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  1. Wish these were BHO mags like the veprs. I'd grab a few of they were.
  2. Is that because of the different mag catch length or something?
  3. Nope.The Fury mags are a little longer front to back. There is just not enough material to remove to make them function properly IMO. If you modded the actual magwell it might work.To me its just not worth it.The V12 mags and the SGM Vepr 12 mags work in my 433a.No mod necessary with the SGM mags. What about the length of the followers? Visual inspection looks like they should ride inside the mags just fine.
  4. Anything vepr12 doesn't seem as plentiful as before, and the legion magwell versions are almost impossible to find. With that being said, it seems even less likely you'll find them on sale. Sidenote: The vepr mags are in stock here at he e-shop as well as the legion 5rd mags. Correction to my last post. The part number if you wanna do your own looking is Sgmt12XXL with the xx being the round count.
  5. The one I found had a model number SGM-1212L and i think said for saiga magwell versions. Assuming they did the same for the other capacities it the middle two numbers will indicate the round count.
  6. Oh I meant the SGM mags that say legion.
  7. Yep, or the legion model if you can find One.
  8. you need to sand down the front of the back where that shelf is, and then possibly a bit from the rear of the mag about halfway down where that little band is. That of course depends on the gun. well see here's what i'm getting at, the Fury II uses a magwell and those mags are equipped with a bho. That means a cheap 5rd mag with that ability to add to my inventory. Also, if they are clones of the 030 mag, that means the followers should behave similarly and would give me a source of cheap followers to use in other mags. There are of course a lot of ifs and possibles here so anything is likel
  9. So I couldn't help but notice that the catamount fury II mags look just like the 030 factory 4 rounder. Is there a snowballs chance in hell they would mate in a 030? the bho and $10 price tag seems enticing enough. I came across the article below Which further entices me to try, especially for $10 mags. http://www.theakforum.net/forums/88-apex-gun-parts/172458-catamount-fury-mags-vepr-12-compatibility.html
  10. The gun from the test video was a century C39 and had a double hook fcg, was there any other difference? I am trying to understand what it is that makes the guns themselves do this. I have the "full auto/original" style safety lever and used a tapco single hook fcg from CSS. When it engages the disconnect the hammer doesn't move. I wonder if the C39s have a single peice disconnector/trigger assembly or have some sort of strange linkage in their guns. For the sake of testing I even tried to do this in my Cugir made PSL with no effect.
  11. Just saw this yesterday on youtube and my converted 030 will not do this. I can take the safety clear out of the gun and it will not drop/release the hammer. One has to question though, why would you have something like that happen in the first place? Dis-assembly of a loaded gun or awkward manipulation of the safety while loaded seems unlikely. I did note that the dust cover extension catches safety lever as it us pushed up to safe and ceases to have the dimple on the reverse side of the safety lever leaves top of its ) patch on the receiver.
  12. So to recap there are no brakes made to take chokes? I seem to recall while browsing that there are threaded choke adapters that give you the option of using standard shotgun chokes with the added ability of screwing a brake on afterwards. Has anyone played with these or seen a similar concept? I have also seen dummy birdcage flash hiders that are threaded (silly imo). Since we are somewhat on the subject, I have found rifled barrel extensions for the S12 (seemingly absurd) and I will have to go looking again since I found it on my phone. Anyone see or have any experience with those as well?
  13. I thought the manually adjusted system had more problems and that the vepr/030s just ran.
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