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  1. i think lancer makes extender to get em up to 45 or 5o some rounds?
  2. hahahah great avatar also.....lighting is everything for pics... but like outside, ya gotta block the sun with a white sheet. welcome to forum!!
  3. so is that ever gonna become an issue? like, "gee, lets shut that shit down" as a campaign slogan? so many issues it seems recently are gettin shuffled under the rug with this bs obamaDONTcare crap and budget bullshittery...
  4. i enjoy horse trading myself. had a buddy that sent money away and never got the item... im a titty guy, i wanna see em all. same goes for guns...i feel one, grope it stroke it, then see how the next one feels... quantity not quality lolz
  5. dam fine job! and a pic in the first post... nra says we cant just say move, eventually there wont be anywhere to move to (im lookin at you switzerland)!!
  6. im trying to trade for a yugo m85 or m92 pap... would that be of interest? the pistols?
  7. was at fun shop this morning. had a 1k saiga with 2 10s and a 20 drum. i offered 800. was on consignment... anyways, i think the rails were installed incorrectly. the full travel when cycled manually was stiff, call it 1/2" from bolt rotating out of trunion. and when i left it in that area and moved it gingerly back and forth, it seemed to almost bind up. ie, wont cycle dick. anyone experienced that and what ya do to remedy it? just grind rails down or is my diagnosis in left feild?
  8. i think it leaves a leeeetle tiiiny bit to be desired... its pretty cool, better than shoehorning an ar mag onto it.... but its not an ar! i woulda liked to see a little bit more uniquitivity...but thats me..
  9. papa zorro, thanks! i freakin love pics! i just hate pages of blathering on when pics would help... as far as letters, me personally i prefer russian, cause i prob dont give two fucks what its says (warning: dont shoot yourself in the face on accident while very drunk)... i also eat lunch with a bunch of vietnamese, and love it, as i can tune them out if i want cause i dont know what they saying...
  10. im not sure what a drop case is... academy has some deals on pelican like cases on blackfriday with lil square foams you remove to fit the gun
  11. ya, and i suppose it looked weird in 47 as well... oh well. im pretty sure that a regular ak is still straight line... someone posted a pic of an a2 stock photoshopped over an ak and it looks like shit, IMO, as it didnt have that cut out where the screws attach stock to rear trunion.... i think to be truly "straight line" to manage recoil, they would need a stock ala the sig series. that stock covers the top and bottom receivers
  12. see above... grind to fit. sleep well i personally have NOOOOO problem with thread revival... yes , i like to laugh when i see it, but why start a new one when for whatever reason google took you to the old ass thread? great card above, havent seen that before... i laughed
  13. what you trying to do? do you not have one?
  14. when i bought first gun, marlin 60, 550 federal was 8.99... pre o bama remmy golden bullets were 15ish at the walmarts. post o bama remmys only seem to be showin up at the sporting good stores, for more than the walmarts used to sell em for. i think its some contract clause walmart has to keep prices low (which, arguably could be the bigger disservice to us as consumers.) so now price for golden bullets at my local academy is 21.99. more than i like to spend, but not 50 bucks. and its generally available, at least once per week, with only a 15 minute early morning wait... i personally r
  15. i feel the lines are just all off. same reason i dont like ar stocks on aks, i feel it looks funky...what say you???
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