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  1. Not hijacking or , but this modification is necessary for you saiga 308 guys. Without the factory bump stop in place, the bolt will slide back too far upon racking or firing and possibly work its way out of the reciever. This can cause a pretty nasty jam in the field. Do yourself a favor and re-use the factory bump stop (easy, match drill location and re-pin it) to prevent this. I still have some more range testing to do, but my tws rail (gen 2) seems alright thus far. As far as I can tell, its holding zero. Its not as bombproof as a pso on a sidemount, but so far I have no rcomplaints. Fo
  2. I dig nagants nagants. My first rifle was a type 53, and is one of my favorites to this day. Iv shot so much through it that it almost needs a recrown...but it still fires good ammo well. Itll take some more deer and many more spam cans. As far as ammuntion, my experience is limited to surplus and Barnaul. The barnaul is pretty damn good, im getting "minute of blow a bigass hole in a critter" farther then I can effectively shoot with open sites. Surplus is a little hit or miss, Ill get some thats pretty good, and some wingers.
  3. I kinda like the looks of this weapon... If I can get one for a decent price then i'll certainley give it a go. Also need to get myself a saiga 12...my s.308 is lonely. can anyone point me in the right direction as far as getting one of these SAS jobbers? For the price im interested to some degree.
  4. Some more field testing done...I now have a few of these Surefire 25 rounders. Not a single problem with the mags. It has been cold, they have been dropped, bumped around walking in the woods, and flew around the cab of my truck without a hitch. They have cycled ammo flawlessly...hell I have never had a problem with my saiga anyway. The bolt catch on the surefire is kinda ghey. Its not that its hard to remove the mag or anything, but you cant bring the bolt back when closed and on an empty mag. Also, the bolt locks against it, and slams home (dont have enough hands to hold the bolt, t
  5. Ill stand by it...I know for a fact I could hit a medium-large critter/person at 5-600 yards...maybe further with a good pso and some more practice. Thats as accurate as it needs to be. Its a cheap, no frills semi automatic that is designed to sling lead and it does just that, quite well considering the price and the market. Would i say its a sniper/long range rifle? Not at all. However, A saiga with a little tuning would probably make a decent designated marksmen rifle. In that respect, coming up against rifles like the m1a and the dragunov, it would need a bit of work but i think thats
  6. Put a good amount of rounds from my new surefire 25rd today....It was probably 10 degrees out and the mag certainley got bumped around and hit some trees walking through the woods to my firing range (Snowy icy stuff and my daily driver is a stock 3/4 ton...didnt wanna get stuck)... The mag seems fairly tough so far. I would say short of a bullet hitting it, you are more likely to rip the mag out of the well slamming against some cover. Would take a pretty hard, clumsy dive...but sometimes when your getting shot at, thats what happens. Cycled fine...no jams or anything...just pure saiga re
  7. Got mine in earlier... Works well. Not a huge fan of the follower...bolt slams right home soon as you remove the mag unless you can take the time to either hold the bolt, or latch the factory BHO. Factory bho is located a bit further back then the follower. Otherwise....so far so good. Sure is nice having the extra capacity...but now i gotta buy up alot more .308 (among various other calibers that are dwindling).
  8. Im waiting for mine too...I ordered one for now, I also got a fbmg coming. Hoping for the best...depending on which one seems better ill buy a few more.
  9. I just ordered one...hopefully itll be 50$ well spent!
  10. I have heard the m1a has gone down in quality some. aleast the civvy. All the DM boys that got their hands on m1a's sung their praises as if they were the holy grail...but hey, 7.62nato in a reliable rifle compared to .223 in a jamming peice of shit when your life is on the line makes ya think! Outside of that...i agree with ya, the saiga would make for a good DMR. With a fairly skilled rifleman im confident the saiga is effective up to 500 yards give or take some. A sniper rifle it is not... in the sniper element you want to be as far away as possible. In the element where you have a few
  11. The saiga is a fine rifle. Reliable, fairly accurate up to around 5-600 yards, and just fun to plink with if you can afford the ammunition. It is NOT a sniper rifle. It is NOT a long range rifle. it is an improved kalashnikov firing a beefier round. Reading some of these posts, i am getting the feeling alot of you are more interested in pimping out a rifle for a purpose that it will probably never see and not be as effective as some of its counterparts. If i was looking to a battle rifle for accuracy and longer ranges, the m1a would be my first choice, bar none. Reliability is close to pa
  12. Very nice... Apparently as soon as these guys finish the g3 50 rounder, on to the saiga. Im already salivating.
  13. Repost or not, its a great thread starter. the "guerilla" sniper...is just that...a guy running around, without much if any support, with his rifle, some ammo, and enough gear to survive on. SHTF or what have you, this type of soldier would be one of the biggest threats around short of a militia unit.
  14. Hey guys pretty new to posting but iv been "trolling" around a bit...I picked up a saiga .308 not too long ago and a psop and a few fbmg mags...next is gonna be a foregrip and probably a pistol grip conversion. I think next is a saiga 12 and then another .308 only a wooden thumbhole version.. Anyway..... I read on another site (not sure which now) that there is a company that will be making some saiga .308 50 round drums. Apparently, they are making a 50 round g3 drum, and then on to the saiga .308 drum. If i recall correctly its a company that works somewhat closely with atlantic firea
  15. I love my .308 saiga, it is a fine tool and compliments my cabinet. If i ever needed it for whatever reason, i would absolutely take the saiga from my cabinet over my other rifles for protection of the homestead. I paid a little more for mine but it was still worth it. Im considering converting to the pistol grip. Its a little expensive to "plink" with, but i keep my .308 and x54R at home and goof around with my 10/22 and 9mm mostly. Not up to the quality of a m1a, but its a fraction of the price. Nonetheless, i have had zero problems (including jams or misfires and i use surplus amm
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