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  1. TV? Is that the box thingy that I turn on at the beginning of football season and turn off after the superbowl? Well, "they" couldn't have heard much from me except curse words so I'm not too concerned, and it's not a "smart" TV anyway. That being said, the next box thingy I buy won't have this capability now that I'm aware and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  2. Any non-conventional way of carrying is going to require a little more caution and awareness. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with a bra holster as long as she understands that. It sounds like she got frustrated with it and then got careless. That's on her. A bra holster is probably not a good idea for every woman.
  3. History should be history. Period. There was maybe a time when black history needed to be accentuated, but that time has passed. That doesn't mean we need to say "me too", and demand a white history month. That's just petty. It does mean that the blacks who perpetuate these "black" this and that events should start to realize that it only makes them appear to be in some way inferior, and defensive about being inferior. In other words, if you truly stand on equal footing as the man next to you, you don't have to keep exalting your attributes.
  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying not having a real winter here. It's been like spring without the rain. If this is global warming, I want more.
  5. pon·tif·i·cate verb verb: pontificate; 3rd person present: pontificates; past tense: pontificated; past participle: pontificated; gerund or present participle: pontificating pänˈtifiˌkāt/ 1. (in the Roman Catholic Church) officiate as bishop, especially at Mass. 2. express one's opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic. "he was pontificating about art and history" synonyms: hold forth, expound, declaim, preach, lay down the law, sound off, dogmatize, sermonize, moralize, lecture;
  6. Except that he's not resigning. He's just taking a week or so off. That's called a vacation.
  7. Well, from what I heard on the radio they simply locked the door to the chambers and when the demonstrators knocked.......nobody answered. Then the demonstrators prayed, left a list of their demands, and then left. I'm all for civil disobedience but this is not the first time this group has just ended up looking foolish.
  8. Banning people because their name sounds Muslim. That's the stupidest fucking shit I've ever heard of. Yeah that's right, I said it.
  9. All he has to do is say it was a non-functioning replica of a magazine. Without the actual mag as evidence nobody can prove any different. I doubt charges will be filed.
  10. Another reason to have a good fence with a wired alarm system and electrification. Nobody gets close to my house without me and my closest neighbors knowing about it. Not that I would anticipate ever having the police raiding me, but if they have the wrong address the element of surprise will not be on their side and they can stuff their cool little toy up their ass.
  11. The worst thing about this is that it adds another page to that black binder that is labeled "SECURITY PLAN". When that binder gets big and thick enough it gives them something to hold up above their head and wave back and forth giving the illusion that they actually have something substantive that will actually save lives. When children's bodies are being carried out of the next school shooting and somebody asks them how they were prepared for this,they can wave it again. It makes a very good prop and everyone's asses are covered except the children's.
  12. Even IF this guy had been the one to call in the bomb threat, they had already determined that the call was a hoax. There was no urgent situation here where somebody was in danger. The biggest red flag was that the guy used his name during the bomb threat. Now how does that not set off alarm bells that something is wrong with this picture? Why not first call the house as a "wrong number", let the person who received the threat listen to the voice and see if the voices match? Or just wait until the guy leaves his house and question him. They were just way too hasty for no good reason.
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