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  1. I made this video and review for another website, but it occurs to me that a few of the people here might appreciate it. I've been doing this method since about 2013 and it works really well: This is by far the fastest most reliable way I have tried to get the right number of pellets in the right place.
  2. Wouldn't a 1-10 be better for that range? I thought 1-12 was more suited for 150-168grn
  3. Put a chunk of plastic pic rail on top of a baseball cap bill. Maybe a counterweight at the back.
  4. gunfun

    Slide fire?

    So a guy reading the article from TFB which basically recaps what I said months ago. It's a straight up ultra-vires action.
  5. Tulips are good once they get going. Look kinda crummy most of the year though, after the flowers are gone. Also you will need to know if your area freezes hard enough to kill the bulbs. Some places you can leave them out, other places you have to dig them up and stick them in the cellar for the winter.
  6. I always thought that using combination features would be a good idea. I.e. the berm would be the mound for a sweeper turn on a dirt bike track. The interior of the dirt bike track would be paintball course, with a fair amount of the jumps doing double duty as cover. The pond idea is nice, and would cut down on the area you need to brush hog. Unless you are in mosquito country. Perhaps some butterfly bushes to make it smell nice? I could also see wind break trees being a good idea. Also shade trees for wherever your bench/ firing line is. I agree with evl, that you don't want to add future ongoing chores, so only put in stuff that basically takes care of itself.
  7. gunfun


    I think that would be helpful. They aren't infallible, as what happens is the spammers will have a human teach their bots the answer, but they do weed out the less sophisticated spambots. Suggestion: What end of this picture is facing you? 1) muzzle 2) butt
  8. gunfun

    Knockdown power and pattern?

    1, "knock down power" is a very subjective and debatable thing. 2 for steel plates, there's muzzle velocity, shot weight, and pattern density. If any of those is lower, the plate is less likely to fall. If any is higher, then more likely. 3 a 19.5" barrel is going to be maybe 300 FPS lower than a 26" barrel with most light ammo. That's just a gunpowder thing. The action doesn't use enough gas to make a difference in velocity, and the shell is shucked after the shot is out of the barrel, so it also doesn't affect velocity there either. If you want more velocity, choose a spicier shell. It's that easy. You may prefer more mass though, so keep reading. 4. Chokes aren't all the same. Pattern yours https://www.chuckhawks.com/pattern_shotgun.htm You might have a wider pattern, and it might be offset from where you think you are aiming. Only way to know is to do the work and know. You haven't said what choke you are using, but there are a few adapters out there that let you have an assortment of either rem chokes or winchokes. I like the DPH choke adapter with full winchoke, but your application might want something tighter or looser. It's the combo of specific ammo and specific choke at the range you plan to shoot. 5. Easy fix is to try a couple of chokes that give you a reasonably dense pattern at the ranges you plan to shoot. Then chose a load with a little more pellets at about the same velocity. If you use 1 1 /4 oz loads at 1200 FPS, you will have a pretty good smack, and still less recoil than a lot of the other semi autos, and way less than the pumpers.
  9. If the bolt was upside down and /or grit held the firing pin in the forward position, it could have either slam fired on chambering, or fired without the lugs engaged?
  10. gunfun

