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  1. I wanted to ask if the Saiga 12 is able to accept and fire a manually dropped round in the chamber without using a magazine to feed the round? It's okay to do this for standard tube fed shotguns. I'd like to know if anyone has tried this and whether their extractor was okay afterward. From competition use, we sometimes need to load and fire just one round and it would be good to know if this shotgun can handle this tactic. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. I want a Free Conversion!!! I'm spending time with family today on the Fourth of July 2012. I love my family, friends and this great country!
  3. Craftsmanship and design are nice attributes but the real test is whether or not they work in real life. Please test fire at least 100 rounds per magazine and then report back with your findings. Skipping this step is like reviewing a car without even driving it. It just isn't helpful enough for the end user. Thanks.
  4. I still use the Gunfixr gas plug and I see no reason to change. It works well.
  5. To confirm, both the 10 and 12 round ProMag drums are the same size, except the latter holds two more rounds. Please advise. Thanks.
  6. That's great. As another poster wrote, we would like to see detailed photos on how to mount the magwell to the receiver. Thanks.
  7. Hi: I would like to enter the contest for a free magwell. Your design looks awesome. Does it allow for any adjustments to the magazines after you've filed off the front tab? Please advise. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  8. You cannot patent ideas, only the expression of the ideas. This is why there are many types of titanium firing pins and parts, and not just one. Another double stack magazine design would be welcome, like the way MD Arms and ProMag makes their own Saiga 12 drums. This is great for the consumer.
  9. Great looking open Saiga 12 shotgun. Do you sell just the ventilated handguard by itself? If so, how much is it? And, is it a drop-in installation? Thanks in advance. Open guns will look like this with all aluminum parts black. You have your choice of ceramic coatings for the rest of the gun. Also the hand guard will not go past the comp, but if you really wanted a long handguard like on the red gun you could talk to Robert about it. Doug
  10. Hi, Has anyone tried to install the new Tapco Intrafuse Handguard on a Saiga 12 that already has the Ultimak gas tube fixed rail sight mount? Handguard, http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-267/TAPCO-SAIGA-TRI-dsh-RAIL-HANDGUARD/Detail Ultimak, http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-153/Ultimak-Saiga-12-20/Detail Thanks in advance.
  11. It looks good but will the set screw be solid enough to hold the bolt-on extension to the charging handle since it will be moving at a high velocity during firing? Do you need to supplement the set screw with an adhesive? How much will each cost? Thanks.
  12. Great tip. Could you let us know what rings/mount you used for your AR-15? May be post some photos? Thanks.
  13. It would be great if someone could design a muzzle break that screws on to the Saiga 12 threaded muzzle with a break that had forward threads that can accommodate the Poly-Choke. You would have a muzzle brake and a choke together. Barrel Threads + Screw on Muzzle Brake + Screw on Poly-Choke = Recoil/Muzzle Flip Suppression and Ability to Select Pattern Size Still waiting for this item.
  14. It takes lots and lots of time to make sure what you're producing will work with the multiple types, versions and generations of magazines out there for the Saiga 12. I'm sure Cobra wants to take his time and make a quality product so that the majority of users can be happy. No one wants the reputation of cranking out cheap or crappy junk parts. We can all think of a few companies who work this way. Cobra doesn't want to be though of in the same light as these lousy companies. Because it takes lots of time to develop a great product, the inventor wants to control the entire process from st
  15. You can go up to a Modified choke and safely use slugs. Any tigher of a choke and you could be asking for pressure issues.
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