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  1. The sniper 101 series is fantastic, thats usually what I have playing while I reload my ammo, he goes pretty deep, but there are youtube videos on mil scope ranging, you have to know your bullet velocity, b.c. Exterior temp and altitude, plug those numbers into a ballistic software and you get the amount of clicks and mils that the drop will be at a specific distance. I myself use the program strelok on android, and its gotten me out to 1000yds. You can also use a mil calculator to determine range. You have to know size of your target and how many mils it is in your scope, example, my steel ta
  2. So went out today to do some shooting with my super veprs, but didnt get a chance to do so. First the weather in seattle area is super wet and rainy. Normally I am not afraid of we because I get my popup gazebo and voila, dry as can be. I get up to the mountains, set up my gear, shooting bench, tent, get out my case and bam! Wind takes my tent 50 yards out. I managed to get the tent but in the process its destroyed and worthless. As I stand there contemplating what to do, tough it out or go home, some dudes roll up and inform me they are hunting in the area and would appreciate if I dont tar
  3. Thinking of going this weekend to shoot my supers, they been on backburner for a while, excited!
  4. I just saw email with 6.5 vepr for sale, anyone gonna get one? Here it is.
  5. All vehicles will have their fanboys, Toyota's have their ups and downs and so do nissans and all other vehicles too, the toyota truck has a higher floor so you sit more car like, nissan has lower floor plan so more upright, toyota super expensive and holds value, nissan cheaper, has some issues to keep in mind but otherwise awsome truck, I like both but cant afford toyota. Also if you do decide to lift truck nissan, they are engineered with shorter front suspension travel, the front shock/spring combo is only 2/3 of the toyota lengh, thus giving it a harsher ride and less lift options. Toyota
  6. They are great! I have a 2005 nismo with the locking rear diff, they can go many places! Make sure it has had its radiator replaced, the oem units would fail, mix coolant and trans fluid and kill the trans, if its been replaced with updated unit then great, no problem there. Also be aware the 4.0 sometimes develops timing chain noise, some vehicles get it some dont, remedy is to replace timing chain, guides, and sprockets, mine are still ok and I have 124k. Other than that I havent had any issues whatsoever, I replaced radiator as soon as I bought it because I didnt know if it was original or
  7. I think both will do the job, I have the 7mm and the 300 win mag, I prefer 7mm myself, recoils better for me.
  8. You are not crazy for wanting 30-06, great caliber, do load development or find factory ammo that works for you and its a great round, this is the middle between 308 and 300win mag. 308 may not be enough at 500yds and more and the 300 win mag is brutal recoil. It literally is the sweet spot for recoil and power. Also you can load your own and have decent velocity.
  9. A lot of Times guys will torque the screw and weld the cap so it will not back out.
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