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  1. there were two threads of the same topics, one called "sick game" or something, the other "violence anytime anywhere" and they were combined
  2. I agree with many of the posts in this thread. its IMO the best thing to do is stay away from places (neighborhoods, parts of town, etc) altogether. When necessary to enter one, don't go alone. I really can't believe where this country is headed.
  3. ^^ and then that would entitle us to live off of the government and the other working people around us to pay for us and our children's food, clothing and other needs like a cell phone and satellite tv for our 50" plasmas
  4. i can't wait till these come out! thank you for progress and innovation.
  5. starting 2 months ago i developed a desire for a scar 17. i really want one. but i will not trade or sell any of my current firearms to achieve this goal. if you dont shoot the rifles you want to trade, then you could sell one or two of them, and then save up for the difference you would need to buy the scar.
  6. BTT still looking. any help out with suggestions or leads please let me know.
  7. looking for a 762. let me know what you got and what you want for it please.

  8. when i was at home in fairbanks over christmas break one of my go-to shops had 9mm for 12.xx a box (bought a case) and target loads of 12 ga for 5.xx a box (bought 2 cases). just gotta find the deals. do you know of anyone that has driven ammo thru canada? i have called the border stations a couple different times and get different stories each time. if driving it up is ok, and you want a few cases, i might drive up in a couple months after school is out and we could work something out.
  9. so, do NFA guns need to be 922r compliant or not?

    1. termite


      WHY you ask, are you already filling out the forms to register your Saigas and others to beat the rush.

    2. Shandlanos


      Yes, and no. The ATF has given both answers. Either write a letter to the Tech Branch to get your own binding answer, or make your firearm compliant to be on the safe side.

  10. didnt the dhs order a ridiculous amount of .40 ammunition earlier this year?
  11. is it illegal to have just the mag body? i didnt pay close enough attention to whether there was a follower present or not.
  12. other schools and states take note, a high school club being supported by firearms and their enthusiasts. thats why i love living in ak.
  13. this is my entry. my favorite movie and my favorite shotgun. and my christmas break project. have all the parts ready to convert. thanks for the contest!
  14. bigger hammer and more precise punch. put it on top of a 2x4 and smash away. also make sure you are drifting it the correct way.
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