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  1. Thanks, I'll give it a shot this weekend if I have time.
  2. Used to have one until I swapped it out for a Krebs peep sight.
  3. I decided to parkerize my IZ433 and S410. I got all of them put together except the mag release spring on the 433. I was wondering if anyone had any neat tricks for getting in there to hold the legs straight while pressing the lever down and driving the pin through while only using two hands. She's a stubborn one.
  4. Goose

    Firing Pin

    Look for a near-by machine shop, doesn't necessarily have to be a gunsmithing operation, and just have them turn one down for you. There's nothing too elaborate about it's shape, but they will need dimensions, so see if you can find someone that can take some measurements from theirs. I'm actually about half way across the country from mine until after the new year, otherwise I'd do it for ya, sorry bud. And good luck
  5. I've been messing with my tailstock(that's what she said) for a couple of weeks now(3 days a week, couple of hours each) and finally have it down under a thousandth from one end of my 29 inch blank to the other. I pray to God that someone in another class doesn't start tapering their barrel before I do and throw it out for me. Our machines are well maintained but are still about 50 years old with hard student/learning curve usage. Carbide is my friend. As for using barrel scrap, never occurred to me, I don't have measuring stuff handy, or any stubs to play with(that's what she said) but I'll take your word for it, not a bad thought. And your scrapping comment reminded me of a video someone was telling me about the other day where they watched a guy octagon a barrel on his lathe. He had a custom ground bit, the machine was off and the barrel was locked in place, and he just traversed his bit across the length of the barrel until he'd created a flat, indexed 90 or 180 degrees and did it again. I'd forgotten about it, I want to see it, I'm gonna go look for it now.
  6. Ever since that episode of Sons of Guns long ago where I first heard of a rifled barrel for the S12, I've been not quite obsessed, but still pretty occupied with the idea of building an SVD look-alike off of one. Scope, bipod, sights, flash hider, bayonet... I've had people poo poo a little on my idea because of how much custom fitting and making of specialty parts there will be, but I still cant help myself. I keep picturing going to the range or going after some pigs with 3inch Hornady or Remington slugs and seeing those big-ass holes appear through that PSO scope... Sorry I needed a minute... But yeah, maybe a 24 would work fine, I have trouble imanining things without a visual, but somehow I feel that the thicker 12 ga barrel might make the scale seem a bit off, I thought a longer barrel might offset that and look more natural. But the only thing I seem to be able to come up with is 700 dollar replacement barrels for single shot guns. Too much for something I'm going to turn down and use as a show piece (I'm in a gunsmithing program right now, I try to over-do whatever I can for portfolio purposes) and a range toy.
  7. Slop like the backlash in the dials? If so take evil's advice, the machine I use at school has about 50 thousands before actual tool movement happens. Just pay attention to what number you were at on the previous cut
  8. Right off the bat, I'll clarify that I'm not asking about barrel blanks or straight up replacement barrels for the S12, I realize those don't really exist. I've had an idea for a build that I've wanted to do for a while now, and with my current situation I have access to lathes, mills, welders and all sorts of refinishing set ups. So I could get a barrel for something else and machine it for the S12. I've been browsing around google and gunbroker.com for a few weeks now looking for take off barrels from pumps, semi autos and single shot break opens, and they all seem to only come rifled at a max of 24 inches. When you get to 28 inches they're all smooth bore. Does anyone know of a brand or model that someone can find a 28 inch rifled barrel? Not necessarily wanting to buy a whole new gun to get it, but if the price is right I wouldn't be against it.
  9. That's exactly what I'm using, you'll want the original AFG, I tried the 2 and it leaves a huge gap under your fingers and thumb when you hold the gun up. As in you're only gripping the gun with the middle of your palm and your finger tips, making you sort of pinch the gun rather than holding it. That's an exaggeration of the problem of course, my hands aren't that small. But the wrap around portion of the AFG1 will give you a much better hold.
  10. I was checking out your Krebs safety, I just got one but the gun is still in pieces so I haven't gotten to play with it yet. I R leftie and am looking forward to trying it out. Nevermind that's a VEPR. I'm dumb. And yeah I'm a fan of TiN NiB and melonite. Can I ask where you had it done, and if they offer the other two?
  11. Any new work on this project?
  12. I just recently obtained a Krebs safety with that exact issue. Not worried so much about the scratch, but my receiver already has a divot for detent to fall into. The metal is thin so I'm worried about welding a new stud and filing the old one off. Anyone know how tough they actually are and if they can take the heat, or maybe other possible solutions?
  13. If you have a 433, the Tromix DIY will NOT fit. During my returns process with Carolina Shooters Supply that was confirmed in an email. The forward toe touches the BHO leaving somewhere between 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch to have the holes line up. As for the weld on version I do not know, but if you're going through the trouble to weld on, bending it a bit to clear the BHO shouldn't be an issue. But, yes, Ray makes a version that is already manufactured to fit the 433 with no mods, and as far as I can tell, costs the same as his 109 TG.
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