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  1. I'm benched in with a 6x42 POSP. It is fair to say my gun is more accurate than I am, with good ammo.
  2. Depends on the ammo, really. My 27"er seems to like the heavy Hungarian 180gr better than the light ball stuff. It also likes the 174 grain match ammo one can find at around 50c a round. The Hungerian gets me about 1.5moa, and the match 1moa at 200 yards.
  3. Lets not forget the catchall law that can be a problem in many states. "Inciting panic"
  4. Yeah, double into single SGM has been talking about. More interested in these than the 25 round drum they've got for the 12. (I still like my s12 with MD arms drums. . .)
  5. Just spotted this on Atlantic: https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-accessories/vepr-7-62x54r-20-round-magazine-detail.html?Itemid=0 I never though I'd see anything bigger than the 10s. I'll probably buy a pair or so. . . Can't wait!
  6. Compare sportsman's guide to other places + shipping. Free shipping at Sportslman's guide.
  7. Atlantic has 23" slantbacks in stock now, for a VERY good price.
  8. My vepr 54r with 27" barrel. Next purchase: some 10 round magazines, and 1760 rounds of milsurp ammo.
  9. While I think Saigas are only worth $350 or so, they still beat any other $600 AK you could get. At least IMO. Veprs?
  10. My first gun was an Armscor m20p. Accurate bugger, with decent wood.
  11. Definately needs to be some "Man up and just shoot it." Been using my .308 since 2009 without a muzzle device, and it isn't hard to deal with the muzzle blast or recoil.
  12. Molot-usa. I may have gotten the last 27". Came with a nice flash-hider and scope mount, with rings.
  13. I've put about 500 rounds through it since resetting the spring. No problems of any kind. Yall are awesome.
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