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  1. rommy side folder with FSE buttpad. thats what i picked.
  2. legonas

    Butt pad

    hehe...you pad your butt... It's not for me. It's uh...for my sister. Yeah that's the ticket. I would never put such a sissy item on my gun. why not? i have one on my saiga 308 and saiga 12. they work awsome with the rommy folder. i love em. the rommy folder with the FSE pad is the best AK stock ever. i dont even want them for the "padding" but for the length they add to the stock and better shoulder fit. i cant even shoot a warsaw length wood stocked AK right. to look down the sights i have to sit the stock on top of my shoulder! that thing needs to be angled down way more! the rommy folder with the FSE pad is perfect.
  3. legonas

    Saiga-12 vs 870

    i sold my factory tactical 870 (od green and speedfeed stock) to get my saiga 12. the saiga sits next to my bed.
  4. i can start...yea, i know i need some 20rnders. soon. edit 4/26: my server canceled my account. pictures back soon. edit 5/6: fixed!
  5. that message on the wall in the back is funny as hell.
  6. I hate to ask...were you using the #2 gas setting? i tried both because i honestly didnt know what was what. it failed on either setting with the lowbrass cheap ammo. worked fine on either setting with my buckshot. in fact i didnt notice a differnce between the two. ok, yesterday i ran 100rounds of remington highbrass #5 shot through the gun without problems. then i tried my cheap birdshot again. runs just fine now. put an entire 30cal ammo can worth through the gun without a problem. like i figured, just needed to be broke in some more. the saiga-12 can cycle FAST. best purchase ive made. damn fine gun.
  7. I hate to ask...were you using the #2 gas setting? i tried both because i honestly didnt know what was what. it failed on either setting with the lowbrass cheap ammo. worked fine on either setting with my buckshot. in fact i didnt notice a differnce between the two.
  8. well i didnt want to start a new thread so i thought i might as well hijack this one. also got my saiga 12 from gilberts in same day as oneshot. picked it up yesterday and was up all night converting it to testfire this morning. took about 3-4 hours to convert. here is a picture of all my AK's right now. up top is the rommy build, i just test fired it today along with the saiga so it isnt finished yet, wood still needs to be refinished and i have to norrells it. worked great, one of my mags wouldnt fit though. one out of the 10 i brought, so i know its a mag problem, also 2-3 FTF with light primer strikes, think the firing pin might be broken actually, have to check it out. in the middle is the saiga 308, missing the pistol grip becasue i had to steal it for the 12 guage because the rest of my conversion parts are not in yet. (have the grip itself, even the grip nut, but no screw, forgot! damnit) and the converted saiga 12guage on the bottom. i havnt plugged the holes in the side yet, im waiting for the new buttstock so i know how far i will have to sand down the rivets once i put them in. i plan to just drop some rivets in all 4 holes to cover em up. fired my highbrass buckshot perfect, would not eject the lowbrass (aluminium i think actually!) cheap federal birdshot at all. the bolt simply was not going far enough back to eject, it kept reloading the empty shotshells. either the spring is still "tight" or the cheat ammo was underpowered. they will all get rommy side folders, which im probaly going to order tonight. all 3 will probaly be refinished at once with norrells. now i need some 20rnd 308 and 10rnd 12guage mags!
  9. the outer circle is like 65moa or something right? if you know the size of the target, you can tell how far away it is by how big it is in the large circle. edit: i really want one and was planning on putting it on my saiga 308!
  10. the followers on the saiga 308 mags are alot bigger(longer) then on other 308 mags. i bet the saiga mags are longer then other 308 mags because of this, and might not fit in some pouches because of this.
  11. until i find a box for this and find out how much it will be to ship, this is listed as FTF ONLY!. i am in the greater charleston, SC area. for sale is FACTORY Remington 870 Tactical express 12 guage magnum. it is in OD green color with black furniture (speed feed IV stockset, from the factory). it has around 500 rounds through it, all birdshot and 00 buck. the only thing not factory on this is the front sling swivel. 18 inch barrel, 7+1 capacity. takes 2 3/4" and 3" 12ga shells. this gun has only been to the range 4 times, and other then that has sat next to my bed. i am selling it only becuase i am consolidating my collection to AK style rifles only. has had no problems. there are basicaly only 2 scratches on the rifle, on the right side of the receiver, and both are clearly pictured. 325$ OBO FTF SC ONLY. Will trade for an unconverted 12ga Saiga, 18" barrel (i think the shortest saiga is actually 19", so that would work too!). Since this is FTF only for now, will accept cash or USPS money order, no personal checks please. email any questions, offers or "ill take it" to legonas@sc.rr.com.
  12. " i will have these in 20,25 and 30 round types they are made by various contractors. expect three weeks for delivery due to the complexity involved." he is selling something he DOESNT EVEN HAVE YET. he needs money to fund the project. do not buy until he has a real product in his hands.
  13. I need a saiga 308 recoil spring with a limiter installed. i know alot of you remove the limiters for recoil buffers. if you have just the limiter, i could take it off your hands. Or if you want to trade a regular AK recoil spring for yours with a limiter, i could do that as well. if anyone knows a source of AK recoil springs with limiters, please let me know! email me at legonas@gmail.com
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