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  1. I have attempted to reply 3 times now to no avail. I'll check back some time in the future to see if they ever take. This is why I will not work under mod preview.
  2. All boxes given to the DOJ had contact info in them. If the DOJ said they didn't have your parts, please post your name and the last 3 digits of your gun's serial # here. I'm having paperwork issues with the last several sets that were in process before I lost my last place and stored everything.
  3. Hello. My apologies for my absense. I am by no means a businessman. I'm a diagnosed High Functioning Autistic with a Panic Disorder & OCD who just so happened to take a special interest in the S-12 to the point of mastery. "Special Interests" for people like myself are pretty much all consuming obsessions. I ran my small business by the seat of my pants. No education, business plan, etc. Parts would come in, I'd use the money to upgrade supplies to make production more efficient, complete the work then ship it out. I had no foresight whatsoever about slow periods or catastrophes. Long
  4. Hello. I'm sorry contact has been rather non existent, and I realize this has just been too long. I'm looking to return all customers pieces in whatever form of completion they may be in, then I will work on refunds if the work is not fully completed. That said, the business is pretty much bankrupt until an income stream is established. I am meeting with Oregon DOJ to see if they can assist with shipping on Tuesday at 1300. She can be contacted atXXXXXX If you would like to expedite shipping and you're open to it, you could email a usps flat rate shipping label for a legal size USPS flat rate
  5. Possibly last post... Ever. My voice has been removed. Everything requires mod approval, therefore I've quit even reading this internet forum. So long as I require mod approval, I have no voice. I give up. Okay. I suck a whole bag of dicks. Anything I say falls through, apparently, so what's the point of saying anything? I'm just going to look like a liar. This sucks, but over a year after my business crashed, I've come to the realization i'm bankrupt. Contact Oregon Dept. Of Justice at xxxxxx. I have an appointment with her on Tuesday, March 10th, at 1 pm. At that time, I'll be turning all
  6. Hey guys... Paul here. Just a heads up, I'm on mod preview, so I'll make it short and sweet. Parts are shipping. I'm currently just knocking out basic GlassBolts because I'm working in the most archaic environment possible, with just basic tools. Yeah, talk about Shadetree Gunsmithing, lol... I just recently figured out how to do an IceRack without a bead blaster, so those are coming too. Next, I'll be making a $250.00 extension cord to weld with. In between, i need to build the shed that goes on the platform pictured for the guy letting me do work on his property. (In exchange for lettin
  7. Any reason why I can't even reply to my OWN status??? Any help/advise would be appreciated. When I click on my name, there's no open tab for a status update, and when I get an email that someone's responded to my status, I'm in the dark... Can't say shit. Nowhere to type it. I show all comments, yet no comment section is opening up. Is there yet ANOTHER software update dick-slapping me that I'm unaware of?
  8. Boy oh boy.... Thanks, Liberals! Sure glad I get to get Obamacare, so I can now be force to get coverage for Maternity care.. Just in case I get surprised and piss a kid out of my pecker some Day! #WINNING :/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGeSpWfOqIY

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      You can only be fined from your income tax refund....Adjust your W2 to break even and the POS can not collect

    3. Mullet Man

      Mullet Man

      Hi Pauly, best friend buddy old pal lol.

    4. YOT
  9. For those who've not YET to be tested, and those who are still unaware.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRJ99wuV1ng

    1. Paulyski


      BTW... FUCK whatever Google-ad comes after the link... ;)

  10. Paulyski

    VEPR race guns?

    Unless I missed something, the dependability with mags over 8 rounds just isn't there yet. It took a LOT of work, before I got it running right with higher cap US mags to work perfect. Then again... Keep in mind.... I'm not on the forums much any longer... Maybe it's happened. I just haven't personally seen it IRL yet, other than from a testing prototype I made last year, and I sold that shit 6 months ago. Look for the conversion kit coming from Vancouver WA though... That's where the guy I sold my prototype lives, and he IS a gunsmith.
  11. Wow... My ass about hurtz reading that. Hopefully it has the pin and other hardware to make it work right if you cut the weld. At least then, you won't have to just replace the spring after cutting the weld. Don't take offence though. I paid over $1,000.00 just to get a first-US-run V-12 in stock so I could record the specs. And MY shit had a spraypainted 1970's AKM takeoff stock with a fuckin' piece of poster-board screwed onto the bottom, rendering the trap-door useless on its sorry-ass. If you can just cut the weld, and you're good to go, I'd say #Winning. #Pauly
  12. & everyone will automatically think it was me.. Well then we better set them straight right now.......they would be dead wrong. The MODs here have always been very fair, given loads of leeway to all. I will say that there is an elephant in the room that folks are afraid to talk about openly, and no IT IS NOT A PERSON. It ain't gonna be Juggs.... He's the realist motherfucker here. He knows about regret. Please though.... Don't go before you inform my ass about how to kick the "AA" shit, bro....
  13. Gee, I wonder why.............. Honestly.... What more is there to innovate? I've personally done it all now so far as I can figure. Outside of making the motherfuckers walk and kill statist bastards on their own, I'm at a loss about what else can be done to the S-12 that hasn't been perfected by one of us already.
  14. lol.... Seriously though... I personally have more ammo than guns. The last DC shooter proved how easy it is to get arms with a weak-ass gun... The way I see it, ammo is better to own than guns... Otherwise, Pauly'd have one HELL of a collection of baseball bats. Blunt force trauma is my personal preferred method of keeping fools in line, anyhow.
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