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  1. It all depends on your gun, but I run them together on my 12 incher. With my saiga though I have to use the hotter loads 1290fps and up. The booster puck helps a lot, but it's not Granny's Miracle Tonic for your Saiga.
  2. Um.. yeah to clarify, the JB weld isn't holding the magwell on my gun. it's just used as a filler, all cosmetic. The machine screws are what hold it on.
  3. You can't weld it, but if you want it to look better you can break out the grinder and the JB Weld. That's what I did, and my JTE Magwell looks much more... natural now. You can check it out in the picture thread. Here. It was pretty straight forward, but if you want details you can PM me.
  4. I agree about not owning a gun you can't depend on. I don't need 100% from the factory, and I don't believe in 100% because Murphy's law comes in and everything breaks eventually. I prefer 98%, that way I can verify my malfunction drills, because trying to teach yourself to quickly clear a malfunction in the middle of the night is the wrong time. That's also why it's best to have a secondary weapon. Anyway, my saiga is in the safe now, as I'm working out the low brass kinks, but she's dead nuts reliable with 3" 00 buck.
  5. Zambidis, I run the AFG2 close in on my 11.5 inch gun and it's not too bad, like you said whatever makes people happy. Personally I feel too over extended being stretched out. It doesn't really seem tactically sound to me. There is greater control, accuracy-wise, but I just feel that in the house if someone got hold of the muzzle I would be at a disadvantage compared to having everything tucked in (wringing the towel). Also, you have to totally adjust your grip to muzzle thump someone, as opposed to a more traditional fighting stance. The extended stance is clearly superior for competition s
  6. Meet Shelby, she started two years ago as a cheap plastic Tapco Conversion, and now she's done. Did almost everything myself, aside from sending the bolt, bolt carrier, and trigger off to Cobra for a polish, he also moved the charging handle for me. Great work and great service on his part. Here's a closer shot of the JT Magwell (AGP) that I blended, and the DIY extension on the Safety lever. It seems I missed a spot with the paint, I'll fix it this weekend. All in all I'm glad it's done, I've learned a ton through the process (mostly buy once, cry once), but this
  7. Antinwo, I'm interested to hear how this works out for you, as I'm looking to do the same eventually. The only helpful hint I have is to leave the spring about twice as long as the magazine body. That's the rough length of most mag springs I've seen for just about any caliber weapon. Common sense start with extra and work your way down. Good luck!
  8. unless you've already got a welder handy and can get the job done well for free, I recommend sending it off and paying the extra money for the polish and re-profile. I sent mine off to Cobra's Custom and couldn't be happier. Just go with someone from the forum, because if they're active here it's they haven't been run off for bad service (i.e. you know you'll get great service and results).
  9. I already did the SBS, so I guess they'd just have to re-classify it or something. I ain't paying an additional $200 "tax".
  10. +1 on the O-Light M20S, picked one up on amazon a while back 320 lumens at 80 bucks, it's nice and rugged. I just wish I could use the strobe feature with the pressure switch.
  11. the lighter spring is also noticeably thinner, when in doubt hold them side by side
  12. It probably doesn't matter, but in my mind keeping the spring compressed for a while seems like it would have some of the same effects as shooting the piss out of it, I'm not telling you to do it. Shooting it does much more than just wear in the spring, but in between range sessions I'll give it a try and see if it helps.
  13. Ok, I've had my Saiga for about a year and a half and it has never run low brass shells. Then I chopped it down to 11.5 inches and it became a severely undergassed gun. I sent the bolt and fire controls off to be polished by Cobra's Customs, great work, reduced a lot of friction, but with so little gas in the system it didn't matter. I then added a lighter spring, still no good. Then I tossed in the booster puck, but even with 2 3/4 Fiocchi 00 Buck it wouldn't cycle. Finally I enlarged the ports to .093 and she very nearly ran Federal Bulk(just about a 1/2 inch too short on the stroke). Now I
  14. I just had a Form 1 trust come back in 58 days. I think the examiner was Pickles
  15. I bought mine in September 09, as an impulse buy. Good thing my wife loves me.
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