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  1. I finally found some photos that are Low-Resolution enough to post here. This First Photo is Exactly what my New Sticks look like. Hard To Imagine that these Hardwood sticks are from the center of a Palm Tree! The Second Photo is a lighter color of my Original Kamagong Sticks. The Difference being that mine look like Ebony Wood.
  2. Norinco is available in my country. What are those like?
  3. That's a Real Shame...I had a Buddy Running Kali Classes and he lived right on top of a Bar in Makati I partly owned. Some times the Kali Dudes would drop by. A Few American guys and girls some times. -rastamanila
  4. Hi Everybody I think I posted this before but somehow it no longer appears anywhere. (Ooops! File Is Too Big To Upload...I Dunno What To Do...) Anyhow I found myself in Downtown Manila last week and I bought myself YET AGAIN Another Pair of Buhi Hardwood Arnis Sticks For Merely... $7.95 I bought these because I gave 2 Pairs away to the Twin Daughters in their Early 20s of a Single Mom Lady Editor Friend when I learned they were learning the sport. Arnis Martial Art was Declared The National Sport Of The Philippines By An Act Of Congress In 2011. I used to carry a pair on Friday
  5. One Airman was rescued by the Russians...However...A Russian Marine Pilot in that operation died from his wounds and the Helicopter they abandoned to board another and ultimately escape in was blown up by the Turk-Backed Rebels...and there is a video of that...
  6. Some Already Have... This Spring I was in Paris in line at their Most Famous Shawarma stalls run by French Jews. I made friends with some young men tasked with taking orders from people like me in line after revealing that I too sold Shawarma in Manila. Not speaking any French; I tried to explain about my backpack that he was asking about as "being for Hunters"...so I made a gesture like aiming a rifle... He showed me a photo of his .45 on his cellphone... ...on mine I showed him a photo of my Saiga 12K That Shield took 27 rounds...
  7. Wait! That is San Miguel Beer! And...These Guys Are...Philippine National Police Special Action Force (SAF) Guys...
  8. I was hoping to find a more mainstream media source but I heard about this. FN is a great company isn't it?What are your thoughts on this? http://www.govconwire.com/2015/09/army-buys-m4-carbines-from-colt-defense-fn-america-for-212m/ -rastamanila
  9. Well Sadly; this comes as a Backdrop to more Serious Things... ...The Questionable Purchase of 1979 Soviet Design Polish Swidnik Sokol Helicopters where our M-60's cannot be mounted by the doors and one Brand New One has already crashed in Maguindanao and was TOTALLED (I think it was overloaded; my Safety Officer Pilot Friend said "Let's just say this thing wasn't 'Made In The USA' when I asked about the nature of the Failure of what is In Fact a Brand New Utility Helicopter... ...Then there is the Equally Serious and Highly Questionable Corruption-Tainted Purchase of 21 USED German-Ve
  10. Here Is an article from my former newspaper. I will defer from commenting for now in favor of you guys who would obviously know much more about Remington than me.-rastamanila Is the "Defect" a Minor or Major Thing? Is it a Game Changer? http://www.mb.com.ph/afp-defers-acceptance-distribution-of-m4-assault-rifles-due-to-defects/
  11. All I will say is that Lifting Those Sanctions are going to make a whole boatload of people (some of whom are NOT our friends) very, very wealthy in a remarkably short amount of time. Iran has a population right now of 90 Million. HALF are Under 35. I predict a Rapid Surge in the purchase of Japanese vehicles and outboard engines.
  12. There's also the "1984" Film with John Hurt which is not bad at all. I have read almost all of Orwell's work. He is my favorite author. 1984 also spawned indirectly my favorite movie of all time "Brazil"...
  13. My Money is Manny via K.O. on or before the 9th. I'm an Optimist in this case. I worked once with a an Australian guy who was a former Aussie Rules Rugby player. He said you would break your hand if you hit a Tongan on the head.
  14. Yes I wrote this. I make no apologies. It's probably the most prominent piece of my writing on the Internet. Seeing as Manny and Floyd's fight is upon us I thought I'd share this with those of you who might be interested. -rastamanila A Letter from Another Sports Fan Speaking of cheering people on, could there be athletes out there who are not sports fans themselves? It’s hard to imagine but I doubt it. There are so many of us who once were, or never were athletes; but are avid sports fans. Many of us sports fans could never conceive of ever participating at a prof
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