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  1. this site would be more complete with a section just for black powder, then another for the rest, air guns/archery/knives i mean, i know this is a russian made saiga site, but it is a shooting community as well, and most of us shoot more than just a pistol, or just a rifle, or just a shotgun.... i have very few people now that i shoot with, and even less that i know that have good knowledge of our sport, and what leads up to it.
  2. g o b - the archer really must pick it......... I was just going to post a topic as to why we dont have an archery section here. your bow length is determined by arrow draw length. I always go one size up as well... -ben
  3. its probably a biography of the first black american to hold the POTUS office i wont be watching it more than once......thats for sure
  4. Bvamp

    wire folding stock on 12ga, painful?

    I was marketing and sales for Tome Cole, and I have shot "the beast:" a number of times. I am 6-3 200 and with 3" cannon rounds, it did knock the heck out of me. I DID like the 12" full choke barrel and the lightness of it. accuracy was not bad, i would prefer that configuration now with a 13.5-14" barrel with that stock for the extra weight the beast knocked quite a few people back, including myself. oh btw, put a front pistol grip on it and use it, dont use the mag as a grip for your off hand...you have to manage recoil with that stock or it will tear you a new asshole i dont come around much., and i do apoligise for taking so long to reply. BV
  5. I am very very saddened with how public life has been going lately, and all of these mass shootings that you and I could have prevented or stopped... ...yes i blame us. not you,not me, us. we have failed in our duty to teach the next generation the proper use of our tools that we love. no more. I stand and I will fight this in any way I can. ]we dont need any more gun laws, we need sicko laws
  6. Bvamp

