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  1. Most of the crazies would have been prohibited, IF some asshat had just done their job. NOT reporting to NICS needs to be a crime, and mental health people need to lose licenses/accreditations as well as hefty fines for NOT reporting.
  2. Faux dimples. BUT does it have the Russian civilian barrel that deforms the shell casing? You might want a different barrel if you ever reload or want the military correctness.
  3. When I had this house built, I had a commercial aluminum roof installed. 50 year warranty so any replacement will be SEP(someone else's problem). Asphalt shingles come in various weights, the heavier, the longer the guarantee. But climate and environmental conditions can greatly shorten their lifespan. Look for erosion in the space between tabs. That and poor flashing cause most leaks. In MD I found that oil heat weaken shingles, and leaves do also. Both from the acid.
  4. I think those are the ones that were available from GB. There was an English Company selling parts and accessories, but many were less than great.
  5. ON the S-12, you have to push down on the bolt group fairly strong, the hammer is a bit higher and needs to be compressed. When you get it all aligned right, pressure downward will cause it to click down in the rails and slide forward.
  6. I would try a dummy round.
  7. Gun control is a post 'war of Northern aggression" construct to control newly freed slaves with "Jim Crow" laws. Funny how every thing that was meant to apply to one group morphs into the loss of EVERYONE'S rights.
  8. Bad time to sell. Saigas are not the current rage, and prices are all over the place. More importantly, you will always regret selling it!
  9. 36" barrel extension on a 12 ga. will do that for you. Big lead slug, accurate enough at 75 yd. and pretty quiet. The 36" extension makes the barrel a one chamber suppressor, lets the gasses expand and cool to subsonic velocities.
  10. Celebrate earth day with Barbecue! Grilled on charcoal!
  11. Retirement is not the end , it is the beginning of a NEW FREEDOM! No more alarm clocks! Wake up when you wake up! Go to bed when you fell like it! AND - EVERY DAY IS SATURDAY!
  12. When I had my house built, I upgraded to a commercial metal roof. 50 year warranty. I will be 115 when that happens, so it will be someone else's problem!
  13. There were at least 4 different versions that I have seen and 3 have different gas systems. The first 2 versions have smaller gas pistons,neither interchangeable. The third and forth use the S-12 piston, and the only difference is the longer extension fingers to shoot 2 3/4' shells (only with 2 3/4' mags). The 3rd and forth are most common, so if you have a version with the large piston, the S-12 manual is all you need.
  14. There are THOUSANDS of gun owners for every Federal agent. AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN!
  15. 1. Get a new punch. 2. Cut the old punch down to about 1/8" to1/4" and make shure the end is flat and square. 3, Start the pin moving with the short punch. Use a sharp blow, 4. Finish driving it out with the new punch.
  16. File a LITTLE, TEST. Repeat until it works, but remember-it is a LOT easier to remove metal than it is to REPLACE it!
  17. Depends on a LOT of things. Is it original, does it have plastic or wood stocks, etc. pics or it ain't real.
  18. clean with soap and water. rinse well. when dry wipe with alcohol. Helps if you can rough up the part under the JB for 'tooth'.
  19. Why f**k up a simple and very nice trigger with a POS that is over complicated and does not function nearly as well? Spend the money on AMMO.
  20. Last election the DNC had their entire computer system stolen and taken to Afghanistan.Now America looks like a third world shit hole. Just WHAT do they have on the dems to blackmail them into this.....
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