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  1. we would take our bdu blouse and lay it in front of the muzzle to prevent that in the summer, in the winter we would lay out a white piece of canvas to lay on. Dust works both ways!
  2. If they were smart, they would have a little sale and dump as much ammo at these inflated prices as possible. The next few years will show us what free trade really means. Foreign ammo and importers will be going hog wild and the competition grand, the prices low.
  3. When I was in Switzerland I admired the fact that every town had a shooting range and that in a time of peril, the locals could go down range and instantly have a defensive position with known distances they grew up shooting on. Another cool thing was the cement and sonotube firing line. They had manufactured tubes that you would lay down next to in the prone position to fire long distance, your muzzle would be slightly inside the tube and the walls were lined with audio recording studio grade egg crate looking material. It was a high density foam a little more rugged than the stuff in stu
  4. Very cool. The airforce is pretty much a bunch of girls anyway, so having them as top fighter pilots is OK with me. Just keep them out of the front lines. We don't need to be worried about saving the girls during a fight. If they want their own female infantry unit that doesn't go anywhere near a grunt, so be it. Honestly though, we depend on the Airforce. You're not all hairdressers. Thanks for your service. I find women to have calmer nerves, less testosterone based thinking and far better fine motor skills and multitasking. As long as they don't get all emotional when they deliver their
  5. Not only have we advanced past the line, we are getting close to the goal line. I hope that we can be really careful who we sell to as private individuals. I know you guys are careful but there was a lot of assholes selling to any dip shit with a wad of cash. We don't need to have an excuse to make private sales come under the radar. If the dude looks, smells, speaks or even blinks funny... tell them to fuck off. The panic market and huge profits created some sketchy transactions. Not as sketchy as what the Bozo admin pulled off south of the boarder but a lot of private firearms went to douche
  6. Davidson's my fucking hero. If anybody can make it happen, it's him. I got pretty sick of hearing the shit talking against him when supplies were low. I don't think anybody here has done a production item quite like he has. I'm hoping Eagle takes over importation of the Izhmash items and we start seeing new Saiga and the biathlon rifles that also disappeared. The izhmash biathlon was an affordable option that kept normal income kids at a competitive level with the Vail and Utah private school kids that rocked 5K$ german rifles. Anyway, I hope Mr. Davidson is doing well. Thanks for
  7. I guess the contract was till 2019 so who knows. Kusa seems to be vaporware. HOPE AND CHANGE BROTHER!
  8. they really pissed of russia with that one. they essentially stole their name.
  9. #22 is the most important of them all. i hope the rest of the scum bags retire so he can place three or more.
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