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  1. Do it Joe. Like you it took me a couple of years to do it because I wasn't sure if I could. But it actually was fairly easy and worth it, after that I bought 2 more saiga's and converted them. The only problem I had was removing the trigger guard, make sure you have a good quality sharp drill bit.
  2. Once in a while I'll look at it and think " I am glad this forum convinced me to do the conversion".
  3. No doubt, it's the best looking conversion I've seen in a long time.
  4. I have been using the Tapco mags for a few months now and they have been working great, but I do have a bullet guide so I don't know if it would work with out one. Following the tutorial here it only took about 30 to 40 minutes to make a bullet guide and install it.
  5. A few years ago a member recommended using metal roof flashing. Cutting it with metal shears it came came out perfect and did the job.
  6. I'm planning on my third conversion, but I remember I had a hell of a time drilling thru the weld on the trigger plate. What is the best drill bit to use?, thank you.
  7. It's at GilbertsGuns.com. They also have a new Saiga TriRail forearm that looks interesting.
  8. Has anyone tried the SGM top rear picatinny rail system. If used does the rear sight need to be removed as with other similar rail systems and how is the quality of it? thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info I always assumed it was metal. It's my own personal opinion that I prefer metal because you can work it, weld it ect.
  10. Has anyone tried the J-TAC 47 compensator. I would like to know how much recoil is reduced by its use. I am planning on taking my 8 year old grandson to the gun range and would like to reduce as much recoil as I can. If you have any other ideas let me know, thanks.
  11. I have the ACE stock and it looks and feels great I beleive it was worth the extra cost.
  12. Thanks for the answer, I was refuring to the external block. That's a great looking muzzle break, where did you get it at.
  13. I 'm thinking of buying the ace skeleton stock and saiga receiver block but before I do has anyone out there tried it and if they have how did they like it, thanks.
  14. I'm planning to buy either the AR15 or the M4. Since I don't know much about either one can someone tell me the differences between them, any info would help, thanks.
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