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  1. I have a question along these lines! Can we keep the drum fully loaded for a long time?? I thought I read somewhere you can and it will not wear out like a standard mag??? Anyone know??
  2. I received my drum today! I had to do the A and B fitting, but it took all of 10 minutes max and my drum fits perfect! Thanks Mike and another thanks for the fitting videos! It would be nice if Pro Mag had a fit video and instructions!!
  3. Here you go!! http://thegunwiki.com/Gunwiki/BuildSaigaVerifyCompliance
  4. Check here...Worked for me!! http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=35097
  5. I have a 2 holer and polished the bolt, trigger and chamber. My 2 holes look bigger than the 3 and 4 holers...( bigger is better). I shot 3 different 00 rounds and it works just fine. I have also heard breaking in the gun helps and holding the action open for about a week or 2 well oiled! Hope this helps! See the sticky at the top about polishing the bolt..it is excellent!!
  6. I polished everything that was included in the sticky and it helped me tremendously! Also someone else mentioned, oil your gun, bolt, trigger, etc and pull the bolt back then leave open for about 2 weeks. This helps break in! Someone else posted which seemed to help me as well!
  7. I have a 2 hole vodka special, but it works just fine. My holes are not covered and look bigger in diameter than the 3 / 4 holers!! I shot 00 buck all weekend long and just had problems with my pro mag 10 rounders, which I fixed using the post " how to fit your pro mag magazines! " I did polish the bolt and followed the instructions listed as to what to polish and cut, which I feel helped out greatly!! My gun rocks!!
  8. I figured it out by reading the promag fix sticky..Thank you! I dremeled the sides near the metal lip and it worked perfect. Thanks for the help!!
  9. Each shot the magazine falls out. I had to file the ends of the mags {brass end of shotshell} to get them to fit into the shotgun. The mags would not fit until I did this. Do you think Promag will exchange these, any ideas on what to do???????? thanks, Sam.
  10. I would personally recommend as the above: AMMO AMMO and yet more! AMMO There may not be a ban, but they could and may stick it to us with a 500% tax on AMMO! I am currently buying about $200 a month ( unknown to my wife / hidden in the basement behind kids old report cards ) Also if things do go terribly wrong ( i am not chicken little ) you will feel safe with your 1000 rounds of 12 shot 00 buck!!
  11. Thanks you Jim!! I am awaiting my tools to do the job! What was the bit number you used??? If you can remember?
  12. My copes pro mag 10 round came in today!! I have 3 and a 20 round drum on the way!! I fear OBAMANATION!!
  13. I recommend MD arms! I just ordered a drum from them and it seems like a really good deal to me!! Of course I am new and stock piling stuff!
  14. Thanks for the above picture! I have the exact same problem and I was thinking about this: instead of taking the gun apart, buying a fine dremel point and trying to open the hole to a more horseshoe look, could this be done without messing up the port hole and using a dental type mirror to follow the work??
  15. Thanks again! I will let you know how it turns out! I have downloaded the PDF photos to use as reference!
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