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  1. It is also interesting in OR that by statute, the state is expressly traditional open carry. (Which put them way ahead of texas for a long time.) However, it also excludes 6 places by name from that, and 4 of them are where I have family and regularly travel. Huge nuisance.
  2. gunfun

    vepr12 ammo

    Also what targets? Are you wanting birdshot for clays, at __ distance, slugs for knocking down plates?
  3. gunfun

    vepr12 ammo

    Find the lowest Dr Eq number that will run in your gun and buy over that. In the green box ought to run. Veprs will generally run 3 1/4 or hotter. Some will run 3 +... Tuning can lower the opening of that window of function.
  4. You might want to look into the Svarog molds, or have NOE make you something to order.
  5. Ditto for WA, and OR, though I think more of OR is purple.
  6. gunfun

    AK-style front sights?

    Obviously send it across the country diagonally to live with me.
  7. It is relevant though. Didja watch the smartereveryday about it?
  8. gunfun

    SGM competition magwell...what mags?

    It has been so long that I don't remember having any trouble with the spring. I think it is a good idea to fit your mags on the tight side, and run them for a bit. As the mags wear in, you will see shiny impact/rubbing spots, and they will become looser and drop free. I wanted drop free with a tilt or a shake, but not loose and rattly. I actually plastic welded a bit of extra material on the back of mine after a while. Now they have a little more support, and are very solid, but still very fast. I would rather have a very secure and reliable reload with minimal motor skill required than shave a fraction of a second and have a rattly mag that is barely locked in on the mag catch to have a looser drop.
  9. Basically the same idea as switching roller locked to roller delayed, but with rotating bolt head.
  10. Or inertial. Keep a conventional Kalasnikov BCG, but change the length of the straight section of the camming groove, reduce the total amount of lock up so that forces transmit sooner. Carrier newton's cradles back, cams open the bolt with less force, no gas needed. Sloping those surfaces is an obvious step, but patents...
  11. gunfun

    Notch vs Rail

    Of the two, I liked the IZ 108 rail, but I like both a lot better with the addition of a dinzag brand front sight. High style for the 108, low for the 109. I also scribed a line in the center of the 108 rail at the back and filled it with white paint for an index. That makes precise slug shooting much easier with no detraction to the normal function. Hi-viz makes some fiber optic sights which snap onto vent ribs, which are a step nicer still.
  12. gunfun

    SGM competition magwell...what mags?

    SGM sold competition mags for a while, maybe they still do. Those match the SGM branded magwell, which had geometry copied from the JTE. I don't see any in stock anywhere. All my mags are self modded from the rock and lock style, which wasn't too bad. Maybe half an hour with a file or belt sander to do the first one and 5-10 minutes each after you know what you are doing.
  13. gunfun

    AK-style front sights?

    Because why give yourself an advantage, when you can try to train past a handicapp?
  14. Website seems to have the old instructions, which still say 3" is not recommended. Also has the same sketchy claim that it will help with undergassed guns, followed by a disclaimer saying of course it won't. description on the product page lacks the disclaimer, but has the claim about helping with undergassed. It's a good product, but that is not the most above board marketing I have seen.
  15. My autoplugs are fairly early made. I don't know what changes had been made, and was unaware of the new style prior to this post. I do think it is an excellent product. Just know that it doesn't give you gas you lack, it vents excess.
  16. A lot of the 3" stuff will work with the auto plug if you turn it upside down. I modified mine to have extra detent locations, and a notch similar to the factory plug magnum setting. That covers the full range of shells. I have noticed that the remington magnums are a bit weaker than Winchester. So it's basically in the off setting for winchester 3", on the #1 ish setting for Remington 3" and in the auto setting for everything else. Oh, and probably a stray 3" shell or two on auto wouldn't hurt it, but I don't do that on purpose other than the few I did for testing.
  17. gunfun

    AK-style front sights?

    For the IZ-109 you want dinzag's low sight if you want to work with the rear sight leaf. The high sight is matched to the IZ-108 vent rib. I have both and they are superb. If you were making a custom rear blade or peep, then there's no reason not to go with the high though.
  18. gunfun

    AK-style front sights?

    Oh and chaos offers a low profile sight as does Kel tec for their foldy rifle. Those are the best options that I am aware of. I did a lot of overthinking of this a few years back, and the original rear sight is still sitting there. I should probably fix that.
  19. gunfun

    AK-style front sights?

    I've said it elsewhere, but IMO Dinzag's are the right way to go. Here's the brake down. Dinzag: right height, weight and look. Takes proper AK front post. So you can dial it in for drop with the tool that came with the gun. Clean mounting hardware looks factory, not afterthought. Krebs: has AR front post which I consider a plus becuase that makes night sight options a lot better and more cost effective, and distinct looks. Has nice peep for rear sight. Also a plus. Krebs doesn't usually offer this as a seperate part. I have looked. CSS. AR front post, chunky looks. Probably intended to look right with angluar tromix trigger guards and similar accessories. Works. Russian after market various. Crude. AK front post. Snaggly clamp moounting. Looks are otherwise AK like. usually cheaper than the US options The one sold on this site, is basically the russian option, but there have been a few. DIY: probably not as hard as you would think to file one out of a chunk of mild steel. IIRC, the rear sight is on an 8mm dovetail.
  20. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/profile/37397-sergii/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC26oKOeEkbm0IQSGy389vzQ
  21. Dunno how to contact him. I think he might just be sergei here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC26oKOeEkbm0IQSGy389vzQ
  22. gunfun

    Drum mag for 3 inch shells

    That feed tower looks familiar. I bet that guy is fun to do projects with.
  23. gunfun

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    So they are more of mock ups than useable mags. They prove that the parts fit, and would feed, but recoil would kill them.
  24. Every semi automatic can be bump fired without any special trigger or stock. It is an inherent flaw / feature in semi auto. There have been a few "binary" triggers for ARs AKs and various other semi auto systems for a long time. Usually these fire on pull and on release. They are kinda sketchy from a safety stand point. Also a lot of them make it possible to work the triggers faster than the action and thus have a hammer-follow type malfunction. Some of those do have extra disconnectors to prevent this type of malf. Definitely toys not serious purpose. Also a few states define semi auto differently. WA has always done so in such a way that binary triggers are not semi auto. You could in theory have two separate triggers and comply with the law though. A long time ago I tuned up a 10/22 for as light and short a safe trigger pull as i could get, so that I could extend the trigger and make it like a walkable paintball gun's trigger. It was never quite nice enough for that to be practical, but I did end up with a decent feeling 10/22 for my trouble.