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  1. When you pull the O2 sensor again check the threads on the bung and check the end of the sensor for damage.
  2. Amen! There are too many fake grandmasters out there as it is without adding to it.
  3. I do believe that there is something to paranormal activity. But I've stayed at The Myrtles Plantation house here in Louisiana numerous times without hearing or seeing anything. I think the spirits don't like me.....
  4. At least the addicts are easy to spot. One can only hope that the mortality rate will scare some off.
  5. So Cobra said something that was extreme enough to get the FB Thought Police on his ass. That's actually kind of cool.
  6. I'm talking to Cobra. His account was suspended while the NSA went through it.
  7. http://www.twoamendments.com/vetting-a-firearms-instructor-and-how-to-spot-a-fraud/ I post this because my home gun forum has become a shill site for one training company including one of their own as an administrator. The question was asked, and quickly deleted, who vets trainers? How do you know you are getting the real deal?
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