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  1. I appreciate your input so far. What are the differences in the various Kobra sights and the various PK sights I see on Atlantic firearms? Not necessarily the difference between Kobra and PK, but between the different versions of the same sights. If I decide on a Russian optic, is there a website that is more trustworthy than another? Nothing is available on Atlantic, but lots in stock at Kalinka.
  2. I'm looking to put a red dot on my .223. I have about $500 to spend. I was thinking about one of our mid range domestic products - Lucid, Vortex, Primary Arms. I was reading a post about the Lucid HD7 (not that thats necessarily what i'm looking for) on an AK and most of the responses read something similar to "it sits too high". That got me thinking that most of our domestic products are likely designed around the ergonomics of an AR, not an AK. If such is the case, then none will really be a good fit for the AK. Therefore, would I be just as good off to get what I think is an ugly ass Kobra? I assume it is designed with the ergonomics and sight lines of AK in mind. Am I thinking along the right track? If I go with a domestic product, I will also have to chip in for a mount. The Kobra's mount is built in. I'm not necessarily asking for a suggestion on which optic to get, but if I'm on the right track with the reasoning behind a Kobra. If you have a suggestion and feel compelled to let it be known, then by all means. Thanks
  3. I've seen it in this and other threads where the diagnosis is to "go deeper", "take a little more off". Is there a too deep, how do you know when you've gone too deep, and what should one avoid cutting/milling into? Carolina Shooting sports has a "how to" video on the entire stock to converted Saiga process. Can we not get a step by step video of this process either here or on TX AK web site?
  4. Forgive me and my lack of mechanical inclination. It would seem to ME that if he has already had to shave some off the adapter and off the mag, wouldn't going a little deeper on the trunion (or whatever is milled for depth) make it sit even a little higher when it already seems to be bottoming out? Why would it feed from one side but not the other - I assume he milled out equally on each side. It also seems that when you "rock and lock", we can't get it to audibly "click", but it does seem to be securely in place. Now, whether that is because it is so tight, or because it is catching but just barely and not enough to give that click, I don't know. Right now, we need to use a screwdriver to pry the adapter out. I appreciate any help and the help all have given so far.
  5. I gave the machinist a pmag to use for the fitting because it was my understanding that the adapter was built with pmags in mind. Is a bullet guide suggested for use with the adapter?
  6. I'm trying to avoid the bullet guide. I was under the impression that the adapter would work either with or without the guide. I'm already in $90 for the adapter, $100+ for the installation, now I need another $15 for the guide? I prefer not, but if its the only way... I also prefer to not file on my mags to get the thing to work.
  7. I have a MSA adapter which I took by a machine shop to have installed (I posses neither the tools nor the skills needed). After 4 weeks, he finally got it to where it fits extremely tightly. I am sure it will loosen up over time. The magpul seats, but only after a firm smack. He also had to trim the magazine to get it to fit The main issue, however, is the feeding. I do not have a bullet guide because I've only used the Saiga mag. When I hand rack, it feeds from the right side of the magazine fine but, does not feed from the left. It jams up against the breech, just below the barrel opening. I can't tell you how much he took off here or there. He had the instruction pamphlet and a link to stu-offroad which has a good write up on the process, so I assume he took the appropriate amount from the internals of the rifle, and also shaved some off the top of the adapter. I got the adapter so I could have a bigger variety of mags and use AR mags right off the shelf. As it looks now, I need a bullet guide and to alter the mags I have, both things which I tried to avoid with this adapter. What type of advice can I get?
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