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  3. Today's bump. Complete package, ready to go for the next owner!
  4. BUMP for new price. Special deal for someone here on the forum! JD 8^)
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  6. jdeitch

    10 round pro mag magazines

    I had that same issue with the one I bought for testing. I fixed the problem easily. When you take the mag apart you will notice the follower is too narrow in the mag. The lugs on the follower that are supposed to stop it as it rides up in the grooves on the mag do not catch at the top. The follower has 'shrunken' after being molded. THE FIX: 1) Take a wine cork and stab it with a fork. (Fix works better while drinking the wine!) 2) Insert cork/fork into follower causing the follower to bulge out. 3) Get a coffee cup big enough for the follower/cork/fork to fit into, and fill it with boiling hot water. 4) Using the fork, dunk the follower/cork into the boiling water for ONLY 10-15 seconds. IMMEDIATELY rise with cold water. 5) Remove cork from follower and test fit follower in mag. Repeat as necessary. 6) OPTIONAL: Finish bottle of wine to celebrate fixing your mag! 6A) OPTIONAL: Try saying 'follower/cork/fork' quickly and repeatedly after drinking bottle of wine. Hysterical! Jeff, how is this fix holding up? Any problems with the follower returning to it's shrunken state, after putting some rounds through it? I've got a ProMag and it seems I have the problem. See my pics in this post: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=322154 . Also, it seems I'm going to need to fiddle with it to even insert into the gun more easily. It's a pain, as is. My mod is still fine. I don't expect it to change. The follower probably 'shrunk' originally due to too rapid of cooling after being removed from the mold. Once heated and reshaped it shound retain its new shape. Almost EVERY mag will require some degree of fitting to work in a Saiga. It's not so much to do with the mag but with the manufacturing variances in the Saiga itself. JD 8^)
  7. jdeitch

    MSA AK internal stock adapter

    Put me on the list for one of the first batch please.
  8. jdeitch

    USA made 5 round mags?

    The US made Promag is the least expensive option and it's SPECIFICALLY designed to be easily modified into a 5-round mag and no issues with breakage like the others.
  9. jdeitch

    Armour piercing 12 gauge round

    You should check out a website called "The Box-o-Truth". Tons of info about ballistics and shooting goodness. VERY interesting and informative. Heres the link: http://www.theboxotruth.com/index.htm
  10. jdeitch

    Promags vs Surefire

    I own, and have tested: AGP, Surefire, Promag and Mike Davidson (MD20 drum) products. I am unaware of any Promag ever breaking as do the AGP and Surefire mags. The Promag has metal feed lips. The Promag body is thicker and has more reinforcements. The design of the Promag floor plate better protects the end of the magazine and provides a better seal against contaminants. The Promag is DESIGNED to be shortened. (Cutting the body and spring is all that is required.) The Promag is cheaper. The Promag has a lifetime warranty. The Promag 'looks' (My opinion) beefier and more military not 'toy like'.
  11. jdeitch

    Where can I order Gunfixers gas adjustment plug ?

    I thought I got the last of gunfixr's hand made gas knobs. It turns out that although I have a 'one-of-a-kind' knob, he did have a couple more as a result of cancelled orders. I suggest you contact FireArms Sales Co. and/or gunfixr directly and quickly. You may also contact MD Arms who has taken over manufacturing gunfixr's gas knob. MD Arms made a few tweeks and is now selling their version. Check the MD Arms website. NOTE: I believe there is a minimum 4 week wait before any start shipping.
  12. jdeitch

    A word to the wise...

    +1 Read and understand instructions before doing any fitting.