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  1. 1. Bakelites ak74 some have bottoms that say 223 but they are not 223. I used parts from some of the Century arm Bakelite that they tried selling as 223. mags. 30.00 each shipped i have five total. 2. 50 round Galil metal magazines 5 total. $60.00 each shipped 3.. 45 round Bakelite these have a shield and star on them 5 total $85.00 each shipped 4. 30 round Metal Galil magazines 25.00 each shipped 10 total 5. 4-30 round German Weiger 223 in pouch $140.00 shipped 6. 4- 30 round Galil orlite magazines $150.00 shipped 7. 30 round German Weiger 223 Magazines 10 total $35.00 each shipped or $
  2. Just as add says. Tac 47 magwell Brand new in box never used. $150.00 delivered. Pay pal gift or money order
  3. How long till the mag wells we pre ordered get shipped out, I have to believe its been 3 weeks or more already, Plus I cant wait to get mine and myfree auto plug for being on of first 20 to order. I want to finish my S12 and need this magwell. I just checked the first post that talked about pre orders and that was October 12 so it has been almost 7 weeks since pre orders???
  4. is the TWS cover bent?? it looks like the tip behind the saftey lever is bent out.Is the bare metal you can see on the hand guard retainers tings,scratches or just paint coming off
  5. I stopped counting on stuff being made a long time ago!! I would love a rifle magwell, 308 drum ect but every company that says they are making such just never seems to make it to market. Has MSA released anything yet that they say they are building, the bastard the bitch the few other things.hasnt "its coming in a month" been said for a couple years now. I am surprised no one has even made an adapter for the saiga 308 to take Fal mags or the new 308 Pmags the are very similar to the saiga 308 mags if you compare them. Its to bad I think theres alot more that could be made or done for the r
  6. I am parting out one of my S12s do to some issues with the receiver. Plus I have some other parts.I might have a second set of bolt and bolt carrier for sale shortly.Post I will take it then send a PM. Postal money order please, unless a small amount.Al parts will be Priority mailed MD Arms trigger guard $ 20.00 shipped SPF (new in bag) RAM bolt on trigger guard $ 25.00 shipped (new in bag) 3x Internal receiver blocks stock adapters $ 30.00 each shipped (not ace ones) The first set of bolt and carrier has been sold I have another stock set matching# $275.00
  7. Well It started when a local guy welded on my receiver and then ground on it trying to fill in the xxxxxxx box. Said it was going to be tig welded and I think he Mig welded it, caused some uneven areas, hit a rivet with the grinder then either tried to replace it or ground the head off the rest of the way and welded a head back on to the stump. So I have one gun to part out and I was thinking about trying to buy a few more to part out. If I can buy them used, already converted or semi converted there would be more stuff to sell.
  8. Please tell me what you think the parts of an S12 should sell for If someone had them to sell?? hows this Barrel $150.00 Frt. gas block $ 50.00 Gas tube $ 50.00 Frt. Trunion $ 40.00 rear trunion $ 40.00 Bolt & bolt carrier $300.00 Dust cover $ 20.00 Receiver $100.00
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