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  1. Yes, and. My brother has a personal CNC machine. My cousin gave me his jigs from tactical machining. So I modified the jig to be an easier way to hold the blanks in the CNC all trued up. Sort of a fixture I suppose. Otherwise holding a lower true in all the axes to the cutter so that engraving doesn't look like garbage would be a real pain. Engraving with a conical cutter really shows any variance in the Z axis/ surfaces that are supposedly true in the horizontal plane. i.e. the magwell, and the areas where the markings go near the safety selector. I kind of suck at drafting, but it is clearly better than the ones I've done with jigs on drill presses. Less issues with runout, drill wobble. Most of the jigs allow for a lot of play. I've also sort of supervised a friend using one of the expensive router jigs, which were well designed, but overkill. IMO, a drill press with a cross slide vise would be adequate, but you would need to check runout on the drill, and you would need to accurately square the work to the drill. You can get away with being off by a bit in most of the pocketing operations, but the pin locations, and perpendicularity are critical.
  2. I like 80% partly for the ability to machine or etch my own markings or not.
  3. Look up dinzag arms http://www.dinzagarms.com/
  4. gunfun

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    I was on the fence. In the end I didn't shoot the elk, but I felt bad about it. I think it probably died within a minute or two anyway, though I would have preferred to shorten that time. The deer I hit later died before it was skittering down the freeway. I can still see it's antlers shatter in slow mo, with the velvet sloughing off in the impact.
  5. They are often cheaper than that. A lower is a lower. Snobs will disagree, but they are functionally the same piece, made from one of the same forgings as the other brands.
  6. gunfun

    saiga 12 law enforcement only

    Nice. That low RS mount really is slick.
  7. gunfun

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Funny. That was the original reason I got my CCW. Then when it happened, I realized that it would be illegal in my state because of laws about firing on or across roadways. It was a kind of surreal thing to think about as there was an elk suffering amid fragments of my car, that if I put the elk down humanely, I could get arrested for it.
  8. I know you need to pay attention to what kind of foam. Some of them off gas stuff which will contaminate your melt. Also you basically can use the foam, and dissolve it out of plaster with acetone, if you want to make a plaster mold. Just has to be the right kind of foam. Hack A Week did a series on that technique for making the form for a motorcycle gas tank.
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    I heard you retired, S. I hope things are going well otherwise.
  10. gunfun

    Slide fire?

    Let's analyse that for a second. We'd have to start by ignoring the fact that they couldn't find a statutorily valid way to call these a machine gun for over a decade of trying. The statute's language simply can't define one as a machine gun. So skipping that and just saying a bump stock IS a machine gun, then you would need to do an analysis on whether a deactivated bump stock was "readily convertible" into a bump stock. - Like any collapsible stock is if you hold the detente open, and mount the pistol grip to the stock. This whole thing is untenable from the perspective of applying a law and then enforcing it. It only "works" on the basis of " well this is what our agency is going to do, and all the other agencies &/ interests with the ability to object have agreed not to call us on it." NRA and Donny boy sold us out hard. GOA hasn't. Who knows what a judge will say, but if the judge actually applies legal analysis to it, I don't see how he can conclude that there is any authority to ban bump stocks which doesn't equally apply to all semi autos, and further, that the actual law does distinguish semi autos, so that can't be valid.
  11. gunfun

    Slide fire?

