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  1. This....Did the new ebola strain escape, perhaps via some lab mishap that infected lab workers, or was the strain deliberately released in order to test if it works?
  2. All well and good until another health care worker (or immigrant/foreign national) comes here from Liberia infected and points to this case as to why he/she doesn't have to be in quarantine. "Another" infected one? There is no evidence whatsoever that this nurse is infected with anything. I disagree sir. That bitch is infected the same liberal mindset that is currently destroying this country. "I am ABOVE the law, your rules don't apply to me, and fuck the rest of you plebes, I will do as I please"...
  3. Katrina fucked up my locale beyond repair. It was a good place to live, still had a small town vibe, since it was after all a small town. Then the liberal cocksuckers literally bussed in the Katrina rats, created section 8 housing for them, set them up with low cost FHA loans so they could get homes in decent subdivisions they could never afford on their own, and it's been downhill ever since. They kicked the door open for these wretches, and they in turn threw it wide open for their homies, and now the little town where I grew up is a mongrel stew of minorities, foreigners, and carpet ba
  4. WTF did I miss? Fuck, you go to work, take a short siesta from the board here, and whamo, you miss great comedy!
  5. This fucking bitch is ALL over the damn tv and radio today. Her ass should be locked away in FORCED quarantine and if she sqawks about it she serve REAL time in jail. She, in a nutshell, epitomizes everything currently wrong with the elitist philosophy of those hard left liberals trying to turn this country into a communist oligarchy...
  6. If we want to help the African continent we should abandon it completely and leave them alone for 50 years. They will have reverted so far back into their damn savagery they will do more to cleanse that continent of their own stain than Western man ever could. Just look at the Tutsi and Hutus. Remember the shit that went down in Rwanda? Genocide by their own kind, and let the wildlife take care of the rest...
  7. I bought a Cimarron 1911 A-1 last year in the polished blue finish. A beautiful 1911 that shoots as good as it looks. Got a hell of a deal on mine too. I wanted a traditional style 1911, not one with Novak sights, or rails, or any other bullshit. This pistol is exactly what I was seeking. All I did to mine was put rosewood checkered grips on it along with an ambidextrous safety since I shoot lefty. I love mine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToEftxBOtfw http://www.gunblast.com/Cimarron-1911.htm
  8. Was subscribed to the guy, but dropped him way before his gummy bear fiasco. He does and says stuff that's just plain wrong in some of his reviews, and the guy came across as prick in several communications with him. Prefer other reviews found elsewhere to anything he does currently... Bingo. I have a East German Weiger clone that I like quite a bit, but would seriously consider parting with it and spending the proceeds on the Ace. Running three different calibers now, besides those, don't want to shoot anything else that doesn't utilize 7.62x39 ammo and mags....
  9. I want the rifle. My bet is it will run right around a $1000 give or take $150 or so...
  10. Some serious stuff going down. Reports are that it wasn't a lone gunman, but perhaps an actual attempt at a terrorist strike. Gutless pukes to shoot a guard at the Canadian War Memorial. I say it's time to give those ceremonial troops live weapons when the do their watches at the tombs, both there and in DC!
  11. What butt stock do you have installed there Legion USA?
  12. Never interested in a AR 15 pistol until recently. thinking about this: MPAR 556 pistol. No brace needed, but it looks like an ACE type stock might be easily added for a SBR...
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