    Howitzer70 brake

    First I have heard of it. I can say from the pictures that it isn't optimized for 12 Ga, but would probably do a little bit. If you look at the brake testing done by me, by Fitty, and Vadim, and T&N.... You notice that nearly all the gas vectoring stuff happens in the first inch past the muzzle. Lots of gills close together does the most After that inch, everything is working with so little gas pressure that it may as well not be there.
  11. The AK market is smaller: It used to be the tightwads, and those who had a mythical idealized view of Russian simplicity/durability/reliability. That latter group is very traditional, and posts stupid "nyet rifle is fine..." at EVERY improvement. Now ARs are way cheaper than AKs, and so the tightwads are gone. That leaves the traditionalists. You don't wow that crowd, you sell them old ideas done as conventionally as possible. (Or convince them that the Romy M10 with tapco furniture is the traditional formula because they don't know better.) The AK-103 has been around long enough to be "traditional", but is still seen as "High end". That justifies the higher cost of an american made AK.
  12. I was referring to CMMG's radial delayed AR bolt patent for PCC.
  13. There is a small difference. Blue printing is making the whole receiver precisely conform to the dimensions as claimed in the drawings. Since you can't add material, this is generally at the small end of the dimensional tolerance allowed. Truing would be a part of that, but not necessarily the whole thing. Generally truing means getting something straight or square. In the case of rifle truing, that's generally getting the barrel on axis with the reciever, and making sure it is fully supported by contact with all the bearing surfaces, which are also either concentric or perpendicular to the line of the bore. Usually also the bolt face and lugs. So you could get the areas that matter, and ignore the other spots. Possibly supporting contact with crooked metal by inletting the stock to fit, or using glass filled epoxy to match whatever irregular shape it happens to be.
  14. Nitrided barrels will last longer yet, and the 5r rifling pattern gives a moderate gain in barrel life too.
  15. Portland's a great place to live. They vote stupidly though, which is why downtown has lost most of the business to beaverton, which instituded even worse policies, and the business moved to vancouver, etc. If I had to live in a big city, it would be my top pick. It's just more laid back and less hassle. All the benefits of a big city with far less of the downsides. Interesting art and food, and stuff to do, but not outrageously expensive to do it. you can go just about anywhere in town in 15-30 minutes from anywhere else, once you learn how the traffic behaves. Just about anywhere in town you are within a block or three of actual forest. Fuel price is reasonable, food prices are low. Rent and property taxes SUUUCK. Freeway speeds are stupid slow, but all the street speeds are distinctly fast, and flow well. Don't bash on the whole place for one dumb thing that happens there. Portland isn't antifa. It's just a big enough place that of course some of the wackoes from any group are going to be there. Mostly, people leave you alone and let you do what you want if they aren't into what you're into. If they do like what you like, they will probably good naturedly give you the nod, or join you, or invite you along with their next thing. It's sort of anti snobbery, libertarian living on a personal level. Friendly, but not in your business, and not hurt if you want privacy. They vote for people who want to get in your business and control you, but that's just cognitive dissonance. Any time I go to a big city, I have the following experience: Phase one: This place is pretty neat. Oh yeah, I 've been wanting to go to (interesting thing to do/see/eat ) for years. Maybe next time I come back. Phase 2: I can't afford to do any of the things I wanted to do here, even if I could get to them. Phase 3: Stuck in traffic moving at a painful pace, within sight of 5 interesting things that would take hours to get to. Phase 4: I never want to come here again, and am considering whether I could get away with destroying the city in some kind of mass atrocity. Many cities skip the first two phases. Portland usually skips #3. Even if you get stuck in freeway traffic, the aggressive hostile vibe just isn't in the traffic. A turn signal is not a sign of weakness telling the chick in her mercedes SUV to cut you off. There are plenty of places and things that are out of my price range, but there is always something pleasant to do for free to medium, enough that an individual or group can have a good time regardless of their means. I always leave portland wanting to come back soon, and that was even true while I lived there. It's like you take all the best parts of the way movies try to make NYC look exciting, and Mayberry comfortable.
  16. gunfun

    Rotary Barrel Systems: Yay or Nay?

    I think that statement is overly broad. There may be some types of jams which require gunsmith tools and methods, but that's true of every short recoil locked pistol system. It wouldn't be true of all jams, so I don't know which particular type of malfunction he might mean. I suppose debris completely clogging the camming groove would render the gun very hard to force open, but I think most of them seal that area, so that no objects big enough to cause that could get in there. Thus if it were a lot of fine dirt, the cure would be flushing a lot of water through it. With most pistols, their locking block, or vertically moving locking surface can be blocked by stuff, but usually either flushing fluid or by rattling the debris out of the way, or simply by applying force to the slide can bash it out of the way. (possibly damaging things if the debris is stone or metal.)
  17. gunfun

    Rotary Barrel Systems: Yay or Nay?

    The gut though is that rotary pistols have been around since semi auto was a thing. There was basically a mexican rotary 1911 as early as the 20s, and a few european examples. If there were a real advantage, I think they would be more popular. I think any advantage is probably mostly perceived. And hey, if you placebo yourself into shooting better, I guess you are still shooting better. Half the stuff the precision guys do is on that principle.
  18. gunfun

    Rotary Barrel Systems: Yay or Nay?

    A few guys here are really big fans of an Eastern European gun that is rotary. Grand Power. Beretta has sold the PX4 series which are rotary except for the smallest model. I have no personal experience, with either, but I would like to try them.
  19. gunfun

    Door buster

    No, old friend, our orange commander and NRA and BATFE declared by fiat that we can't have the bumpy toys. If you have yours, it is supposedly a felony. I think they would have the burden of proving that their administrative action redefining the enacted statutory language is in fact legal, but I ain't interested in being the test case on that. Breaching rounds are usually sintered lead powder. I have seen them at places like SGAMMO if you want some.
  20. There are 2 oz slugs, but they need slow powder and comparatively low velocities to break your shoulder without breaking your barrel.
  21. It is also interesting in OR that by statute, the state is expressly traditional open carry. (Which put them way ahead of texas for a long time.) However, it also excludes 6 places by name from that, and 4 of them are where I have family and regularly travel. Huge nuisance.
  22. gunfun

    vepr12 ammo

    Also what targets? Are you wanting birdshot for clays, at __ distance, slugs for knocking down plates?
  23. gunfun

    vepr12 ammo

    Find the lowest Dr Eq number that will run in your gun and buy over that. In the green box ought to run. Veprs will generally run 3 1/4 or hotter. Some will run 3 +... Tuning can lower the opening of that window of function.
  24. You might want to look into the Svarog molds, or have NOE make you something to order.
  25. Ditto for WA, and OR, though I think more of OR is purple.