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  1. I can't be thankful to DJT about this. He made a promise to uphold the constitution. He also made a lot of promises about reducing the regulations and the administrative state. But I guess some vague statement to a grieving person trumps all of those promises....
  2. gunfun

    Does this fit look right?

    That does look off.
  3. gunfun

    RIP KrisFox

    That sucks. Thanks Juggs.
  4. gunfun

    Drum mag for 3 inch shells

    MaxRounds used to make one. Depending on who you ask it was either a heavy thing that ate itself, or a heavy thing that worked. They were about $600 IIRC, and had replaceable feed towers. You would need spares, because the recoil beats the feed towers to death over time. You could also get a tower which fit the veprs. Don't know if they still make them. I would honestly rather use a CSSpecs 10 rounder and have a couple spares.
  5. gunfun

    Recoil Pad Recommendation.

    I dunno if they bothered him, but you want a happy mid point between "slips off of your shoulder" and "grips your clothing randomly which interferes with a smooth mount." Some of the textured rubber pads cross too far into the latter category.
  6. Favorite is kind of a "for what" thing. Practical purpose and fun: S12/vepr, The AR as a generic idea because it is generally good, and is a good platform for me to tinker around on, TBD I like SA/DA 9mm. So far the berettas and clones seem as shootable or better than most of the others I have tried, but I don't love the control placement, and the grips are a bit wide. I do like the S&W M&P line up in general. Probably more practical than the all metal DA/SA stuff. Just not as special feeling. Probably the S&W 66 6" is the most satisfying handgun for me to shoot though. And I really enjoy the feel of the old long recoil shotguns like Browning auto 5, Most rifles to me, are kinda blah from a kinesthetic standpoint. But the ~10" 300 BO pistol or SBR with subs just feels fun to shoot. Hard to explain. It just feels happy and easy to use well.Even nicer with a can, which I really want.
  7. gunfun

    Recoil Pad Recommendation.

    Belt sanders are one of the most useful tools you can own. Nice work. I can't say I like the grenade pads, but you made it look better. You might consider doing something to slick up the sides. IMO that grippy rubber tends to hang up on clothing and interfere with getting a quick mount. Perhaps some wax or something would help.
  8. A. Yes. B. ... court? I really doubt it. I have been paying a lot of attention to what the BATFE has been doing in edge cases for the last decade or so. They almost never litigate. They threaten, and plea bargain, and if the defendant insists on court, they drop it. They just can't afford to lose, and they are way past their statutory authority. Moreover, they are enjoying the ability to have inconsistent definitions and apply them secretly and at will on an individual basis. Once they argue one definition of anything in court, they are stuck with that definition and interpretation of the law and they have to apply it to everyone. So they also can't afford to win a case, and be confined. They do not want to give up the arbitrary power. They only pulled this most recent crap, because NRA and Trump told them to do it and that no one else would call them on acting beyond their statutory authority. Judges actually have to rule by applying the statute to the defendant's facts, reading in the light most favorable to the public. BATFE is just so far beyond statutory bounds here that they couldn't make a coherent case. Even if they pushed it in a favorable jurisdiction for them, that opens the door to a circuit split, and that would push it up to the supreme. They can't afford that. So better to stick to vague public threats and individualized secret specific threats and plea deals.
  9. I cut up 5 that I made in 2012 or 2013 yesterday I could weld them back together in another 20 minutes if I wanted to. However, there is no way that anyone could make a legal case that I am currently in possession of a bump stock. There was a local buyback, and I would have taken the money, cause I need car parts more than toys, and frankly I would have probably donated a little to SAF or something too. This whole thing is funny given that the average AR stock can be made into a bump stock with a stick of wood and 3 screws in just a couple minutes, or that you can make a lightning link or DIAS in under a half hour from sheet metal or wire.
  10. Also, it is worth noting, that if you follow trends, the 3" shell seems to be optimum. Just like how we can tell that militarys went big and then reduced down to caliber that was just right for the job, hunters have basically done the same. 10 ga was killed by 12 ga 3.5". 3.5" is mostly extinct too though, 3.5" guns don't sell as well as they were. because while people like the idea of it, they were doing fine with 3" and when they use 3.5" they aren't really using 3.5".... Almost all the 3.5" shells I see in stores are actually loaded to 3" specs. So what that means is in practice, if you are shooting the biggest payload that you can get a good pattern with out of your S12 at the highest velocity, you have a pretty good gun without a lot of real compromise, and lower recoil than the majority of people running that kind of load out of a pump gun. Guys who are really serious at shooting geese and turkey at longer ranges are the only ones who are really using full house 3.5" shells. Think of it is as the shotgun equivalent to 10mm. Maybe there will be a come back.
  11. I don't personally waterfowl hunt yet, so I would just be looking up data for you rather than talking from personal experience. I can say though that you are basically looking at large payloads at medium velocities, and tight chokes. If you switch to denser stuff like bismuth, or hevi-shot, etc. Then you don't need the same velocity as steel to maintain energy down range, so overall you can get a little more effect vs pain and per capacity of the hull/ shotgun pressure limits. However that stuff is a lot more expensive than steel. Most of my friends who actually goose and duck hunt are just using BB steel shot from whatever brand in 3" or 3.5" shells and whatever tight choke the guy at the store conned them into. Higher velocity is nice for reducing the amount you have to lead, but without practicing those leads, and without patterning your gun/choke at the ranges you expect to hunt, all that performance is a complete waste. I think this is why people who hunt a lot gravitate toward buying a case of whatever the cheapest steel is in their category. Practice time trumps everything. Were I you, I would not go with the drum, but rather stick mags with 3" shells, and practice at your local clay place for a bit with your actual loads & choke. Get good at doing fast mag swaps with dummy shells at home. Get a dump pouch for your mags. If you are looking at getting into shotgun reloading, I would be happy to help you choose your setup, etc. Precision reloading is usually the best place to get components, followed by BPI. You probably should start with a press that has a collet sizer and an adjustible charge bar. Or at least one that can take an adjustible charge bar aftermarket. Those cost about $45, which is about what you pay to get bushings for 3-4 different loads so, just skip the bushings, IMO.
  12. If it came with a factory moved gas block and a shorter barrel, I would see the point. It is neat that you can, but I would rather have a good stock than 6" less barrel.
  13. gunfun

