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  1. I ended up just taking a small amount off the the hammer and polishing it up. Now it it all goes together and works great! It's done untill my gas tube and retainer for the fore grip comes. In the picture below you might be able to tell how much I removed from the before...
  2. In this photo I'm pointing to to part of the hammer that contacts the pin with a twist tie
  3. It looks like maybe I should take more material off of the hammer. If I lock the bolt in place ( I can get it in if I don't put it in the carrier by lifing the back of the bolt) the corner of the two planes is contacting the firing pin. Seems like the part of the hammer that contacts the pin should be perpendicular to the pin.
  4. After doing a conversion on my 308 I tried to install the bolt and carrier. But even with the hammer back and with the trigger trick the nub on the bottom of the bolt hit the hammer and won't slide past. Not sure what to do about it. Any ideas? Photo shows the "nub" that is interfering. Edit: I used a dinzig trigger group.
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