    Then there are better things like DIAS, which you can make from a piece of sheet metal or wire.... I don't need full auto, and I am not going to be the test case, but I know how to make it in a matter of minutes that is loads better than any bump stock. The beauty is that not only are there so many proper firearms out there already, that seizing them all would be impossible, but that whatever the dominant tech of war, the tools of making the tools are now modular, distributed and too numerous to track. A sub gun can be made in a garage in a matter of hours. A goodish subgun, could be made in dozens per hour with a couple days of setup and a few home grade CNC tools. and firearms are not the most important component of armed resistance. Autonomous sentries, and scouts, and even drones are already being made in the middle east from RC kits and home grade quad rotors. There is open source software that turns computers and radios into ad hoc internet type comms with or without the grid. I have friends who use it for tracking forest fires, etc. They've chosen to hold back the ocean by bailing with a bucket. Sooner or later, they will have to admit failure, and try to draw a new boundary line other than whether the public is armed. Someone who wants to be armed, will be anywhere in the world. It's a matter of time. The effort is going down and the effort of preventing it is going up. The trend is that oppression becomes cost prohibitive if you cross any threshold that people are actually willing to resist. Can you imagine how much ingenuity would go into a civil war in America if such a thing were to happen? Every muffler shop would be an arms factory, and every old PC a potential server.
  12. I honestly don't know if you think I count as here from the old days or not. I surely missed the window on $2-300 saiga builds. I enjoy the era of new ideas and problems to solve. Now most of them are solved. I did not enjoy the period of loudmouth crowds of know it alls ganging up on every thread and patting eachother on the back. Less so, when a couple waves of them later started spamming every thread with bottom shelf porn. Now, those who stick around are mostly the creative types, but solving problems on new guns that aren't saiga, and all the mag fed shotguns out there. I like that. I want to keep up to date on developments in mag fed shotguns. This is still the best overall place for that. Plus there are friends here. For the last year or so, there has been more activity holding my interest in the YT gun community, and the reloader's network project. A lot of really talented and creative people involved in that. So more time there than here, or vepr org. But I check in here and there, and other places.
  13. gunfun

    Federal Flight Control in Drums?

    Reminder that this exists: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak0Uu1DF-59PdFdmenV3ZThCbVEzNEg2WXFnYXhXSFE#gid=0 If you measure your unfired length and compare it to the lengths listed in the headers, you know all you need.
  14. gunfun

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    When I was making these as gifts and expiriments for myself, I started with a big shelf and cut it down in stages until I wished I had left more on. Going for the low snag, but still positive instinctive motion. I found that I wanted it to stick about 5/16" past the flat of the lever. You can radius the corners so that from top view it is basically a semi circle or trapezoid without harming its function.
  15. gunfun

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    Yeah, I was meaning krebbs style. I've made and riveted on similar things, which IMO also matches the AK look naturally. Krebbs fits the aesthetics of the curves you are grinding in more naturally though. Their finger shelf is curved in a way that feels "quality".
  16. gunfun

