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  1. Once again, I never said the range owner should have called the cops, or that anyone "goofy" should lose their guns. Honestly, I think Rotkovich is taking advantage of his 5 mins of fame, and is embellishing a bit. I don't think he was as freaked out then as he is in retrospect.
  2. If someone thought I was armed, and too mentally unstable to use my gun at their range, they should probably check in with someone about it. No one claimed this guy was merely goofy, And, I never said call the cops. He could have checked in with other range owners in the area to keep their eye out if he was worried. He only mentions alerting his own staff. This was someone who dealt with civilian shooters in a professional capacity. If this guy really raised as many red flags for him as he is saying to the media now, he should have done something. My main point is, though, that I don
  3. Eh, if Rotkovich really thought this guy had serious mental issues, and could assume he had guns since he wanted a gun club membership, shouldn't he have alerted someone? And seriously, one of the reasons he was wary of the guy was that he signed off his email with "Cheers". It doesn't make sense.
  4. The Aurora police chief Oates is ex NYPD. There have been several news quotes from current NYPD, who I can only assume were his old buddies. Oates is also the person responsible for all those people being pulled out of their cars and detained while their vehicles were searched after a bank robbery in June.
  5. I'm totally out of upper handguards now (for real this time). I have plenty of stocks, lower handguards and mags though. Send PMs my way if you're interested.
  6. We're all moved and I'm back online. Feel free to send PMs with any questions/orders.
  7. I've still got plenty of stocks and mags to sell (and a few handguards), but I'll be without internet for the next few days so it may take me a little while to get back to you. I should be able to catch up with everyone with new orders or questions on Monday or Tuesday (6/4 or 6/5). Have a great weekend!
  8. For those who were asking about handguards, I do have both uppers and lowers available right now. Upper/lower shipped together is $12. One or the other would be $9 shipped. I have an easier time keeping up with PMs, so please shoot me a message if you're looking to buy.
  9. The first gun I shot wasn't mine. It was some sort of 22 that my uncle owned, and I'm sure he still has it. My very first gun was a Kahr K40. I don't have that one either. I sold it to buy a 9mm Glock after about a year.
  10. Nice! I have an XDm 40 that I love. Enjoy.
  11. Yes, I have stocks, lower hand guards and mags. I'm out of the uppers as of today. I think I've replied back to everyone's PMs, but if I've missed you, shoot me a new one please!
  12. I'm back down to one upper handguard. Still plenty of everything else.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their purchases! I've got two more upper handguards available, so I can do two more complete sets. After that the sets will be gone. I have plenty of the stocks, mags and lower handguards though. If you could use more than a couple of anything, message me with an offer. I've got to get this stuff out of my garage!
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