    found a new shell

    the 20 gauges are funny....some like this, some like that.
  7. i have already been affected by the new rules in florida. its bullshit. its a mental health issue. you arent blaming terrorist attacks on guns, so why should you blame a domestic attack on guns? ITS THE MIND NOT THE MATTER. like ive already said, something needs to be done, but what? I already foresee (as I am sure the rest of you have as well) this next gun control thing as being a clusterfuck that does nothing while the problem at hand gets worse.
  8. driver's license? i dont know? i own my shitty ass place in the free and clear, so i must vote. i dunno we forgot to tell the kids something......i dunno this is getting out of hand already....that i DO know....
  9. Im honestly not sure yet, but i have an idea. the age limit isnt part of it.. Ive been thinking aobout this very heavily with you guys opions in mind. i opened the discussion first... check the kids over here are afrain to touch my guns at the house..... this needs to be solved by US NOW. what did we skip? BTW dont touch my guns
  10. we did not act, now we are going to be punished. no more my friends., no more.
  11. I bear proofed a house this week, in KKK territory, and i was glad to do it. this school shit is a crock of crap. i bet you that if you did an anaylisis, and checked the kids and which video games they play and the wanton parent out, i bet you you irrespobible fucks....and yer gonna blame this shit o n me??? LOL good job hippies....leave us alone, we'll handle it from here.....great job....
  12. we have a mental health issue at hand. you know what wasnt around when we were younger? social media.... yeh the fuckers bitching poisoned your kids, and you let them do thats all i have to say about that..... General Washington put a law in effect with our forefathers that REQUIRES you to have a gun, shot and powder and know HOW TO USE IT., whats this BUILLSHIT with this musket crap? read the goddamn rule i nyour state's law for the militia. it says you are required. its not a fuckin request. all of this crap could have been avoided, in my opinion... hello folks, goodbye
  13. what is this? i got it in a batch of cosmolined mags, someone marked it down the road, what is it?
  14. f that, ill mail u one of mine, hatsan 22 pistol. the kid cant cock it himself,but you want it? pm me you addy
  15. I mean , dont misundertand me folks. I am grateful for public servants and such, but they mosty are just that. socialist workers. we cant expect those folks to just throw themselves on the fire at will as if its a job requirement, I mean, come on really now. really it comes down to me and you all this person is not right, this relative is sick, this person is way off. and i am not talking about a spy big brother society. this is just plain practical thinking. just us in this one forum? we are pretty powerful if we all keep our eyes open and have a set of balls each. I am not trading my goddamn holy american rights for some sicko. end of story. lets figure out how to mend this as best as possible and move forward, is my vote. im pretty angry right now. why should I give up anything?
  16. lets see the episode of cops air, the slow responders
  17. what are you guys talking about? did you not hear me? make uncontrolled fire illegal. blam B midermeanor, confiscate the weapon you do it with at the time, fine, see you later, over and done with. what part of that doesnt make sense? I can bump fire most large caliber semi-auto rifles onto a dinner plate at 25 yards without some stupid stock. whats gonna stop me? THAT will. B misd. take the gun im doing it with and 1200 dollar fine, see you in court AS I SAID. oh and i can do it with a pistol too.... all of this AGAIN is quick reaching pointing and back stabbing that makes no goddamn sense at all. make laws that make sense. ban NOTHING ...what about the 50 pounds of tannerite he didnt put in a trash can or under the stage? HMMM? LETS BAN FERTILZER TOO. AND MODEL ROCKETS. AND ACID, oh AND LETS BAN THIS AND THAT. HOW ABOUT LETS BAN IDIOTS AND SICK FUCKS? why not look at this from a logical and close point of view instead of "oh oh" and "no no" points of view. this guy bashed the windows out 20 minutes before he shot himself. uhmmmmm......yeh theres that too.... pussies
  18. it should be a B misdermeanor for "uncontrolled fire". then we dont need a law for a bullshit part. then thye acn be right up your ass for nothing. I myself, can fire most rifles in this manner, ACCURATELY without a slidefire stock. make it illegal. "indiscriminant" or "uncontrolled discharge" of a firearm. B misdermeanor simple uncontrolled fire. easy enough,. dont take your guns you get a fine and chrome bracelets, see you in court. this is just an excuse for a whole wave of stupid ignorant shit to happen. oh wait, that law is already there....hmmmm....who dropped the ball George Washingston fully intende for the Americans to be ARMED when we won our war. Dont let an idiot like this take that away from us. Stand firm, stand strong, and dont back down And most of all stay united. I am sorry that the world is an evil place.
  19. what i support is a ban on "uncontrolled fire without a device to assist" meaning, even if bum stocks go, ban hip firing them the same way, as it is "uncontrolled fire" . laws that make sense.
  20. im sure he was here, woudlnt be the first one. heres the thing, n omatter what it turns out to be, are any of YOU willing to give up ANY of our rights because of someone that was off, or laws that didnt work? i hate to say it, but maybe we should take a play from north koprea.... if you f up like this, your whole family mush pay. and you must be a registered card toter to boot. maybe its not a bad idea. sicko would have thought twice if his baby relatives faced prison time because he misused his firearms card, now wouldnt he? maybe not a good idea, but its an idea. this shit needs to stop. the GUN people need to write the GUN rules, and NOW. this has got to stop, and NOT at mine or your conviniences.....stop letting your 8 year olds play GTA5 and think its cool to run rampant with no law and "kill a niga" how the fuck is that any kind of normal behavior? ...everybody would be just a BIT MORE concerned if there were REAL consequences, now wouldnt they? this interferes with our freedom again, however. there must be a way. the anti-gunning prudes arent ever going to figure this one out.....WE have to.
  21. G O B has an excellent point "IM GOING ALL IN" plus mental illness history in the family patriot, your point is well validated. what is all this crap the schools ask you all to give your kids doing to them or their nexts? anyone check that fact out ? nah, lets just hand psychotropic drugs out and "see what it does" to them. i am 100% against drugging kids, or loose medication prescriptions. you dont know what they are going to do over generations, and you also dont know rare reactions to the crap is, but its ok....just give it to them. either way, its a travesty in a big way, and distracts us from the real problems that we all must deal with....
  22. before I share my .02$ on this, I do want to say this... This is simply awful, and a real tragedy. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families, and my thanks goes out to all the first responders that have to deal with crap like this on a daily basis, no matter how big or small. Events such as this affect us all, in one way or another bigger or smaller. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you, here, there, everywhere. I too, think lack of information about motive is a bit fishy.was a camera or eyes on those two windows, and for how long before entry? A serious high stakes gambler can be an easy target to tempt. think about that one for a minute. This guy may very well be a patsy. This is something you really would have to have a LOT of absolute HATE in you to see through to this extent. I have noticed a lot of conflicting details and misinformation in the news and media, as well. Granted, it is too soon to really tell anything at this point, but its WAY to all over the place for anyone to make any judgement at this time, and I can tell you with cetainty detailed information about the on scene evidence is being withheld for a reason, and the misinformation is being done on purpose. There is more to this than meets the eye, or nothing at all to it. It will be figured out in time, and the more folks talk about it, the more work the mainframes have to do to sort through little bits of information, as I am CERTAIN highest priority has been put on this by the electronic warfare divisions for all branches of govt and law enforcement. They probably have the backup coolers going at the same time in I run moun teen to help handle the overload. As for our beloved guns and their hardware....I am sure everyone bought out the stock to most places, and those places that did not sell out, changed their stock amount to zero for one of two reasons - A - to prevent a lawsuit or out of sheer "i refuse to sell this item", or B - to save them for a later date and sell for 3 times as much. ...welcome to the gun industry. . . . God Bless America E Pluribus Unem Biagio out...................
  23. you want a good worker? show me ONCE what i have to do. I want 3/4 of the money. Im done with this lets let Ben do all the work so we can make a shitload of money bullshit.
  24. and before any of the peanut gallery chimes in, i shouldnt have to be working in the 100 goddamn degree flroida heat. i have multiple verbal agrerements with a few of these assholes, and i should be sitting in the air conditioning collecting checks every month. I get madder and madder the more that I sit on this. I know posting this wont make or cause anyone to make things right with me, but I want them all to know that im only getting more angry and its only getting worse over time.
  25. I can really go off here, but it wont do any good. where my 15% max, hey tom, wheres my 7.5%? I can really go off here, but it wasnt in WRITING. I gotta go bust my fuckin ass because you all aint no good for your fuckin word. you all should be glad this shit even WORKS right now. ah he'll get over it. yeh. I havent returned the favor yet buddies. and I havent fuckin forgotten, nor will I with each and every day im out there nearly dying in the heat it only makes it worse each day,and i think of all of those that screwed me with each drop of sweat or each breath i can barely take. people took something dear to me, and im never going to forget it . I aint done yet, nor have i begun to forget. Im gonna take a massive shit in your pools when you least expect it,.