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  1. Price Lowered I have 3 s12s that have to go. I want $950 each. The two converted ones have all original paperwork and come with the 5 round mag. I also have 2 Russian 8rnders and the clear 10rnd AGP. If you buy a gun you can get an 8 rnder for $100 otherwise I want $150 shipped. The unconverted 12 is an older EAA one with a poly choke. I can also send the sporterized stock if you want it. Shipping is only included for the $150 price on the Russian mags. Both of the converted guns are identical except one handguard is vented by myself.
  2. Im am selling 2 converted ones and one un converted. the un converted one is an old EAA 22" with a poly choke and two russian mags. russian mags= $300 AGP= 50 EAA w/ poly choke= 900 Converted guns=1000 ea. So 3k is fair I think.
  3. I wil sell the whole package for 2500. I will split it up. If interested PM me. There are two identical like the one in the second picture. Two Russian 8 rounders and a AGP 10 round plus 2 five round mags. The 2 round mag has been sold and was not mentioned in the previous statement.
  4. Cobra Ill trade you several FCGs for a BHO.
  5. The OP is probably talking about all this junk: ya that stuff minus the BHO which I need one if anyone has one.
  6. I might if I knew which spring that was
  7. I have all kinds of "guts" from doing conversions and I dont know what to do with it. Anyone want or need this stuff?
  8. Does anyone know where I can get one or someone who can make me one? Its for an old EAA S12.
  9. There are two different listings in the forums WTS section.
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