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  1. For those who can't or don't want to wait for a Saiga to be converted, where can they find conversions immediately available for purchase (new)?
  2. Real talk! It's like going to a car lot and choosing which car would be best for you without even taking a test drive... Geez, what is it with the influx of know-it-all loud-mouthed new guys who really don't know much at all here recently? It's sad that people attack posts without reading them. I'm not going to quote myself, but suffice to say that I covered the scope IN THE FIRST POST. Don't like my review? No problem, but don't expect me to care about your response or read it. If your lucky, I scan it. Another incomplete review! What kind of beer? How fast will you dr
  3. As stated, YMMV. Don't like my review? No problem, write your own. I stand by my observations.
  4. I haven't owned them long enough to comment on performance other then to note the SGM mag doesn't work well with heavy loads. So your basing your review without any range time? To quote myself: "The focus will be on craftsmanship and design." Please read the thread before posting. That may be the case (though I would not suggest trusting a spring in that shape), but the AGP response was more about deflection then anything else. Their response was enough for me to know who to avoid.
  5. I haven't owned them long enough to comment on performance other then to note the SGM mag doesn't work well with heavy loads.
  6. ** UPDATE ** Response from AGP: "Nothing is damaged on that spring. If you think it's going to make a difference you could gently twist it with your hands and make it lay flat in less than a minute. I assure you the bending and contortions the spring does inside the magazine body every time you load it, are much greater than that. It is a spring, and bending is what they do." Obviously, AGP cares little about customer experience. A definite AVOID. True or not, my review of the parts suggests ProMag has the best magazine. The AGP customer service is more about deflection
  7. AGP Arms Response: "The magazine body holds the spring strait in operation. That will not give you any problems." This is not the reaction I expected and is very disappointing. It demonstrates a lack of pride in the product and care for the customer. A damaged spring does not perform to the same level as a spec spring and is at great risk of feed problems and catastrophic failure. I have urged AGP Arms to reconsider, but have yet to receive a follow up response.
  8. I recently ordered several magazines for the Saiga 12 and thought a review of the latest generations would prove benefitial. The focus will be on craftsmanship and design. In this review I will cover: 10 round SGM Tactical 10 round ProMag 10 round AGP Arms SGM Tactical (10 rounds) The Good: The follower is solid and the spring was in great shape upon initial inspection--not a given as we will see. The Bad: This thing is ugly. Not only is the design bland, but it's marked up from being removed from the mold and lacked any finishing touches (no deburring). The compression spring
  9. OMFG! It's a TV show. Watch it; don't watch it. Worry about your damned self.
  10. Check the vince1966's profile. First purchased a Saiga 9 days before this post. Sketchy. I wouldn't expect a DS any time soon.
  11. Looking for a new/unused Izhmash Saiga 12 factory 8 round magazine. Willing to pay a premium price for immediate purchase.
  12. Which online sources currently have Ishmash 8 round magazines (rock & lock version) IN STOCK?
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