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  1. Hey folks, sorry so late on posting an update. I heard back from Shannon a couple of months ago. He explained the for the delay, which was totally out of his control. Truly understandable, at least now I have piece of mind. Thank you to those who that reached out to me, and thank you Shannon for the quality work that you do.
  2. Hello all, I have an opportunity to buy a older Champion safe. I already have a Fort Knox, but looking to add another safe to the family. I'm not looking to spend for another Fort Knox purchase. I've done some research and found that Champion seems to close in quality. So what are your opinions on Champion?
  3. I definitely understand. These are crazy times. Just from reading the reviews of his work, I know he is a honest and stand up guy. His work is impressive and speaks for itself. Thank you for your response.
  4. Yes he did, back in February. He explained his situation but said he is ready to get back in the shop. The thing is, it's June now and because of the virus going around and because of all these protesting, I sent 2 emails wondering about my parts. I still haven't heard anything. I don't know how else to reach out. Do you know anything? I was thinking of starting up another post asking if anyone else in the forum is also waiting for their parts.
  5. Thank you for the heads up. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I don't use social media, so I didn't know how else to reach out. Thanks again.
  6. Does anyone know if Cobra's Customs is accepting orders. I have been trying to reach out w/out any luck. I know he is very busy, but I sent parts and wanted to verify he received them. I also sent Ms. Hell a PM and no response. I know the package was delivered, I just want verify someone was there to accept it and not just sitting on the front door. I know he runs a very reputable company from reading the high praise of customer comments and the all the pics I have seen. If anyone can give any info, so I can have a piece of mind, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  7. Any Arizona residents know if fire restrictions are still in effect?
  8. He is holding it all wrong. He should be holding it sideways....or is that only for handguns? I would really like to see the rest of that video. LMAO!!!
  9. I'm so tired of people constantly playing the victim. Then they expect an apology. Take some responsibility already.

    1. evlblkwpnz


      Humans love to complain, make people feel sorry for them, and get attention. It is an epidemic.


    2. YOT


      I see what you did there, evl.


    3. Gout72


      My point is, my wife and I work hard to raise our boys right. We teach them the importance of good family values. Just because there is an easier way, doesn't mean it's always the right way.

  10. How many rioters in Baltimore do you think actually know the name of the man that died?

    1. thebuns1
    2. Dad2142Dad


      Not their fault, they can't read their own signs

    3. Gout72
  11. I have a Chinese Ak. Does anyone know if the firing pin retainer is a universal fitting part or is it specific to the manufacturer? Thanks in advance.
  12. Damn you Walking Dead marathon.

  13. I used to enjoy watching Family Feud, but not anymore....

  14. Gout72


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