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  1. I bought a brand new SGL12-94 from K-VAR. It's still in the box, never fired. I realized I have no use for it anymore and it was actually a purchase I really didn't need to make. Where is the best place to sell something like this?
  2. Ran 2 clips without issues, then FTEs started back. Switched to gas position 1 and ran hard until I ran out of ammo... Looks like I may have fixed it!
  3. Cleaned the ports, I could only see two but with some poking around I now manage to have 4 that I can clearly see with a flashlight... Will give range report next weekend.
  4. Check the ports with the block still on, I can only see one and it appears to be full of stuff. When I pulled the gas plug out there was a ton of gunk behind it... Looks like I'll be cleaning it this week
  5. Thanks, yeah I read reviews on the ammo and it seems everyone else runs it fine. The gas setting being on 2 shouldn't cause this issue correct? When I clean it i'll check the ports. Is there a good thread as to how to check that anywhere?
  6. I have one on Layaway! I couldn't resist. Will submit the remaining $1400 end of next month.
  7. If you didn't pay attention to what specific ammo you fed it, that doesn't tell you or any of us anything. It was Royal Buck 00 buck shot as posted in the link.
  8. So I shot the gun over the weekend. Super fun but after a few mags while the gun was still hot I was getting FTE's almost every round or every other. First few mags it was perfect, but seems like the gun gets hot and struggled. I had it on position 2
  9. I ended up with the Krebs for right now. I do like the Dinzag ones though but I still needed a front sight and the cost on the Krebs all together was a little better. I also got a Trijicon front post. Hopefully have it this week. If I like it installed I'll keep it, if not well then a for sale post shall follow.. In the future I'm thinking of having the barrel cut down the adding a different suppressor to get me back to 18", in the mean time does anyone make a suppressor that is very short and wont add much if anything to the end of the barrel?
  10. Awesome thank you! Another question and this one relates to sights..... At first I wanted a small red dot, but now I'm thinking of sticking to iron... I'd rather not weld on so it looks like CSS may be the way to go.. I like the look of the H&K sights, and would prefer something low profile and clean looking. Is there anything out there besides the CSS stuff?
  11. Also, is it possible to have the bolt stay open while loading a clip without having to hold it back? Or last round hold open like an AR?
  12. Not to hi-jack your thread but my Saiga comes in tomorrow (used) and am sure it'll need a cleaning. I read Jeffs thread, how difficult would you say doing this is? I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but don't want to start something that I can't finish and end up with a bucket of bolts and whatever else. Once received I'm going to check the ports and make sure they're not clogged, if not there is no reason, but if they are I need to clean them before next weekend.
  13. That's a great idea actually. I have a TON of lexan at my cabin. I'll be trying this weekend and report back with pictures.
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