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    That's cool and all, but IMO it still wants a finger shelf so that you can positively reach and operate it with your index finger. No doubt it is possible to sweep yours, but having a solid place to rest the finger, even if small would be the ideal.
  17. I believe the mossberg patent is the notches in the receiver to limit fore and aft travel. Those would probably need to be on a magwell for this mag. I think the idea behind them is that the magazine is supported in fewer places, rather than by a magwell all the way around the mag body, thus limiting the number of critical dimensions in either the mag or the magwell.
  18. What Salty said. Plus I could go on BCA or Davidson, or right to bear, and ~match your prices while seeing pics of the parts, and knowing they would take care of me if I got a bad part. The other thing is that these things are so fashion driven. Today's $800 pile of parts is next year's $80 pile of parts. See comment about keymod above. If you aren't certain of moving your inventory instantly, you are basically certain of either selling it at a huge loss, or having them in your garage forever. No one wants your KAC quad rail that you paid several hundred dollars for, even at $60, given that you can get an actual nice M-lok forend now for as cheap as $29. - I actually have one of those. I've seen a few guys get their dd form 265 and open a gun store to fund their hobby, buy a bunch of what they like, at a few percent under retail, then have the multiples sit on their shelves for a year or two before they close up shop. It's like being an Amway rep.
  19. That's very similar to how I ended up with aproximately 26 autocockers. I would get ebay lots with titles like "paintball stuff, needs work" for ~$150 and 5 minutes of tuning later I had a $400 and a couple of HPA tanks, and a mask and a hopper or two. I would sell the stuff that wasn't to my taste and have the lot for basically free. Also, "i'm having a baby and my wife says this needs to go, so here's my really tastefull collection I built over the years for basically nothing. I'd rather sell it to you than let some kid on ebay part them out..." And the bit that is similar to you. I mostly hung out with a friend in my town who had a PB store. His main competitor was a tourney style guy, who ran with a flashy crew of cheaters. They went to all the tourneys with all the new gear, and were never fun to play with. Every few months, someone would join their crowd, buy some gear, then get fed up with the behavior, and basically rage quit and fire sale their gear. Usually after paying the other shop to "fix it" so, A new $1200 fancy gun would be non functional, because they botched the install of the cheater board. stick the OEM board back in, and replace a few seals and it would be good to go. I didn't take many of those, but my friend did. I would sometimes get payed to do the airsmithing. Honesty, and a bit of objectivity in distribution of teams goes a long way toward making it fun and building a sustainable scene. If you don't boot the cheater because he is a big spender in the shop, or your buddy, you kill the whole local scene and your shop will close.
  20. You probably would be fun to play with. I've tweaked a few buckings etc to get airsoft to shoot about as accurately as that with the ammo it liked, but on the whole I still feel more confident about making consistent hits at that range and double with paintball. I buy good paint, and sometimes it just isn't on hand, so there is that. I prefer the feel of the pneumatic airsoft guns, and closed bolt PB. I don't know why but that perceptible locktime/dwell time really bugs me. But I think we are thread jacking, so didja ever cast anything? Have you CNCd out a bell from cartridge brass? Made jingle bells out of garand clips?
  21. I have tried airsoft. It's okay, but paintball is superior. I will play either given the chance. Most of the fun/notfun is about who you play with, and where. No game is fun if you are playing and half the people are trying to cheat, even a win means nothing. Setting aside the cheapest wimpiest walmart grade stuff, that kids use, and that no one who plays for long sticks with... Airsoft hurts more, and it tends to attract the sort of people who get off on hurting people. The general standard that most people tune their airsoft guns to is a 0.2 gram bb at 400 FPS. If you don't have a chrono, a fairly accurate way to test this is that 400 FPS is right where the BB will go through both sides of an empty coke can. Example: Then you know that a lot, and I mean a lot of the people who play are running hotter than that. i.e. they might chrono with 0.2 gram bbs, but then they play with heavier, or they sneak in a gun with uprated springs, pistons, etc to have higher velocity. The worst you get from a paintball is a bruise and possibly some scuffs through the skin. The most common injury is a knee injury from sliding into something while diving into cover. It also doesn't have nearly as much effective range, unless you use heavy weight bbs at really hurty velocities. And it is hard to prove whether someone is shot or not short of bleeding. This encourages cheating, though both sports have their share of cheaters. As for mess, short term, airsoft is kinda cleaner. Long term, the paint breaks down and goes away and the bbs linger. Even the supposedly bio degradable bbs don't really. Also, if you are using the fun gear, a lot of them don't like the bio bbs as much, but they are getting better. Generally if you play a lot the gear cost is similar, but the PB stuff is much better quality. The cost per day of play is higher for PB because the paint is more expensive, and is perishable. Airsoft has manuals of arms and looks that tend to feel more "real" (but let me say I have a whole rant about "who cares about real, if it's fun. And real for what purpose, and how real....") However the capacities, and ability to shoot further tend to make the tactics of paintball more useful if your goal is simulation. For some reason, it's hard for gun people to get their heads around the idea that there can be other goals or things that make paintball fun than mere simulation. I'll say that if you play any format, whether competitive speedball, recball, behind your parent's barn with the other 12 year olds making up the rules as they go, or at some huge multi thousand player scenario game....... Either paintball or airsoft are fun. Both give you tactile feedback when you do something wrong, and give you a sense of probability. No matter how well trained you are and no matter how right you do things, and how wrong the other guy does things, you still get shot. I love the pistol, rifle and shotgun matches, and go as often as I am able, but on the whole, paintballers and airsofters have a lot better situational awareness and a lot better feel for movement, and use of cover and concealment, and angles sight, and teamwork than any of the firearm crowd toes. It's conditioned response. If you are sticking your elbow out behind cover, or sitting in one place too long, or reload in the open, you get a pain feedback and at least a few minutes before you are back in the game. In other training or matches, you might get docked a point if the RO notices, but it doesn't have the sting to keep it sharp in your mind. I love pretty much all the shooting sports, but my favorites will always be 3 gun type stuff, and paintball. Both are more fun when you play with skilled opponents. All of them teach transferrable skills.
  22. Semi related. I got my scuba tanks rehydrod. I use them for paintball. They condemed one of my tanks, so I guess I have a bell now too, once I get some time with a saw.
  23. Mostly because the priming stuff is dirty, I would. I would also wet tumble the brass afterward if you have a tumbler.
  24. gunfun

    Radically short Vepr 12 SBS

    I keep seeing "advanced member" on our descriptions here, and can't stop hearing this: