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  1. Wow! I just love it!!! So far Ive heard Jews blamed for Communism, Jews blamed for WW2 and Hitler, Jews blamed for Sept 11, Im sure that we can somehow find them at fault too for all these potholes appearing lately. They either fucked with the roads or the weather. Oh, speaking of weather....Idea of Climate Change....Jews fault!!! They must have some secret meetings deep underground where each and every Jew in the world meets and decides your fate. maybe they do it telepathically? So Jews started communism. Ok. Im sure life under the Czar was lovely. Jewish people were restricted to reside
  2. Maybe they got a delivery? Neh that couldn't be it! Conspiracy, conspiracy I say! I wonder whos controlling the 22lr shortage at your place since I havnt really seen one here
  3. No. And the mag release is on the bottom in the center. Kinda works for either hand. The charging handle is perfect for a lefty because you don't break your grip. Safety is whatever, I never use them
  4. All by design. You see it was getting cheap again and this is a prime example of the corporations and fed in bed together to take are money. Nothing like a little scare to get you and I to buy at a high rate!! This shit is really getting old!!!!!! Yes that's what it is. Ammo manufacturers got together and approached the fed saying "hey can you guys ban this so that we have less to sell in the long run!" Or is it the distributors? Maybe they were running out of storage and needed something banned to free up space. Cause we all know that having less products to sell really
  5. Yes. That part is on all M&Ps. I don't have pictures to show you but that part, that base, is what the tool is pushed into. Its at the bottom of the grip. The tool slide through there and into the grip insert.
  6. The inserts slide into the groves on either side of the grip BUT attached at the bottom by the tool, which is part of the grip. You cut that off
  7. Yea 45! That will work! NOT!! Guy shot 14 times with a 45 http://www.policeone...mmo-on-the-job/ I believe in MN a cop got into a firefight at a mall. Cop was shot 7 times with a 45 including once in the head. He killed the perp with a 9 to the head. Cop is still alive and on duty. Lets not pretend 45 is some magical bullet
  8. If you think the Ukrainian gov is somehow better or different youre sadly mistaken. The only real difference between the two are the name. Same group of people, same religion, same mentality. The last Ukrainian president was just as democratic as the one before and the one after. If they want to be in the EU or part of NATO its only because it benefits them personally. Someone somewhere is getting a payoff. And if you think they are so good read about the new gov kidnapping people, usually homeless and drunks of the streets of kiev so they can dress them in Russian military clothes and pass th
  9. That's not a bad price. Generally I can get the USP45 Police trade for around $550 but that's only with one or two mags. Each of those mags is like $65 + the threaded barrel along with the sights. Not bad! Enjoy!!!
  10. As a general rule HK are top notch. Before they changed their website they had a list of how the guns were designed and tested. The 45 can stand up to 45 super with spring replacement and they were tested with blocked barrels, A bullet would be inserted into the barrel and the gun fired. The test gun unblocked the barrel and still fired the full magazine without serious damage. The new HK45 are rated for 90K rounds before having to have any major replacements. They are good, tough guns. Not cheap but you do get what you pay for. Mags are UBER expansive! I have 3 and I find the LEO trig
  11. It doesn't cost much to pay someone to have the tab added. Then why not add it originally? Lets see, first find a gunsmith whos hopefully local so you don't waste money shipping then make sure he know or wants to work on a VZ then pay him. you either make a good functioning firearm or not.
  12. There is more difference than the barrels. Plenty of cheep barreled kits they could have used. Century cuts corners so that right away is suspicious to me on anything they make. Having said that there is one mechanical difference which is know as a "gremlin" with the Vz. Its only on Century and other half ass built US Vz. The difference is that the rifle was never designed to be a semi auto and the internals are slightly different. What the Czechs discovered was that making one in semi auto resulted in a problem recocking the striker when fired. This problem is 50/50. You might never see it or
  13. Its not about the money There were 9,400 NFA stamps issued in 2013. Do the math. It is chump change. Even if you added 10,000 arm brace stamps it is nothing. The ATF 2015 budget is 1.2 Billion dollars., a 22 million $ increase over 2014 budget. http://www.justice.gov/sites/default.../12/13/atf.pdf All the stamps would not even cover the increase. I think the entire gun related revenue of SOT and other licenses was 44 million +/-. A blip on the screen.
  14. Id get whichever one was NOT built by Century.
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