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  1. here is what it looks like with the slide pulled all the way back. the shell can not come up. What i wrong ? I guess I need to go see how to take this thing apart and put it together...
  2. it snaps in fine. just snug on sides. not problem tight,just snug. no problem as long as it goes in perfectly straight. then snaps right in good and tight. no slop..
  3. no..snap right in place..once you get them all lined up right..
  4. shells dont seem to be high enough in front/wrong angle.....one pic at rest,other pic, against the guide
  5. sorry if this dosnt go here,but it didnt look like to many post were being made in the section for this gun. I got a russian/RWC AK47 in a trade with no clip. It has bullet guide installed so I got clips from tapco and magpul and some military ammo. clips snap in fine. wont feed the shells.Just slides right over the top with the magpul. tries to feed with the tapco but hits bullet guide. neither seem to catch the back of the shell.. Any ideas ? I tried searching on here for help,but I am not computer savvy and the list included every word in my search and was to long to look thru. How do you narrow it down? I tried the quotation mark thing and that didnt seem to work..
  6. yes,from web pics,it looks looks you are right...Thanks !
  7. 68 views....1 reply. does anybody know the brand etc of the quad rails ?
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