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  1. I have a Romy RPK I got as a kit. Never had carry handle because it is not suppossed to have one or the bipod. If you have an extra to sell please let me know. Threads are buggered at the end and I got a tap. But when I turn the tap l to R facing barrel it seems to cut threads off. It is 14x1LH. I put the starter plug? in the barrel, screw the die down the treaded part til it hits the barrel threads. I'm no threading expert but thats how it works. Maybe I need to lean into it a little harder Anywat, if you have those parts for sale lemme know Thanks The Wolf jackguns@atlanticbb
  2. ok thanks. I am going to take some more off the hammer. Seems that's where the bolt and carrier like to sit. I have learned something else when doing these conversions. You have everything you need in your hands. You don't need to go out and buy a miracle cure cause it ain't there. I put everything back together after writing the above post and sprayed the internal of everything with lithium grease. Took it outside and and be damned if the first shot ejected 5 feet forward and 30 degrees off the starboard bow. Shot 2nd to the 8th shot and every shell was pointing to go out, not enuf umph. So
  3. Gun started out as a eat everything 24" 2004? model, 2 3/4 chamber, no choke tubes, I hated it Finally chopped it off to 12" 4 days ago and followed all the info on this site I could find. Had 3 holes, opened them up to 3/32 with a little trough pointing towards receiver and added a 4th. Tried a couple different gas plugs made no difference as it should not. Put original back in and clicked her to #2 after 1 failed. I have ground and polished everything I see that might be binding, dragging etc. I even welded up gas port on LS of block letting no gas escape After all that, the spent shell
  4. ok had 4 ports and she runs HB fine. Just added a small one for extra measure. Runs good on HB HL andI am happy with HB buckshot and slugs but if she will do better then I want to get her there. She does drag bad as the carrier crosses the last part of the hammer after cocking. I will fix that too. Then maybe, just maybe, I will go for a post sample. Tony R. explained it to me but thats for another 10 degree day when the streets are again barren of people and I got extra time
  5. Thank you Tom!! A man among men. If I can't I will let ya know. The gun came this way. I tried to get the old plug out and had to use a wrench after I removed the pin in the gas block locking it in. Now trying to install a 6 setting plug and it wont go in. Anyway, I filed a form 2 and cut her off. 24" to 12". Always hated that gun. 24" just did not look right. Now bound and determined to get it to shoot winchester low brass without moving gas block back 2". HEHEHE Been fun Thanks again Jack Schnaitman
  6. Thank you for that helpful advice. I did before I asked the question. Even googled it
  7. Thanks very much!! If you have a link to a few I will try them. not sure I have that die
  8. hi I have the dreaded messed up threads of my S-12 gas block does anyone know the thread size or die size I will need to correct this? Thanks alot in advance Wolf
  9. hi I am getting ready to hack off about 12" of my old, 24" Siaga 12 that I bought many years ago and don't bring out much. It is one of the first batch I think and is 2 3/4 chamber. I figured 2 things, I would buy a short barrel to start with or get a replacement barrel in case I can't get the gun to ever cycle again Thanks for looking and you can find me at jackguns@atlanticbb.net
  10. jackguns


    I have not installed anything yet. I am converting to full auto if I can figure out how Yea I am an 07 but that don't make me a genious
  11. Stories about members who had a family member with Parkinsons Disease. I don't know how they saw my prfile info or where but thanks guys and my heart goes out for your family members too We all have our cross to bear but this like cancer. Your family gets to see ya day after day get worse wiith no hope Thanks again The True Lone Wolf
  12. jackguns


    Thanks for the input guys. U got a pic unclejake? If I see It I can do it, well sometimes
  13. knowing is better than not knowing, Support ARP, Parkinsons Disease Foundation

    1. Wolverine


      +1 on Parkinson's as it runs heavy in my family.

    2. David Mark

      David Mark

      My Dads is fighting it right now and loosing. Horrible disease.

    3. Squishy


      This and some other things took my father, prayers and best wishes to all who are dealing with this.

  14. who makes this stock. I love it
  15. jackguns


    Thank you for the info. I am going to get a Krebs selector lever. no good for last shot but at lest I can get a full 20 round drum in her instead of 19 with a closed bolt. I got an old dog. 2006 or 2007 Wish I had got a 410 or 20 ga but it is what it is and i am not buying anymore of em. guns cost too much, parts cost too much, just a money pit LOL
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