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  1. I'm trying to source the best furniture to make an SVD clone. Rhineland may have something that will be a direct fit and is checking for me. Ironwood has Vepr sets that I can apparently get to fit but that's not something I know if I have the skill for. As of now it's a 16" unmolested, plans are to 20" rebarell into a 6.5 Creedmore.
  2. well that's the thing CSS if Cable/TV companies knock their shit off everyone wins.
  3. and an even more hideous proposal for small biz
  4. check my gallery, I do if he doesn't I love mine
  5. I don't have the top cover, but just the redesigned dust cover retainer that comes with it on my Yugo Krink works like a charm
  6. ya lol kick ass case, but kind of missed the point I should get a pelican and spray paint this on it TOTALLY NOT A CONCEALED GUN
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ilMx7k7mso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAo5GgaJmsA that about sums it up
  8. If I had a second MKA i'd pick up that HG and HEOS, are those XN pre-XN specific?
  9. just in case you didn't see this lol I did send them the most sarcastic email ever inquiring about one lol
  10. I plan on sitting naked in front of my camera spread eagle when I play games on the Xbone if I get one that is
  11. My uncle has done Biz there for 35 years and not had one issue, and 2 of my good friends are from Ph and their family that visits is 100% cool, and I never got the impression there was any hate issues.
  12. you have to cut the drum and get a 2 round MKA mag it's easy enough to do, just sucks that it is 100% perm. Thus why if I win one and don't spend Drum $ + $30-40 for the MKA donor I will be more inclined to try it heh
  13. depends on how the can is made which is why I want to get the 5.56 Gemtech if there is a catastrophic baffle strike due to the design I can get parts, there's a video on it. Also the new Alpines and Outbacks have the same set up. There's a video of their new line with the QD set ups they have and it explains all of it, due to my phone being a raging ass on forums I can't get it to post.
  14. That's some damn fine redneck ingenuity right there
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