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  1. I think I qualify as an oldtimer, with over a decade since I joined and now at the ripe old age of 35. Lol. Been a long time. Nice to see some familiar names. I hope all is well with everyone.
  2. Been using an e-cig for just over a year (Nov. 3rd was my 1 year mark). I fell off the wagon a couple weeks ago, for a couple weeks, but am back on it. I tried to quit e-cigs, as the end goal has always been to get away from nicotine altogether and drop the addiction. I was using 24mg nicotine pretty much the whole time, which is fairly high, and tried to just stop, by letting my juice run out and not ordering more. Didn't work, and I turned back to smokes for a couple weeks. Ordered some more of my go-to juice, and am back on it now. Using a Vamo (V1, I guess you'd call it). It looks like hell, because finish sucks and wore out pretty good after almost a year of use, but it still runs like a champ. My current setup is an RSST rebuildable atomizer, with a microcoil and cotton wick. If you're into rebuilding, I HIGHLY suggest a cotton wick and microcoil setup. I've tried them all; stainless mesh, ceramic, silica, Ekowool, etc, etc. Nothing so far has even come close to the taste, vapor production, ease of rebuilding or cost. I use organic 100% cotton balls. Don't even need to boil them or anything like you have to with some other cottons. At $3 for an 80 count bag, and with how little you need for a wick, it will last damn near forever. My next rebuild is going to be a microcoil/cotton setup with a ProTank. Some pics: My Vamo is 18350 mode. I generally use it 18650 mode, for longer run times, but sometimes I like the shorter profile of 18350 mode: Close up of the microcoil and cotton wick: Some cloud shots. The pics don't even do it justice. This thing spits out thick, full clouds. Great throat hit, too. For juice, I've been using Mt. Baker Vapor for most of my 1 year in vaping. They're juice is cheap and good, and they ship quick. It's always 2 days from WA to NY. If you order from them, use code "ECF" for 10% off. They are running a 20% off deal for Black Friday coming up. Over the last year, I've never felt better. No more congestion in my lungs, heartburn has reduced dramatically and I don't smell like shit anymore, haha!
  3. I'm not sure if they are or not, to be honest. I also do the LSC car-sell glitch. Made over $15mil just from that glitch alone so far. Rockstar has said they aren't going to punish the LSC glitchers, but I'm still not sure about those who glitch vehicles into their garage. I also had a Buzzard glitched in, but when you call your mechanic to drop it off, 8 times out of 10, he won't land it, and just flies around, unless you have a huge wide-open space for him to land and get out. I love me some tank rampages, but right now, I'm in the Bad Sports lobby for the 3rd time (8 day sentence ), because of my bloodlust for blowing up people's personal vehicles. Add me, man. It would be cool to get with the forum guys again. Since the sentence is 8 actual days, I probably won't be on until it's over. I think 5 or 6 days left for me. The first time is 2 days, second time is 4 days, and now on my third time, it's 8 days. If it keeps up the doubling pattern, I don't want to end up in there again. 16 days is a bit much.
  4. PS3: GlockOneNine I have a tank glitched into my garage, so I can just call my mechanic up and he delivers it to me wherever I am. It also costs enemies $18,500 for the insurance if they blow it up, lol.
  5. Glad to see a thread of mine is still relavent. Slightly updated; Got myself an Aimpoint PRO and swapped out the rear sight for a MBUS:
  6. I've been gone for quite awhile, and somehow still have #3 in the highest post-count list. You guys are slacking! Good to see a lot of familiar names still posting.

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    2. psl sniper

      psl sniper

      im on page 5! lol

    3. thebuns1


      Good to have your ass back. Did you quit smoking yet?

    4. 22_Shooter


      Been using an e-cig for just over 1 year. Well, the past 2 weeks I've been smoking regular cigs. Personal issues, stressed, etc.

  7. This thread...................has not gone how the OP had planned. Lump me in with the group of "don't need to buy right now". That goes for almost everything gun related in my possession. Right now is a seller's market, not a buyer's market. There's only one thing I gun-related that I would buy right now, but it's not even released yet, so I'm safe.
  8. Tell her you want to destroy them, or disable them and glue them to a board in the shape of a peace sign. No wait, she's your sister so she knows how you roll....nevermind. This is interesting, not sure what to make of it; http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2013/02/daniel-zimmerman/magpul-breaks-bad-continues-sales-to-ban-state-leos/#more-205717 I saw a thread somewhere in which a LEO made a pretty good point. Bottom line was that he was only able to use his duty weapon while on duty. He had to use his own weapon for personal defense off duty. When faced with bad guys looking to get even with them "after hours" he questioned his right not to own the same things we do. I agree with this. Taking these tools away from LEO's (especially off duty) will not further our cause IMO. They are people with families that need to be armed more than the average person. Just my $.02 I disagree. Their families and lives are not magically worth more than my family or life. If they feel that their line of work puts them in the limelight with criminals, and makes them a more of a target, then they can get out of that line of work. It's a choice. They weren't forced into it. That may come off as sounding cold, but it's really not. I never said their lives were worth more than anyone else's. They simply have more people that may be looking to do them harm than the average Joe. Just as everyone says, they are public servants and basically nobody off duty so why on earth can't they be armed like the rest of us? Because that's not what you said in the post I was replying to. You said they need to be more armed than everyone else, and that, I disagree with.
  9. I gotta find the video of the woman who says she'd rather be killed than use a gun to defend herself. Liberalism really is a mental disease. Or the Brady Campaign poster that says "A rape may last 30 seconds, but murder is forever". I can't even wrap my head around the logic that would make someone prefer to endure a rape, rather than pull a trigger on the rapist. It's absolutely mind-boggling.
  10. Never been a huge fan of bullpups, but this one has always interested me. Definite winner, IMO.
  11. OK, winter can be over now. I've had my fill of snow, shitty weather and no sunshine.

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    2. 22_Shooter


      My ex makes sure to send me pictures of the bright sunshine back down in SC. Karma's a bitch, I guess. I used to do the same thing to my friends/fam up here, when I lived down there too, haha!


    3. lbsrdi


      It's nice down here in Miami, never mind I'm in WV freezing in the snow.

    4. timy


      My other hobby is arson. So yes, I hate snow too.

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