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  1. The AR guys are buying it to go with the new AKMs they are getting.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fbHOAbOcNI Doowutchyalike
  3. Nice job on the spacer. I had something different in there to keep the puck from hitting the ops rod but like your idea better. The S20 I saw for sale in Rome NY was a fully functional semi auto shotgun with a removable mag. Brand new. Had the match striker on the side. They shouldn't be able to sell it, or it shouldn't be legal to.
  4. I was at herbs in Rome just a few minutes ago and they had a S20 for sale. Just got it in. $949. It is in sporter configuration, but still has a removable mag. It can take larger than 5rnd mags. What gives. Guy knew nothing of unsafe but there it sat for sale. I thought detachable mag shotty was a no go?
  5. I was thinking of drill and taping the trigger guard and mag release. Using a small bolt to go through and nut the mag side. Red thread locker and it should be fine. I have heard that epoxy and blind pinning mags in is fine as well. You weld a 1/4" rod from the trigger guard to the mag releace and no way it comes off. Not sure if I want to top load or strait pull gun. Make it compliant and lock it up for now and go get an old rem.1100 or 1187 to fuck with.FUAC The AKMs I'm just putting Monsterman grips on them. Featureless. Can't call it a pistol grip..
  6. or screwdriver, like an autoplug backed off and heavy recoil spring to not let the gun cycle. File the detent groove so you need a punch to push the detent in to remove the autoplug.
  7. Sorry to bring this back from the dead. That permanent shit is not really true. If the This above is NOT the law. The law does not say permanent in it. If it requires tools to remove it should be ok. The issue was a ruger mini14, or 10/22 would have to have the sporter stocks permanently mounted or with one screw a pistol grip stock could be added. They still sell them with one screw stock removal. As fot a S12 a cheap plastic mag well and keepshooting 5 rounder pinned and epoxied in the mag well would be permanent I think. You could add a AK mag lock with the release slot welded over and have
  8. I just picked up a Mosin at Gander. Been wanting one. With the sale Gander is having 129. Seems like a good deal for one now. The guy was cool enough to let me go through what they had to pick a really decent one. They have about 35 of them. Took about 7 and I figured I had a winner. I want a M1 really bad. Nice post Chile.
  9. lmao, In the JK forum there is a thread called post pics of your assault weapons. Negative there too. I have no such things.
  10. I had a squib load today from one of those, and after I cleared the barrel the next one hang fired. Same box. When I opened the chamber on the squib a bunch of green and brown shit that looked like sawdust came out of the shell unburned. Had to tap the bullet out with the cleaning rod. First time getting one of those. Just shot the rest of it off. Not hunting with it. Had 2 boxes. They grouped shitty too. Using different ammo.
  11. I plan on doing it this year. Should be fun here in NY hunting with it. I have done a bunch of searches on it and it looks like a winner out to 150 yds. I know you can reach out some more but that's all I need where I go. NY doesn't give any way to show it it's registered or not so it may be fun, and I doen't have to by law until next year. I plan on using the S12 in the shotgun areas as well.
  12. Did ya bite it to get one for our side?
  13. George says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nSKkwzwdW4
  14. I think ammo links are ok. Use to be.
  15. Not yet. Have untill Jan. 15th. With them allowing modded ARs that are just as effective as the previous versions and retired LEOs to have banned weapons, who are just civilians the case against the unsafe act is stronger. I think it will be shoved up Andy's ass. I'll would send anything I had out of state to the in-laws before complying or making a mutilation of a S12s function. Buy a pump. I have an S12 for what it is. Not cutting its nuts off for a DICTATOR.
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