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  1. I have one if you are still looking for one.
  2. ISIS forbids it's fucktards from smoking because it goes against the teachings of Muhammad. I think it was a fitting way to leave him like that. A strip of bacon hanging out of his cockholster would be better!
  3. Reviving this thread with my latest rendition. Got this virgin PKM stock from a dude in Poland. Be forewarned, it is pretty involved getting one of these stocks to fit.
  4. News out of Mobile, AL reporting a patient with Ebola like symptoms. They were trying to get a camera shot to see if Hazmat suits were being donned. No such shot but they did get a couple of kiddie pools outside the hospital on camera. (Decontamination).
  5. I just got word from an Active Duty friend of mine who just arrived in Monrovia, Liberia. They were briefed not to touch anyone. So, what are they there for exactly?
  6. These ISIS fuckwads have way more in their arsenal than Toyota trucks. Look at the videos they have put up on the net from places like Camp Speicher. They have MRAPs and Up Armored HMMVWs plus other Iraqi Army Armor and Artillery. The Iraqi Army put on civilian clothes and left the base, just like they tried to do when we hit Baghdad at Saddam International over on the Republican Guard side in 2003. We need to go clean house again.
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