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  1. id still like to see a all steel version
  2. what .223 rifle do you need im sure we could help you find some
  3. With 7n6 being banned demand continues to increase. For .223 ak and there magazines Folks are looking to the round as their AK salvation. This has strained the already limited supply of beryl and bulgy .223 magazines (wich are currently selling for ($25-$35$
  4. Thought you might find this interesting Video on making ak magazines
  5. i thought sales for the Catamout Fury-12 are very low? is it easy to adapt the saiga-12 mag to it? also why the M14 mag isnt there a ton already in production?
  6. i know this isn't a saiga but i'm assuming if they can do it to a vepr it can be done to a saiga.
  7. aimpoint t-1 micro drill a bunch of holes in the gas tube
  8. Ribbed dust cover is lighter Rs regulate side mount is lighter
  9. let us know when your ready for a full release. because i plan on giving you a write up on all the gun forums i frequent and pimping your product. i don't want you to be overrun before i do this or not 100% confident in the reliability cause i think the quality is great and i want you to succeed and thank you for bringing this and other high quality niche magazines to market.
  10. The complaint I have read about tritium sights dot aks is There a little wider it can make shooting at small targets at longer ranges much more difficult. Though, the main downside to them imo is that because the front sight post only has tritium on one side you have to do a full revolution when adjusting for elevation for zero. if your gun happens to be sighted in with the tritium facing the target you out of luck. Are there any good tritium ak sights that have small post that you can rotate the tritium vial so it faces you is there an adapter that allows you to use ar15 front sight post?
  11. tutorial please! and weight of forend?
  12. do you know what magazine the 9mm luger ak uses? (if it was glock id want it very badly)
  13. have you guys seen these saiga "M" with removable buttstock they look like they have sidefolder trunnions whats everyone think? http://legionusainc.com/izsl-132m.html
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