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  1. Having ony watched about 3-4 minutes, twice, I dont have the patience for the contrived 'reality dramas' that are acted out. The whole business with the big-boobed client and the pink 1911, where the dad was having manhood issues, on camera, because he didnt want to actually hand the woman the chicified gun....while the cameras are rolling, as if im supposed to believe its real. Its not a reality show, and its not even a third rate act. The guy has some first rate equipment, yet I dont think im going to see a whole lot of exotic stuff being done that I find interesting. The act is insultin
  2. Pucker factor: 11 He was talking the universal language of (Bleeep-bleeep) No translation needed
  3. Good point, I guess he must be referring to laws that would put him, Obama, and several other top chronies in jail. Maybe the law is working a little better than he had hoped.
  4. You just cant make this stuff up to be any more ridiculous. Its not hard to see where hes gonna lash out once he's cornered. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=349_1318983554
  5. The irony is that they can manage to uncover this, investigate in for a few months to realize his connections back to the higher levels in Iranian Gubment, and set the guy up.........but....they cant follow any one of the thousands of Mexican straw purchasers who just bought assault rifles, and raid any of the safe houses......Um, Yea.
  6. I just ordered my bumper sticker today. Im loving all the white reporters trying to tell him how he should think as a black man. This is Joy Behar splaining to Cain that the Republican Party has been racist for 'centuries' http://www.black-and-right.com/2011/10/04/behar-republican-party-hasnt-been-black-friendly-over-the-many-centuries-in-this-country/ Cain is on fire, and unless he has some really really bad things happen, im in.
  7. I guess he didnt have any Tea Party bumper stickers. http://pajamasmedia....-pjm-exclusive/
  8. Boobs .....and guns are proof that god wants us all to be happy. Did she unload on that ceiling?
  9. The dirty little secret that even CBS news isnt jumping on is that the recordings show that the ATF agent knew that Holder knew about the operation, as far back as March and was counting on him to put up a smokescreen and deflect blame....so here it is on tape that everyone knew Holder knew about the operation, when Holder was playing stoopid (ie putting up a smokescreen and deflecting blame). Could be as juicy as the Watergate tapes. Breitbart article on the story
  10. Looks like a Greek shopkeepers special.
  11. Thats really great, Heath. I am a little pissed that they even had to cuff you, but I guess thats what they have to do to everyone involved until they sort out WTF happened. Its sad that if your neighbors hadnt chimed in , you might have gone downtown, but I guess thats the world we live in. Thirty years ago (when the Brawny man had an Axe) they would've just let you stand there without the cuffs. Great day for your whole neighborhood. Lots of baked goods will be headed your way. Post WTF the deal was with Big Nasty when you get a chance.
  12. Its true, 1970's Brawny man would have whipped cleans ass, but he became a metro sexual in the new millennial. Clean would clean his clock now.
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