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  1. Stormtrooper standard issue?
  2. Floydten

    DSC_0081 (2).JPG

    Deer rifle setup, well...except for the mag.
  3. Why thank you sir, I must say it is quite a piece of functional art myself!
  4. I welded a little nub on one of mine to make the trigger with less flop on a .308 If I recall correctly. Working well to this day.
  5. Bam! Back in action! Prepare for more gun porn, and I'll try to keep the ladies coming for you fellers (in the appropriate sections for nudes of course). Glad the forum is back on track!

  6. Floydten

    CZ's ect.

    Love this beast. Straight from the factory, its got a hair trigger.
  7. Teaching the little Californian to shoot
  8. I say go for it.....but I have an east german, and romanian wire folders. Better for the 7.62 or 5.45....I have a NATO length stock on my 12, with a slip-on pad. Mainly for length of pull but it sure works great for me.
  9. She plays the penis that way, too.
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