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  1. An underfolder will require a lot of machining to the rear of your receiver and a new rear trunnion to be riveted in. Tapco makes a side folder. I put it on my S12 and hated it. The hinge smacked me in the nose every time I fired it. It now lives on my 223 and works well on that one. L5K is right about cutting the tang off to put a good quality one on but it is not that difficult and works really well. http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/folding-mechanism-p-125.html added to this http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/ace-75-skeleton-stock-p-164.html or http://www.mississippiautoarm
  2. I have used that Gun Kote several times refinishing our departmental 870 shotguns. I swear cops are the worst when it comes to taking care of their weapons.
  3. Do they look like these? The smooth orilite one is a Galil 35 rounder I use these with my 223. I had to make a bullet guide from a piece of pipe (way before you could buy an aftermarket drop in guide) but the work great and are durable. Slight modification with a dremel is needed. You probably already know about that but if not get with me and Ill send you pics of what mods need to be made.
  4. Do they look like these? The smooth orilite one is a Galil 35 rounder
  5. Give the guy a break. It's his first post on a new forum, and he may not know all the board features available to him. We were all noobies once. Not bein a hole here. Just telling him to use his resources as they are very good. All anyone has to do is look, and if they don't find, then ask ?s I agree with you Scatillac. It is good advice for anyone doing a first time conversion. Knowing which parts to replace with US made parts and how many are needed to comply is important information to have. I have read a lot of malicious posts meant to make people feel stupid but I didn't se
  6. Breakdown??? Cleaning??? We are talking about a Saiga right? Just kidding, mine usually needs a good cleaning every 10 years or so.
  7. http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_1.htm
  8. the trigger is not a target trigger, but it is not bad, about 5 lb. I have shot ARs with worse triggers I was going to buy a SIG556 until I picked one up. I didn't like the damn rails all over it and to me it seemed like a glorified AR. I would rather have a Swiss made 550 or 551 I totally agree and it is good to finally see that someone else feels the same about the rash of rails that the 556 came down with. Can it be ordered with the smooth 550/551 hand guards??
  9. I like the Ace SOCOM for my AR's. I don't think they look right on an AK though.
  10. I'm afraid I am going to have to disagree with all the negative input about the fine product manufactured by AA. Of course like any new and inovative piece of equipment, there are going to be a few bugs to work out. They have offered to let you send them your Saiga 12 and alter your weapon to fit the Wraithmaker for a small fee. I have a Wraithmaker and I'm sure if I could get it to feed that first round, the other 19 would blow through like a greasy string through a hogs butt. I plan on sending my Saiga in to have it fitted. I just have to wait for my Camaro to come from the shop. I had to h
  11. Just for the record, I bought from a member here who was completely honest with me and told me that it did not work in his gun. I wanted to look at it and see if I could tweek it or my gun to make it work. I did not attempt either due to lack of intrest. I knew what I was buying but just had to see for myself.
  12. Do you still have it? No I gave it to Cobra to see if he could unf*ck it. He couldn't. The last pic I saw of on here he was using it as a door stop.
  13. You have got to be kidding... I really don't think they want my opinion of their product.
  14. Convert G21 to $$$. Buy G20. I wouldn't recommend mixing and matching parts to make a frankenstein 10mm G21 unless you're absolutely sure the slide and recoil spring are correct. By the time you've bought new mags, slide, recoil spring and barrel a la carte, you might as well have bought a whole G20. That is one of the problems with the Internet. You have one man that has experience with a particular subject, having done it for years. Then you have the peanut gallery who all have an opinion, as baseless as it is, and they somehow feel that that their thoughts have equal credence.
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