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  1. OK I think I have a plan, I really like the wire folder but i think you guys are right not a good fit for the saiga 12, so I think the folder is going on my WASR, the Romanian surplus laminated stock that is on the WASR can move to the saiga along with the US palm PG, I have an original plum Bakelite PG that can go on the WASR. I have a Texas AK double hook trigger group and some AGP gen2 mags I picked up in 2011, if I am doing the math right even with com-block furniture all I need is a US muzzle device to 922R comply, I think I am going to try my hand at re-using the sporter safety stop
  2. really like the folding function and appearance of this stock,its one of the few no cut folders that does not need a massive block, the style is very appropriate to eastern block weapons, the magpul and other modern bits always look out of place to me on an AK, but to each his own. but something tells me its not a fun ride behind a 12ga. but who knows maybe the flexing wire helps out? any experience? go ahead and tell me I am an idiot for even thinking about it! http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30144
  3. I am looking for the same thing for my conversion, but I want US made for 922r reasons, I have been in contact with Matt at ironwoood designs, and he said he is working on a pattern for a drop in fore end for the Saiga 12, I am waiting for it to be ready. I have seen their FAL kits, nice stuff.
  4. Just an update on my slow progress, still waiting on word from Ironwood about a matching drop in wood set, Both the 3m brake cleaner and acetone I tried were only partially effective, MEK and a small wire brush did the trick for removing the factory BBQ paint. I looked into hot blue its not in the budget right now maybe later, I already had a small bottle of birtchwood casey cold blue that I do touchup with and tried it on the top cover, the results look almost acceptable indoors, but in good light it has a murky uneven brownish look, Etek, do you think I w
  5. One other question can you shoot these rivets with a good 4x rivvet gun? Will a 470 "universal head" set fit ok or will I get smilies?
  6. I am in the same boat. I am looking for traditional rivet in trigger guard, I am thinking about this guard from kvar http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=17618&cat=0&page=2 It includes the stop plate and rivets, they have just the guard for $7 In comparing to an ak I don't think it will clear the magizine the front will have to be trimmed to 2 rivets instead of 4, for pistol grip mount I found a template for cutting the square hole in the bottom of the reciever for a regular ak nut. Any comments on going this rout?
  7. raventai

    Best Trigger

    they seam to have a strong following, I am going to give one a try, printing out a letter and envelope now, seams a bit old fashioned to send off a money order through the mail but I am in no hurry,
  8. raventai

    Best Trigger

    Quick cost comparison, Texas deluxe fire control group $38 Shipping $9 Total $47 At CSS Tapco G2 $29.69 Disconnecter sprig $1.49 SHEPERDS CROOK $3.00 shipping $7.00 Total $41.18 So if you are going to buy a disconnector spring instead of digging out your factory spring and you want to use a shepherds crook the Texas trigger is still $5.82 more,
  9. disassembled my S12 last night, went at the safety lever by hand with a fine polish while watching TV, cutting through the paint is annoyingly slow by hand, I have heard that brake cleaner will remove the paint from the reciever, what about other parts? the finis looks slightly different, is there a chemical stripper that will remove the finish on the barrel gas tube etc?
  10. interesting article, not sure I like the bluing on a abrasive blast surface. Looks more like parkerization, its an apropriate look for the saiga 12, but it does not have that sexy gleam that a polished blue can have. Good to see that the saiga metals are blue compatible. I do want to go with walnut furniture, ironwood is working on a one piece forend for the saiga, but it will be at least a few months, and who knows how manydelays for a developing product.
  11. Yea I know not typical, in the picture thread there are quite a few painted in a "cast iron" color paint, somewhat mimics blued steel. why not the real thing? light polish and cold blue? do the various parts of a saiga take blue well? some steels do not, Any pictures? Just thinking about what direction I want to go with my conversion, its going to need a finish at some point.
  12. Just a heads up Ironwood May be making a one piece forend for the Saiga 12 soon, that would allow us to order a full matching set of US made wood furniture without having to modify the gas tube. Raven, Thank you for your inquiry, [snip] We will be developing a one piece Saiga HG very soon. Do not have an exact date set, but most likely in mid-Feb. We are definitely going to do something different as compared to the slabs of boringness that exist already. Thanks, Matt IWD For more information about our products, please visit our web site. www.Ironwood
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