a pick up order from a restaurant we would normally eat-in, still good food. I do make sure to wash my hands thoroughly before heading home, at least. I certainly don't want my 80-yr-old Mom to catch it somehow. Her health is generally good, but we share a house now because she has had some issues in the past. I also
  8. It might possibly be related to the Sandy Hook lawsuit vs. Remington, but I only heard that indirectly. Can't say for sure. I might just buy a Windham Weapons rifle, just because. (The former crew of Bushmaster!) As for "poking the wrong bear... Who? Freedom Arms Group/Cerberus? They don't GAF.
  9. Their websites are both gone and redirect to Remington.com. From TTAG website:
  10. As an aside, many of the Star Wars Fan Films on YouTube are very well done! Check out a few of them if you get the chance.
  11. I thought The Last Jedi was so bad it didn't deserve a follow-up. I will not pay to see this last one. I might watch it "free" when it comes to Disney+ (which I'm not paying for, either). Agreed on the "PC" version of Star Wars. I was a long-time fan of the originals. I should say, the "original" trilogy, before Lucas went nuts and started editing and re-editing them. I wish I could still find a copy of the ORIGINAL trilogy, as it was shown in the theaters (the FIRST time). Mine were on VHS, and long-since worn out.
  12. Yeah, it's a real PITA. I don't know if there's a way for the Admins to automagically block Chinese characters on this forum? I was on another forum a few years ago who were able to enable that filter.
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