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  1. I want to see the heavy barreled 308 you saw!Please post pics and make your buddy register on here if he hasn't already!

  2. You need to find the german Weiger mags. It was made for the .223 round. http://www.interordnance.com/ These guys used to carry them. If you can find these, It will feed 100%. At least in a SAR3. The mags you have are not made for .223, they are made and converted from the 5.45 round.
  3. MrP, are you in Northbrook Ill? Isn't that in Cook County. I have to check my FFL Reg book to see about the Chicago Area.
  4. The barrel is the shorter one. It shoots pretty good out to 75yds with slugs. I have killed 12 deer with it in the last 3 years. As for shot shells, I have not ran any of the cheap shells though it. Mainly 1 1/8oz 2 3/4", and 3" 1 1/4". Whenever it has not fed or extracted right it was my fault for not having the gun held tight.
  5. Gun has been converted. Has correct parts count. Had screw-in-choke installed by Colonial Arms. Wood was hand carved by me. Forearm and buttstock are walnut. Remington 870 buttpad. PG I am not sure what type of wood. Scope mount has been fixed so it will not slide off while shooting. Will ship to your FFL when I get a copy of their FFL. Asking price is $450 shipped. Money Order only. Or face to face in Iowa within 100 miles of 52732. Send email through the Saiga site. Gun is not posted anywhere else. I usually check daily. Included with gun: Chokes: Rifled,Mod, Imp C Mags: 2 2.
  6. 850 yards, 24" steel plate. 15 hits out of 20 rounds. Spanish SS109's. You will love the sights when you get used to them.
  7. If you can get them, Try to get some in 20 ga. also. I know there should be a few guys that would want them. I know I do.
  8. Use a 3" mag and you won't have any problems.
  9. GOB, I could never trust anyone that has committed treason to be my President. In 1972, Kerry met with N.V. in Paris 3 times on how to run the anti-war effort. This is when our boys were still on the ground and dying. His service for our country was a big joke. I respect anyone that has served but not him! He knew what he wanted to do with his life, and knew that being in the service would help him to accomplish his goals. That is why he got out as fast as he did. Did you know that he had a less than honorable discharge? In 1979 Jimmy Carter upgraded his discharge, In 1998 Clinton gave hi
  10. Colonial Arms Read the part under misc. #1. Then look at the I.D. figures in the chart. This will tell you what constriction it will have. Someone on here has already cut the barrel back look for what they posted as the I.D. #'s and that should be what you will have. It should be a CYL bore. The choke is only at the last 1"-1.25" of the bore. Anything it front of that is CYL bore.
  11. Verson, Stick with the .310-.312 bullets. There is not as much selection out there as compared to the .308 bullets, but there are quite a few available. Skip the cast bullets. They are more of a pain in the a** than anything. Varget and H4895 seem to work very well. So does IMR 4320 and RE15. If you plan on hunting with this, Dpending were you are at, Stay with the 150gr bullets. They work very well for deer up to about 250lbs. Try to run these at 2700fps. I'll have to check, I have a very good load that groups about 1.25" at 100yds with a Sierra 150BTSP out of my 91/30. The OAL of the ro
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