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  1. its Ben Vampatella, btw, jerry. hence BVamp. I dont hide on the inet or from the gun world, theres no point in it. you echoed my thoughts. i cant add to this discussion. well said.
  2. AND instead of an edit to add, i will say this -- you wont catch me with my pants down throwing my car keys at you.....fuck that. im armed 24/7, ill cure you of your mental instability real quick.....
  3. this i think, is mainly a lack of consequence of action understanding. what would the heritage of any of the victims or the shooters be 300 years from now?? maybe one of these people would have cured cancer, or thier great grandchildren found the cure to cancer? moral decisions are ones from the heart and soul. this isnt being taught any longer, as it is no longer PC. happy holidays? for real? curse me out on the internet because its a box? for real (what do you do when i show up at your doorstep and ask you to repeat what you said to me). this started with the hippies and all the nonconformist crap that led to punk rock and then on to the tech boom where noone gives a shit about the reality of the world and thier fellow human being. my generation X is no exception. General Washington gave away cannon and arms....you dont see anything in history showing that some nutjob shelled a town with them.... because im pissed off at the world and everyone and everything, does not give me the right to inflict suffering on others because of it. my conscience tells me otherwise, and its that is what is lacking in this society, and will continue to, until it is addressed. do your job, mom and dad, brother, sister, cousin, friend. you are not alone in this world, and you arent the only one who is angry or lost at times....we all know what the issue is, but who the fuck knows how to fix it in a way in which everyone agrees.
  4. i am going on the record. where i am from in NY, we were the third largest per capita gun ownership county in the entire USA. then the handgun permit renewal thing happened, that was part of the downfall, then the taxes, then more gun laws that dont work, we left.; wherei grew up and was taught my ways, it wasnt 2 or 3 or 4. it was 20 30 40 that you even talk about. at the time i decided to leave ny, i think dutchess county ny was beat by somewhere in cali, and somewhere in texas, fourth place was penn somewhere. i love my country. i am not giving up my basic beliefs for some political crap or some soccer mom up the street that a i never met. so i came to florida
  5. leave your socialism back home. we dont want it here. or the classic dont stop in the highway to make a right hand turn.
  6. Bvamp

    Jamming issues

    stand up straight with a stiff shoulder....its a combat shotgun get us a picture straight down looking into the stripped action. im almost wondering if the ejector is flawed. have you tried heavy loads or slugs in it?
  7. Bvamp

    IZ109 vs IZ-108

    you found a what? what did you pay for it lol. nice gun. you lucky f........
  8. Bvamp

    IZ109 vs IZ-108

    back up. you found a what? what is the first four of the serial #
  9. Bvamp

    Slide fire?

    you gonna go up against ANY president? you funny now too
  10. Bvamp


    finally shot mine, went well, even ejection pattern. stupid buffer in it took a beating on lowest gas setting and 3" cannon rounds, will have to look at that more closely. op rod rusted after one week (i actually cleaned all of guns yesterday), be sure to check yours. i am definately going to change the safety lever, i hate it the more i look at it. i agree, the trigger is nice, but i did pull mine and the hammer and reworked them to my standard on a stone. i think it was a nice touch to use a crook instead of a spring still having a hell of a time putting the bolt carrier back in, guess im trying to do it like my saiga.....anyone else notice this?
  11. Bvamp

    Slide fire?

    if they just banned marbles, then nobody could lose them to begin with
  12. ..and if any trouble comes my way of this or for this, i have dated evidence right here. stand strong, dont be afraid, we gotta get those evil guns off the street, LOL IM DOING MY PART ARE YOU??? enjoy your holiday. buy one of these from classic. good stuff right there. -Ben Vamp.
  13. ok, bear with me, i dont post much any more anywere, i have a handful of pics from a handpick glock from classicfirearms. im very happy, pics should show everything....give me a few minutes to post all the pics. it sure look like this thing wasnt fired much at all, check the breech out.
  14. my gun, my rules. check it out it was born on halloween in 2013 LOLL ITS EVIL!!!!!!!
  15. thats what we said when it got here. i just got it from classic as a hand pick. the damn birth shell is even matching with it in the case. grab one
  16. as you can see, all in all, its good gun. this is a handpick with matching case an paperwork from classicfirearms. my gunsmith was stoked at the condition when it got here as well. check it out. well worth the extra 20 bucks for the handpick, and DEFIANTELY worth the matching paperwork and case to the serial # for the case and paperwork. grab em. im glad i did. thought i would share
  17. Bvamp

    Slide fire?

    does it apply to echo triggers or crank fire stuff? i dont pay attention any more
  18. my hat to you and your kin. thank you for sharing this with us./me i wish you and yours my very best.
  19. Bvamp

    S 12 ready conditions

    i load 3" in my locked mag. also, just load a slug on top....save yourself the grief/worry......unless you load something really cheap, the gun shouldnt care anyway what you store in it....