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  1. Another kudos for the DPH clip on Brake/Flash suppressor. The big brown truck dropped it off today. It's solid! Nice work, Scott.
  2. Glad I could help. Personally, I'd not scope it either. For the purposes you describe I'd put a quailty Red Dot on it instead. Don't skimp in this area either. Some good ones are Aimpoint Comp C3: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...&ProdID=753 I have this one, and I like it a lot. Another one I'd not be ashamed of is: http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/sight_pk-01.htm Just remember you have to convert the currency from British Sterling to U.S. for the latter. As of today it converts to 251.172 US dollars, plus the shipping. Many people can't justify paying as much or more for an optic than they did the gun, but in my experience it's just as important. Rule of thumb in this area is "Buy once cry once" Period! Many will argue the issue, but not with me cause I won't listen. Anyway, I think you'll be glad you got an AK platform over an AR once you shoot it enough to fall in love with it. On that topic the debate never ends , but it does here cause us AK lovers know that we are a breed apart, and are not ashamed of it. Let us know how you make out.
  3. Don't get one of those. Get one of these: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...amp;ProdID=1631 Too expensive? Then try one of these as a good second choice: http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/sight_mounts.htm MTK Weaver-siderail mount. Still to much? Then try this: http://www.goodoptics.com/good/28 I have one of those, and it works great. If you choose this one the only thing you'll have to do is remove the screws and locktight them. They are rather loose from the factory. Clean the threads with alcohol before you apply the thread lock and your good to go.
  4. Welcome to the forum, Cino. Right now it's catch as catch can since the elections. If you find any AK variant expect to pay a premium price, and get there early. In the world of Saiga's you simply cannot go wrong even if it's unconverted. One of the most common AK variants your likely to see is the WASR 10 Romanian imported by Century Arms. These are a roll of the dice gun. Many were put together with second rate military parts and quality can range from very poor to acceptable. Look for canted front sight blocks, mill marks in the receiver and magazine well. The wood is usually unfinished, but that's not a big deal, however it's a sign of poor quality control. Check the action for function. Is is stiff, smooth, does it sound clunky or bind in any way? Does the mag wobble around or is fairly tight? Expect some play, but not a lot. If you can't find any AK's that are affordable or acceptable look for an SKS. The Russian SKS is the best IMHO, however, the Chinese Norinco, and Yugoslavian variants are good, too. They shoot the same round as the AK and are loaded with 10 round stripper clips. No mags to buy, and you can get pretty efficient with those stripper clips with practice. They are kinda short for us here in the western hemisphere, but you can get some some decent butt stock pads for them that take care of that. One word on the Yugoslavian SKS. That variant does not have a chromed barrel, so you just have to clean it more often. Carry a bore snake with some 50/50 mix Windex and some cleaning patches to run through the barrel in the field and your good to go. The Communist conscripts would use motor oil to maintain the barrel and protect it from rust, but that's them. it's a good gun, don't pass it up if you find a deal. Some folks baulk at the SKS, however, I'd not feel undergunned with one. It's cheaper, just as reliable and just as deadly in the hands of someone that knows how to use it. You can get some pretty cool rear adjustable peep sights for those things that will increase it's accuracy one hundred fold, so keep your eye out for a deal on one of those as well. Above all, look for ammo and get as much as you can afford. I think the ammo situation will stabilize sometime this summer, but I'm no prophet so get as much as you can, now. Heres a cool sight to help you out some. http://www.surplusrifle.com/ Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  5. Thanks for video, Kolya. There is a very significant difference. It sold me. I've got one on order.
  6. Thankee kindly, Unclejake. Does it come loose or anything like that? Looks like I might git me one, too.
  7. What I wanna know is, does it actually suppress the muzzle flash?
  8. I make my own moisture absorbers for storage in those ammo cans. Use kitty litter and some #4 coffee filters. Get some glue from the local stationary store to seal them. Just put a couple in there and your good to go for an indefinite period.
  9. NO, do not sell! The ammo situation is temporary. We went through the same thing back in the Klinton years. It's just a repeat of the same. Give it a few months to stabilize. In the meantime it's catch as catch can. Try here: http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/catalog1/ind...ammo-click-here And you can also try here: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=492914 The Yugo is mildly corrosive, however, its brass cased and re loadable. Get it now. It's not bad ammo. It was manufactured to kill us Americans so it's real mil spec stuff. The Brown/Silver Bear is excellent as well. When availability is healthy get as much as you possibly can to stash away. That way you won't fall victim to the panic buying, but whatever you do don't panic and sell that Saiga. Also get as many high cap mags as you can now. They, too, will quadruple in price as the anti gun juggernaut continues its assault on whats left of the free world.
  10. Cool! Please let us know if it actually cuts down on flash. Shooting an AK at dusk is almost blinding. I couldn't believe the amount of flash.
  11. Is that a "Brake" or a "Flash Suppressor?" Does it actually cut down or eliminate flash?
  12. 922r aside, Dinzags FCG will improve your weapon by leaps and bounds. Much crisper trigger control. Even better is the Red Star FCG. That is fully adjustable and can be set to single stage or double, however, it's twice the price. And DaveM, is right on. Don't give the gun grabbers a reason to lock you up. You never know when a range Nazi is going to sneak up on you so keep it legal. I doubt the U.S. is going to collapse in the next three months or so. What you will see is a slight economic recovery while the Obama disciples continue on an extended honeymoon wooing their messiah for the great recovery. Expect this honeymoon to last for about 90 days. The government is on a spend, SPEND, and SPEND some more frenzy. This will exacerbate the coming economic tsunami scheduled to occur sometime in the crisis window of late 2009 to 2012. So you still have a little time. Spend it wisely. You cant prepare if you in jail over a stupid 922r issue.
  13. Havoc308 is right. You have to lock tight all the screws as they come rather loose from the factory. I'm polly the guy that posted the link about the modified BP with the rail cut and centered between the shoulders. It only works for a dot sight, but that's what I got on mine and I'm very pleased with the results. I've only had one outing at the range so far, but from what I've experienced it holds it's zero, but like I said, you have to lock tight everything. It also helps if you adjust the lever tension so that you begin to feel resistance at about the midway point or a little before. Another trick you can do is lightly sand to remove the finish off the inside of the mount where it slides on the side rail. Color this with a black magic marker and slide it back on to find the high spots. Just file them down and you'll get a more solid mount that way as well.
  14. UnidenStew

    Tritum is right. That grouping means nothing. My paper stated even a worse spread. I bothered me so much that I contacted Clyde at RAA about it. Long story short, he said those are test fire groups off hand and should not reflect the true capability of the rifle. Try it out and if it don't shoot better than that we will bend over backwards to make you happy. When spring came and I benched it out I was more than pleased. Since then I converted it and installed a Red Star FCG and put a modified BP-O2 side mount topped with and Aimpoint CompC3. Late last fall just prior to opening day I grouped 4 shots within 2.5" at 145 yards with Wolf mil spec ammo. Even the AR guys were impressed.
  15. It mounts on the FSB making it way way to high.
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