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  1. Yea I think you're right.
  2. burntpowder


    Does anyone know anything about this hybrid shotgun that popped up in my email inbox the other day from an online shop (google EM-12B)? It is said to accept all after market Saiga 12 mags but because of the magwell the Saiga 12 Drums will not fit. I am intrigued at it and it's price point. -bp
  3. Well it is all but done. As you can see went with the 4-Piece FH from CNC. About 5 or 6 coats of Pure Tung Oil on the forend. Forgot to put the sling on for the pic.......no biggie, it's a sling. -bp
  4. I think if I was ever in the situation where I would think about doing that mod from the video I would not grind the notches through all the threads.....would go maybe half-way so there are some threads left (toward the spring) to aid in preventing possible gas leakage due to no threads being there at all. Maybe I would be worrying about nothing but at least then I would not be worrying.
  5. Blue has worked for me but when I was researching the Auto Plug long ago I did come across this that might be of interest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkHnVynOLIA -bp
  6. Well on the plain fixed base Micro Dot PA is selling these days, I would call it a Quicker-Release Lever rather than a Quick-Release Lever. On all my other Quick-Release accessories (grips and what not) on other firearms......you throw the lever and the accessory comes off. With this, you throw the lever but sill have to turn the thumb screw (located on the opposite side from the lever) by hand slightly to be able to dismount the optic. The thumb screw is what you set the tension of the lever with. Anyhow I will look at it some more tomorrow night. I am not nutting the thing down so
  7. I would post a pic or two but what I have done to mine is pretty standard and already shown here by others: - Stormwerkz Rail - Echo 93 V3/SB - Hogue Overmold Grip - SB47 - PA Micro Dot w/ Fixed Base - Arms Unlimited Quick-Release Lever Mount Conversion Kit (about the only thing I did not see anyone else do..........mancat had suggested this to me in a PM) Still rolling with the original thread protector. Shot about 120 rounds like this to test function (shot in my hollow in daylight but was in shade) and there was a significant amount of flash but this was expected. I am not su
  8. If you do go the TWS route and are looking to add a peep as well, take a look at the KEL-TEC SU16B-365 Rear Peep Sight (B model) http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/73533-tws-rail-rear-sight-options/?hl=%2Breceived+%2Bthe+%2Bkel-tec+%2Bsu16b-365+%2Brear+%2Bsight+%2Btoday.+%2Btotal+%2Bprice+%2B%26%23036%3B24.99&do=findComment&comment=779444 Three reasons to look at it: 1. It costs less 2. It is metal (not sure what the TWS peep is made of) 3. It has a screw on both the left and right side of the peep (for securing it to the rail) which will provide windage a
  9. Well I slept on this one and pretty much had my mind made up before coming here this morning but what I read only solidified my decision..... My thinking too was, go with the model in which I by far have the most mags and ammo for. With that said, I placed my order for an M92 PAP. Thanks all. -bp
  10. Man I am torn here guys. A place online has both the M92 and M85 (AR magwell) PAPs on sale for $399 each with free shipping.................what to do, what to do!
  11. Is that $41.50 correct on your site or has it just not been updated yet or were there unforeseen expenses that raised the estimated price per unit? http://stores.csspecs.com/zastava-m77-308-20-round-magazine-coming-soon/ -bp
  12. Were these by chance the Croatian Bolt Hold Open Magazines many places are now selling new @ about 30-40% less than a used Yugo BHO Mag? There have been quite a few reports on the net of fitting problems with them and minor filling needed to be done on the magazine itself........not the magazine release on the gun. -bp
  13. http://www.apexgunparts.com/ak-all-models-and-calibers/yugoslavian-ak47/yugoslavian-m70-gas-tube.html 2 in stock when I posted this link.
  14. I myself have been throwing around the idea of getting an M92 PAP but just have not gotten to it yet (too many other gun projects tying up $$$$$$). I do not want to thread-jack this post and hope the OP finds some use in this question too but to expand on what he asked I will ask.......... Why the M92 PAP over the M85 PAP (AR magwell version), or vice-versa (besides the obvious, or maybe nothing is obvious?). -bp
  15. Cool stuff. It is cold and snowing here so I decided to mount mine on an S12 about a half hour ago. I think it is going to work out great. Do you have any close ups of the Sight where you cut some of the black off to gather more light?
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