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  1. Of what? Overpriced and unreliable AKs? US so far has the worst track record as far as reliability of any mass-produced AKs. Look at Waffen Screws ... BHA... and the list goes on. Out of spec recievers, barrels, crap metal etc. etc. Corners cut everywhere. I do not know what it is about the AK building in US but they mostly turn into crap (over-thinking, "improving" it? who knows) or cost an arm and a leg. While it looks like cave-dwelling Pakistani Taliban can make a functional AK out of a shovel and it works...go figure. Not holding my breath for a QUALITY and CHEAP($300-500) USA AK lik
  2. I don't know... It kinda grew on me after couple of days. It does have side view of older Tiburon plus front of a new Jag and that is not a bad thing to me. not too enthusiastic about the rear look but it is not terrible. The biggest improvement is definitely interior and addition of I4 turbo engine and maybe suspension but that is yet to be reviewed. I am not a big domestic fan with their usually boring exteriors but I would probably drive it... if it also had a hatch instead of the trunk. Much more useful with a hatch! Seems like Ford is trying to reach out to new crowds... baby boom
  3. Definitely one of those LEOs that brings back at least some hope to the force... Big props for this man not having a power-trip rage and "I am better than you, obey my commands" attitude which almost seems standard these days.
  4. What? I cannot understand half of what you wrote. He wanted to get arrested? What are you even talking about?
  5. Congrats! Hopefully the town is not too big... a lot of these jobs come packaged with much drama and local politics lol.
  6. +1 Savage .... the cheap end of their rifles is absolutely super-value for what you get. I bought one just to mess around with after my Howa 308 purchase... I definitely think it is one of the best if not the best options for low budget accurate bolt.
  7. AA's Origin-12 is my guess. But at "Retail Price will be $2,600.00." I will definitely pass. And that is for a totally unknown and untested platform that just looks "cool" and does not offer much of anything other than some modularity while at the same time making it absolutely proprietary .
  8. I was mostly talking about US made receivers... good recent example would be Waffen Works with their own new production receivers -worked much better before they stopped using NoDak Spuds (even they took years to make their receivers mostly problem-free and consistent). And that is "just" stamping sheet metal in to shape...imagine they try to produce bolt carriers and bolts... yeah no thanks. I will still stay by my statement that just about any critical part of the gun that was attempted to be made-in-masses in US so-far turned out to be expensive and either junk or at best very inconsist
  9. Yeah... so far most of "USA quality" AKs that I seen were below Pakistani cave-quality as far as reliability. Everyone loves to talk smack and joke about vodka specials and all that but realistically absolutely no one made a mass-produced, quality and reliable AK in USA for the same price-point yet (from "scratch").
  10. Canted sights are mostly Romanian factory build quality problems (WASR) ... as far as I know any WASR are unmolested with exception of compliance parts(and mag well widening on some for double stack mags)... CAI (and whoever they hire for builds) can mess stuff up but they do get a lot of flak for stuff that was not even their fault. I just ordered a Tantal from J&G ... will report when I get it in my hands. ARs are the same story... could be shit or could be awesome, really depends on the manufacturer and luck. Why get rid of Saiga anyway?
  11. Be weary of Waffen Werks now... multiple people reporting serious issues with them. Check out AKfiles.com forum for details.
  12. Just food for thought ... J&G just had CAI Tantals for $499. So I would say this would be a on-the-fence deal for me; it would greatly depend on condition and such.
  13. These were not bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJj1YKeZLGM
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