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  1. Is there, or will there be, a pre-order list?
  2. Another wonderful Ally. Tell me again why we give these countries money, so they will "like" us. How is that working our for us? Supposedly, these guys were part of a left wing group that hates ISIS. Does anyone over in that part of the world really like/support us? We all know the answer to that silly question.
  3. I think this is very exciting news. I have faith in Cameron that this new product will be well thought out and properly manufactured. I would like a U.S. made Vepr alternative. If possible, I'd like to see a Chaos 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun with: an AR style safety, one with positive engagement and disengagement; an easily changeable barrel (standard/slug/longer or shorter); chrome lined, threaded, barrel; readily interchangeable stocks; rail options (I suspect this will not be a problem for Chaos); a good, modern, trigger; easy take down and reassembly and some factory finish opti
  4. Wow, Chaos products have always beens some of my favorites. My interest is piqued! Can't wait to see what Cameron has up his sleeve for us.
  5. Best thing I can say about this is I am glad I left D.O.J. eight years ago. One of my friends, at my current office, worked with Mr. Holder, at D.O.J., back in the day. My friend thinks rather highly of Mr. Holder. I do note that my friend is much more liberal than I am.
  6. Time for some bolt polishing!

  7. Thanks, link deleted. This green is a much more interesting shade of green than OD green. I would buy this furniture in a heart beat if it were available. But, alas, that does not appear to be the case. WJ
  8. I like it. I am a fan of winter camo.
  9. Some people don't like green, but it is my favorite color. This thing is flat out awesome (at least in my book) Rather than linking ar15.com, I tried to find this rifle somewhere else, and could not. If anyone else can find and post the picture without the link, I will gladly delete it. WJ
  10. Wow, I'm gone for weeks and weeks and when I log back in, this sad old topic is still around! The lesson here, and one I am fully aware of, but breached myself is NEVER, EVER, EVER, pre-pay for anything in full. (With regard to this particular topic, practice what I preach, not what I did.) WJ
  11. Played for a minute the other night with bigcec1-It was good to get on line with another forum member again. We were in "free for all" and I would have worked with him and against the other guys, but I don't have a mike and I didn't realize I was shooting at him until it was too late! Next time, when I know you are there, I've got your back! WJ
  12. My first reaction to this story was "What a PUSS." Seriously, then, just last night, we went to our favorite Italian restaurant. About three quarters of the way through a Stromboli, I bit down and hit something I thought was a bone. Luckily, I had only bitten down lightly. I politely, as any civilized gentleman would do, extracted it from my mouth. It was not a bone, it was a one inch bolt. Yes, a metal bolt, likely from the mixing machine. I was lucky, in that I had not 'chomped" down hard on the bolt. However, a bolt is a much different thing than an olive pit. A bolt is a "
  13. I got 'quick scoped" a lot last night. I hate "quick scoping." Some guy comes around a corner and just points a sniper rifle in your general direction and boom, you are dead with one shot before you can even get a bead on him. Simply Crap!!! There was a lot of lag last night. Several times I fired several shots near, or into someone, only to die and on kill cam it showed them clearly beating me to the punch---when from my perspective, just the opposite had happened. The frustration level with the game is almost to the point of taking away the fun. WJ
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