    Does this fit look right?

    They made that part longer on newer guns circa 2012 I think. It basically prevents short shells from snagging up if they are pointed upward too steeply. It used to be that a couple of the custom would extend it on their race rigs to reduce possible failure points. IIRC Evil did, and maybe cobra? I forget.
  14. It would have to be steel or other non-toxic. I doubt there are many particularly good options off the shelf, but you could probably use a BPS steel shot cup, straight on top of a BPGS12 and some blue dot or longshot. It wouldn't have the leg section normally found in a wad, but steel shot wouldn't need the cushion anyway.
  15. gunfun

    Recoil Pad Recommendation.

    I have a very strong recommendation. KickEeez makes the best recoil pads. They are made from a special rubbery stuff that is non-newtonian. It is hard normally, but turns soft under impact. Un like rubber it doesn't get dry and stiff over time either. Much better than things like limb saver pads which have hollows in them to provide cushion, and are either hard or squishy. the hollows flex more and tend to break down over time. Also, the hollow waffle or honey comb designs can only have screws where the pattern allows. Kick Eeez are solid sorbethane with a plastic base plate. You can put the screws wherever it makes sense. It gives you the best recoil absorbtion and a nice firm mount. Best of both. And it doesn't get nasty after a year or ten. I have some from the early 1980s that are just as good as the new ones. That is not true for any rubber based pad. I got a bunch of these from a gun smith a few years ago, and it was a score. Individually their new price is kinda high. Their website has a guide template for pre fit pads and templates to figure which universal one is closest. I like the super monster safari gun pad, because it is huge, and it is easy to shape down to whatever format you want. Here's a guide where I show how to fit them. The same process works for any other "grind to fit" universal pad, but you have a really good chance of ruining a limbsaver or pachmyr one by hitting a void or a bit of steel or whatever inside as you grind. If you look at most gun smith's bargain bins you will usually see a lot of recoil pads which they rendered ugly by just that fact.
  16. I don't think he would have minded, is the basic point. He seemed to be fine with some pretty cheezy quality add ons on his rifles. If you compare Zenitco, to magpul, I think you were closer to original concept anyway.
  17. gunfun

    80% lower?

    Well, the thing is, that these are AK or RPK based respectively. There aren't lowers as such. There are receiver flats. However, in the case of the saiga and probably the vepr, the front trunion is marked as the receiver, so it isn't a new flat you need, so much as a virgin front trunion.
  18. Do I need to post that picture of the late Mickey K beaming proudly while holding an AK 12 variant covered in CAA stuff? It's american combloc snobs who hold those views, not Russians, and not the Izmash people. They changed and accessorized all the time and still do. Seriously, AK purists are worse than weebs, in some ways.
  19. Ditto. I think one of the real perks of a mag fed gun is that you can choose whatever shell you want based on what's in it or what it does, rather than how short it is.
  20. I think so. Also, I think that is kind of the point of a weak patent. Make it confusing to scare off work arounds. Mike- if I was reading it right the patent claim was that two pieces meant less tooling to make more mags for more type of guns. If the complicated molds worked for a universal part, then all you would need to do is mold new feed towers. Whether that is actually cheaper, or just in theory could be is not necessary for the patent to be valid or not. Thanks for explaining the elongated receiver bit. That particular patent was a jumble. I also think it is susceptible to challenge based on the fact that all of the solutions claimed really are obvious. Is the reason that your mossberg mag only fits 2 3/4" shells the limitation of receiver length?
  21. gunfun

    Any knife makers here?

    Make something cool.
  22. gunfun

    Any knife makers here?

    I make knives, but it has been while. Good luck with whatever your project is. Those would do for pistol grip scales too.
  23. Who wants a gun that only works reliably when your technique is perfect? These are gas operated for a reason. You need them most when the human is least likely to be working properly.